Best Clippers for Lineups Reviewed

Now you’ve decided to purchase the best clippers for Lineups – that’s a great decision.

These edge-up clippers are a great addition to every professional barber’s toolbox. It also comes in handy for your DIY haircut needs.

Of course, your clippers, to a large extent, determine your edging quality, which influences clients’ experience. The best lineup clippers will hopefully increase your clientele and, in turn, boost your income.

Best Clippers for Lineups

But before you hit the market for a new clipper, do you know what makes the best buy?

The intimidating lots of options on the market can leave one confused as to what a worthy investment entails. If this sounds like you, no worries!

After intensive market research, we handpicked some outstanding products from the lot. Our best clippers for lineups review will help inform your decision of an ideal investment.

That said if you wish to navigate through the options on the market all by yourself, our best buy guide – see after product reviews – will help you avoid regrets.

Best Clippers for Lineups 2024 – Product Reviews

#1. Andis Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer

Andis Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer with BeauWis Blade Brush

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If you’re a staunch hairstyle enthusiast, you can’t help but love this industry-respected brand – Andis.

With its wide-ranged top-quality products and consistency over the years, this brand is a delight among pro barbers. Andis’ clippers and trimmers always come with a range of spectacular features and functions.

Andis makes another great impression with its T-Outliner. The option ticks the relevant boxes when it comes to dry shaving, lining, and detailing. The tool allows you to express creativity seamlessly.

The cordless T-Outliner, unlike the corded option, offers a remarkable motor speed, powered by the impressive rotary motor it houses.

This device comes with a lithium-ion battery. The battery and powerful motor can offer users up to one hour and 40 minutes of uninterrupted supply. This battery gets a full charge in only an hour.

Again, the clipper is designed with a LED indicator that updates you on a real-time battery level.

If you love everything about the clipper but for its cordless profile, no worries. You can also use the device in corded mode. So you may never have concerns about running out of battery halfway into your clipping.


  • Four extra comb attachments
  • Up to 100 minutes of run time on battery
  • Powerful rotary motor


  • Pricey

#2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip (8148)

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip (8148)

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If pro-grade is a desire, this magic clip cordless trimmer from WHAL is a top choice. The WHAL 8148’s sharpness stays even after several usages. Even more, the flexible and versatile design is well suited for a wide range of hairstyling demands.

The compelling tool offers a more positive effect on those who seek quality fade. While the device handles a range of barbing needs, it is most suited for fades. It offers more precision than most of its competition.

Although this device does not fall within the cheap range, it is worth every dime invested.

The device comes incredibly lightweight and compact. This is a big plus for professionals who would be handling the tool over extended periods. Unlike the cumbersome experiences with bulkier options, Whal’s professional 5-star magic clip offers comfort and ease of use.

Indeed, the corded clippers can make the barbing session a little more challenging. However, while the cordless options are more flexible, they come with their cons.

Thankfully, this WAHL Magic clipper offers you the flexibility to swap between the corded and cordless modes.

So no worries if you ever forget to charge your device. Simply plug into a power source, and you’re good.

One thing to look out for in a cordless clipper is the battery quality. The Whal pro magic clipper spots a robust lithium-ion battery that guarantees a 90-minute usage at full charge. This is scarce among competitors.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • 90-minute run-time per charge
  • Several out of box accessories
  • Taper lever
  • Corded or cordless
  • Professional grade


  • A little pricey

#3. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium-Ion (9818)

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion

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We already know WAHL as a reputable name in the grooming world. The Wahl stainless steel 9818, again, adds a feather to the brand’s hat.

This value-for-money product comes with several helpful accessories that make every barbing experience enjoyable. With the appropriate guide combs and shaving heads, no struggles to achieve your desired cut level.

It comes with wide-ranged out-of-box add-ons. So, you may not need to invest in any additional accessories. And if your clients are sticklers for a classic finishing, this tool is a commendable add.

The four additional heads – T-blade, detail trimmer, detail shaver, and nose/ear/brow trimmer – allows you to perform different styling actions. So, you no longer have to get worn out, trying to use a single head to achieve different effects.

One of the high points of this lithium-ion battery-powered product is its four-hour non-stop running time. This feature allows you to handle many customers before a charge alert. And for on-the-go DIY users, that’s an extended usage for your occasional clipping sessions.

Besides, the product has both 110 and 220V options, which support global voltage standards.

If your battery ever runs down, it’s one-minute fast charge technology comes in handy. Also, its LED display offers users real-time battery information.

The tool also comes with a zipper case to bag away from your add-ons. With the many come-with accessories, this bag eases your storage need.

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That said, the (product) is an impressive pick designed with the end customer in mind. Also, its solid stainless steel built stands up to tough usage.

With its additional attachments and accessories, you’d enjoy a range of functionalities from a single package.


  • 4-hour battery backup
  • Sturdy built
  • Many accessories
  • American standard
  • Five-year warranty


  • The power switch responsiveness can be improved
  • Low-quality guide design

#4. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

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Its appearance takes our minds decades back. Its unique, eye-catching design places the clipper in a class of its own. Well, the physique is but one of the least of its highs.

Its single-speed motor assures top performance, offering you top-notch trimmings that grantees equal hair layers. Even more, the blade stands well for industrial use.

Again, the item comes with some essential accessories, including a blade guard, clipper grease, lubricating oil, and a brush. The cord also comes with a sturdy 9-foot cord, which guarantees flexibility.

Designed for industrial use, the product offers durability and performance even with extensive usage. This doesn’t make it any less useful for less demanding trims.

Its water-resistant technology makes it suitable for both dry and wet shaving. The shaving tool also comes with an easy-grip design, which brings a comfy feel to your palms. Ergonomically designed, it prevents your wrists from getting strained during clipping sessions.

Remember – Oster boost over 120 years experience. You can trust them, particularly the Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper deliver just what they promise.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Water-resistant – suitable for both wet and dry hair
  • Top motor performance
  • Sturdy 9-foot cord


  • Relatively expensive
  • Speed cannot be regulated.

#5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Razor Edger (8051)

Wahl Professional 5-Star Razor Edger (8051)

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if you seek a pro-grade clipper for a unique edge-up result, the razor edge electromagnetic motor from Wahl houses the relevant features. This tool offers the typical edging or lineup results that professionals desire.

With its ergonomic design, users enjoy every session with their clients as it promotes maneuverability. Besides, its rock-hard body construction does not bow to heavy regular usage.

The high point of this device is its electromagnetic motor. This feature gives the clipper an edge over many competitors. With this power-packed feature, there’s rarely a scare about running down your battery, as its corded version can cope well even under tough usage.

The model comes with an eight-foot cord, which reduces movement barriers. The cord is durable and chemical resistant. Although the usage instructions aren’t as easy to comprehend, you can use the tool without any guide – thanks to its operation ease.

Its 1060-600blade comes as a favorite option for maximum efficiency in a range of barbing and grooming needs. Even more, the device comes with three T-blade guards, which shields your blade, offering you a top and long-lasting performance.


  • Eight-foot cord
  • High power
  • Lightweight
  • Three T-blade guard


  • Hard to comprehend instructions

#6. Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

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Although there are truckloads of clippers that offer great lining and trimming results, this Andis product does much more.

No, the Andis Slimline isn’t your typical traditional trimmer.

The cordless device improves maneuverability on your face and head. Thankfully, its lithium-ion battery feature offers up to two hours of uninterrupted power backup.

One downside, however, is that the battery may take up to 2 hours and 15 minutes for a complete charge.

One compelling feature is its lightweight, ergonomic build. This thoughtful design makes the hand feel interesting. Unlike most options on this list, the Andis Slimline comes with a rounded and snug fit design. Again, with 13.6 ounces, it is impressively light-weighted.

Also, the Andis Slimline offers fast cutting speed, high power, and long operation life – thanks to its improved motor. These are vital features to consider in any clipper.

Out of the box, this product contains several helpful accessories – including lubricating oil, a brush, four comb attachments, and changing station.

This device offers practically everything clipping and trimming demands.


  • Strong T-blades
  • High powered motor
  • Lightweight – 1306 ounces
  • Efficient design
  • Two hours’ operations – without cord


  • No storage case
  • a full charge takes up to two hours

Best Hair Clipper for Edge up Buyer Guide

Best Hair Clipper for Edge up

There you go — you can never go wrong with products on the review list. Remember, there are no actual overall bests. What’s best for you all boils down to your clipping needs, lifestyle, and, of course, budget.

For further search for the best hair clipper for lineups, the comprehensive guide below comes in handy.

Things to consider before buying your hair clipper for Edge up

Let’s cut to the chase…


Why invest in a clipper that can’t stand regular and extensive usage? Whether for commercial cutting or personal grooming, your clipper should be ready for work — always. Remember, your clipper has a valuable job — making you look good, always.

If your clipper won’t stand regular use, that’s a total waste of investment. Again, if you’re considering a clipper that doesn’t click the durability box, check the next option.


Before you make that final purchase decision, consider the brand’s reputation. While some not-too-known brands may deliver value, you don’t want to be testing them out with your hard-earned money.

So, it’s almost always safer to prefer brands with a long-held reputation. In most cases, time-tested brands never fail to deliver value for money – although there are rare exceptions.

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The fact is, these big names do everything possible to sustain their brand name. While you may spend a couple of dollars more, in most cases, the products are worth it.

However, whatever product you choose, don’t rely solely on brand — check out the product features and built quality.

The brand name is a critical deciding factor for professional barbers. You’d gain customers’ confidence more with a renowned brand. These kings (they say customers are kings, right?) feel good knowing you go for the best qualities to meet their needs.

Motor Power

The need for a powerful motor in a clipper can never be overemphasized. The best hair clippers for the lineup ought to house enough power for a light trim task.

Besides, a motor should be as noiseless as can be. You don’t want to cause unnecessary discomforting sounds during barbing.

Electromagnetic motor versions are usually most preferred. Products with magnetic motors offer consistent performance even after extensive usage. Selecting the right engine — with consistency and good power — makes your hair grooming and trimming job a lot more effective and seamless.


You also want to consider the level of adaptability of your edge clipper. It should perform more than mere clipping. It makes more sense if your clipper does well for beard ear, sideburns, and behind the neck.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Another feature to consider is the cord system. Whether corded or cordless, this will determine to a large extent what works best for you. If you are an on-the-go user, or simply need the freedom to move around while trimming, consider a cordless option.

Conversely, if you don’t care about battery issues and mobility concerns, a corded clipper offers you more operation time. Indeed, both options are great — it all depends on individual preferences.

Blade Quality

The blade quality, to a large extent, determines your look. The type of blade you use will dictate the quality of trims you get. So when checking the boxes, ensure you check the quality blade box as well.

For less risky options, prefer stainless steel blade options. It delivers incredibly well for clipping and light trimming tasks. Besides, they can stand severe usage even without regular replacements.

A self-sharpening blade is another feature you want to consider. Thankfully, you’d find this in most recent productions. The self-sharpening feature helps you increase your clipper’s life. This is often more preferred than regular blade replacements.

Design and Appearance

Lineup clippers are available in myriads of designs. Compare the options and stick with one that gives a more comforting grip and tasteful design.

Consider its weight, dimension, and how it fits while trimming. You need to consider whether or not the device adds value to the trimming ease.

Although you may not be allowed to unbox the clipper before paying, buyer’s reviews — for instance, on Amazon — may help inform your decision.

Additional Accessories

The best edge-up clippers often come with several attachment guides. Often, these guides feature flexible settings — from one to 16. This allows you to decide the exact hair level you desire after trimming.


While checking out the best edge-up clipping options, prefer one that protects your investment. Of course, opting for a product that offers a lengthy warranty — nothing less than one year’s protection — is your best bet.

You may even get up to a 5-year warranty offer. While your product may not promise that much, just ensure it offers some considerable protection time.


Most likely, your tool should be prepared to work frequently. Whether for personal or professional needs, your clipper’s functionality reduces over time. So, the easier it is to maintain, the better functionality and overall lifespan.

Interestingly, some products come with maintenance kits. This package usually includes, among others, a blade brush and oil lubricants. They also come with comprehensive, easy-to-follow maintenance instructions. For the best lineup clippers, these benefits are highly valuable.

How do I maintain my hair clippers?

While clippers come relatively cheap, nobody wants to replace them now and then. You want to do all you can to make your clipper stay for many years.

Proper maintenance is the way to go. Here are simple maintenance tips that’ll help you increase your device’s lifespan.

Regular blade cleaning

First, ensure your blades are always clean. Using your clipper even with dirty blades may cause them to wear out and possibly break down earlier than supposed.

Regular removal of hairs from blades makes for better delivery. Thankfully, cleaning your clipper is cheap and easy.

Simply use a soft brush (that old toothbrush may come in handy here) to pull out accumulated hairs and dirt in the blades. This shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.


Before you proceed, consider blade alignment. If not properly aligned, your clipper may soon develop problems. Of course, a wrongly aligned blade may result in a poor haircut.

To align:

  • Hold your device sideways. Check if the blade is straight. If not, adjust it right away.
  • Remove screws on the clipper top. This helps to loosen out the blades — do not entirely remove screws. Just enough to make them adjustable.
  • Adjust the blades accordingly, to get an upright positioning. While still in place, tighten the screws.
  • Now, recheck the placement to be sure it aligns properly.
  • Repeat the process if the blades still do not align.
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Clipper sprays

Again, clipper maintenance is no rocket science. A clipper spray can make a whole lot of difference in your maintenance, and in turn, its performance.

This spray, first, disinfects your clipper’s blades. Since you’d be using the clipper for yourself at home, an infection might not be a scare.

However, if for commercial purposes, you’d need it to avoid the spread of infections. Besides, the spray also helps cool off your blades after many hours of running time.

Hot blades put clients at risk of burn. To avoid this, opt for a spray.

Blade replacement

Of course, self-sharpening add elongates your blade’s lifespan. Regardless, they’d need replacement someday.

Prefer clippers with sets of blades. This helps your clipper cut much better and consistently. Ensure you replace blades regularly.

Replacing blades can be a cakewalk. Simply screw out the nuts, remove the blade and fix a new one. Ensure your blade aligns well after screwing.

Exterior Maintenance

Your exterior cleaning should also be considered. While at what you know to do best, your clipper’s exterior can help but accumulate dirt.

If you allow the hair to accumulate, over time, it may clog the holes. And when the motor gets stuck, it generally reduces performance. If left so for extended periods, your motor may soon burn out.

You don’t want your clipper in this state. So, consider cleaning your clipper’s exterior. This will also help keep your clipper less messy and visually appealing.


Lastly, never underestimate the power of regular cleaning. Irregular oiling may cause your clipper more harm than you can ever imagine.

Interestingly, it is amazingly easy to oil your blades.

Before oiling, use your brush to remove dirt and hair from the blade. Ensure you clean out the hairs, thoroughly. Leave no strands hanging.

Now apply your oil. While at it, be careful to avoid excess application. Afterward, clean excess oil with a paper towel.

Edging up

One key factor that distinguishes a pro from a noob is regular practice. Neat lining requires high-level dedication.

This brief guide will help you step up your lining game. Read on…

As soon as you complete your haircut job, go straight up clipping – don’t wait any longer.

Ensure you get rid of all the hairs hanging around lining areas. Also, remove greases and pomades. The idea is to make the job impressively neat.

Clippers’ blades are typically sharp – you do not need to exert more pressure to get the task done. Excessive pressure may lead to irritations and other skin complications.

Wondering where to begin from? This decision differs among barbers. Some prefer starting from the sides; others prefer the middle.

However, starting from the middle seems the most preferred among the pros. When starting at the middle, prefer horizontal lines, for sides, vertical motions are most preferred.

Why Should I Buy An Lineup Clipper?

Here are common instances where an edge up clipper comes in handy:

Gift it

Edge up clippers are cost-efficient presents you may gift a friend or family member – of course, particularly for the DIY groomers. But if they do not seem concerned about their beard or hairstyle, consider something else.

When gifting a product like a hair clipper, it is difficult to gauge the recipient’s utmost desire for a clipper. So, you’d want to buy one that has extensive functionality. Big names like WAHL and Oster often offer this all-inclusiveness.

Your barbershop needs one

If you’re a professional barber, need I mention the importance of an edge-up barber? Most clients are surprisingly concerned about the smallest details – one high point of quality edge-up clippers.

Quality lineup clippers come with a level of versatility that isn’t found anywhere else. This attracts new clients and turns them into loyal customers. The fact is, you may be losing out big time if you do not own this clipper.


If you love to shape up your look without running to the barbershop, perhaps you need the best edge-up clippers. This way, you can handle all your grooming needs right in the comfort of your bathroom. Besides, this allows creative minds to try out different new styles.

Frequently Asked Question on Best Lineup Clippers

Which is the best hair clipper?

The fact is, there is no particular overall best edge up a clipper. Everyone has individual preferences in edge-up clippers.

However, the brand, built quality, design, and price, are typical considerations that determine efficiency.

However, brands like Wahl and Oster are time-tested products and favorite options among the pros. Remington has also proved efficient over the years.

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What do I do when my hair clippers pull?

If your hair clipper pulls hairs while barbing, it suggests dull blades. This increases friction and hinders smooth cutting. To optimize your clipper’s performance, brush off excess hairs from the teeth and inside the case. Lubricate the blades to reduce friction and make edges sharper.

How many years can my edge clipper last?

While there is no specific answer to this, your clippers’ longevity widely depends on maintenance.

For increased lifespan, do well to maintain your tool between barbering sessions and after daily use. Such includes oiling blades, brushing off excess hairs, and ensuring proper alignment. If correctly done, hopefully, you’d be using your clipper for many years without a need for replacement.