What Would I Look Like If I’m Bald?

What would you look like if you were bald? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are not alone because many people are also asking the same. Hair loss is prevalent in about 40% of menfolk and around 33% in women; baldness can be difficult to deal with, especially if your pairs don’t have it.

If you want to understand how a bald head can alter your overall look, several apps will readily show you an unaltered picture of your face modified on how you would look if you have a bald head. These may make you consider treatment for hair restoration, like hair transplant as a preventive measure in good time or if you begin to see signs of early hair loss.

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Does Baldness Alter Your Feelings?

You might have been asking trusted family members or friends to confirm or dispel your early signs of impending baldness, or maybe you have joined the shaved-head crew in an attempt to hide pattern baldness.

Many people will take extreme measures to conceal the visible sign of the inevitable approaching baldness. It is not unheard of for women to shave or low-cut their hair and embrace the free movement.

What Would I Look Like Bald?

What Would I Look Like Bald
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Using mobile apps is the most efficient way to see a simulation of how you will look if you go bald. It will enable you to see your bald look accurately and in your privacy; here are some apps that will help you explore your face when you have bald:

  • Baldbooth

The Baldbooth app is designed to run on both iOS and Android-powered devices. It’s convenient to use, and you can have a preview of your bald look Instantly.

The Features of Baldbooth

  1. The app assists you in taking an accurate picture using your phone camera.
  2. It will seamlessly work with images available in your photo gallery.
  3. Easy and fast auto-cropping is a breeze with its face detection feature.
  4. Eyebrows, eyes, and ears are not left out and are fully adjustable.
  5. The processes are quick and ensure minimal time-lag during transformation
  6. Before photo transformation and after completing the transformation, views are toggled by simply shaking your phone.
  7. There is an option to save the results of your transformation to the device’s photo gallery.
  • Baldify

The amazing thing about the Baldify app (Android and iOS Download) is that it can adorn your selfie with a bald head and display the progression of baldness at various stages. For example, you can view photos of almost complete hair, with the hair removed halfway and total baldness. It is ideal for men and women who want to check out their bald look despite not having pattern baldness.

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The Features

  1. Downloading is easy and fast.
  2. Distinctive facial cropping.
  3. It has a high clarity camera image with delightful animations that can blink, yawn, cough, and pose a smile.
  4. Your original pose when taking the picture will not be altered.
  5. Varied hairstyles like a friar, alfalfa, and more are selectable
  6. Can combine different looks or add extra hair.
  • Make Me Bald Prank – (MMBP)

With its easy-to-use basic features, this app will show your bald image in a few seconds; MMBP is a terrific app for users of Android devices.

The Features

  1. Allow using photos in your gallery or from your camera.
  2. It comes with a cropping tool to crop your photo quickly.
  3. Your face in the original photo can be repositioned while displaying the bald image.
  4. You can shave your hair by manipulating the displayed photo with your finger.
  5. You can decide to shave either the middle of your head or shave your entire head.
  6. A mustache can be added to the bald transformation.
  • Bald Face

This Android app will display various bald options with great accuracy; its ability is not only limited to your pictures; you can prank friends and family members with photos of their bald look.

The Features

  1. All pictures in the gallery are accessible.
  2. This app is capable of taking photos through the camera.
  3. Automatic face cropping is simplified by face detection.
  4. Eyebrows, eyes, and ears can be repositioned seamlessly.
  5. The transformation is completed in just a couple of seconds.
  6. Regular picture to bald-look picture transformation is fast.

Misconceptions And Preventing Balding Head

Misconceptions And Preventing Balding Head
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Self-help and do-it-yourself remedies are generally not effective in combating baldness. They can damage your hair beyond repair if done without the necessary precautions. The following are actions you should avoid if you don’t want to worsen hair loss.

Skipping Of Proper Hair Cleaning

While reducing the frequency of washing your hair might bring little savings on the cost of shampoo you buy, it doesn’t translate to the prevention of baldness. While men are not picky about soaps and shampoo, women tend to be more selective.

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Reduced washing of your hair will not extend impending baldness, don’t use cheap kitchen bar soap, and don’t overwash. Having bald doesn’t mean you will no longer need shampoo and conditioner. Cleaning and conditioning your scalp and hair at proper intervals will bring more benefits.

Avoid hair products with parabens or sulfates; this is because, in addition to cleaning, they can penetrate hair follicles and damage them. Variations in sebum may result in oily hair in one individual and dry hair in another.

Balding hair should be conditioned 3-4times every week. You may pause the conditioning of your hair for two days, take notice of any changes and adjust accordingly.

Covering Your Hair With A Hat

When hair begins to thin, some people will add hats to their clothing accessories. When caps are worn for a prolonged period, in addition to heating the hair and scalp, they also deprive the hair of valuable oxygen that it needs to produce sebum. Blockages in sweat glands and follicles will negatively affect the hat to encourage hair loss potentially.

If You Are Bald, You Must Have Had Pattern Baldness

It is wrong to assume that people born with pattern baldness must shave their entire heads to look good. The fact is that more people, including the famous and the wealthy, are shaving off their perfectly healthy hair because they like the bald look and not because they previously had pattern baldness.

Stress Is The Cause Of Hair Loss

Stress doesn’t cause hair loss directly; what happens is that it hastens baldness in individuals who are likely to develop pattern baldness. However, some studies have revealed that specific medical conditions, accelerated weight gain, and mental and physical stress can indirectly cause hair loss.

Since stress causes a reduction in the amount of vitamin B12 that handles blood oxygen supply, everyday stress experienced by most people shouldn’t result in hair loss in individuals with healthy hair.

Best Styles For Bald Head

Styling options available to you when you want the bald look, let’s talk about the different styles you can choose from:

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Bald Head Wearing Glasses

A distinctive bald head and eyeglasses compel people to pay attention to you. You can add a bow tie to create a spectacular bald and glass combination.

Bald With A Styled Beard

Adding a full beard to your bald head will single you out from the crowd; beard style choices available to you are diverse. Established styles are garibaldi, bandholz, chin curtain, ducktail, veron, Klingon, full beard, etc. You are free to Pick your choice depending on your face shape.

Full-bearded men have the advantage of switching their preferred style multiple times as much as they like. A beard will tend to balance the top-bottom view of the face, it’s like adding what was removed from the head to the chin, but you can keep your sideburns too.

Bald Head With Low Stubble

Face stubble is when you trim your beard very short, leaving minimum hair covering your chin. It works well when cut along with the hair on both sides of the face too. A Stubble beard is easier to maintain and projects an image of calm confidence.

Head And Chin Shaved Clean

Bald and shaved clean conveys a message of “look at me, I’m clean and bold” What it lacks in balancing your top-bottom face profile is made up by its established wide acceptance. It announces to everyone that you are confident and bold; a properly shaped beard outline will bonus your bald head.

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FAQs (What Would I Look Like If I’m Bald?)

What Would I Look Like If I'm Bald
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How Do I Check What I Will Look Like If I Am Bald?

The apps reviewed in this post will make it easier to preview your bald look; go ahead and download any of them to preview your bald head instantly.

Will I Look Good With A Shaved Head?

After previewing your bald head using the apps, you can gradually trim down your hair length until you are satisfied, or you can simply decide to skip the reduction and embrace the bald head look.

What Are The Best Face Shapes For A Bald Head?

Diamond, square and rectangle-shaped heads stand out with the bald head. Other head shapes also look pretty good; a bold chin will also compliment a neat bald head.