Dry Electric Shaving: 9 Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Most electric shavers are built to perform both dry and wet shave. However, you’ve probably read somewhere that if you want a close shave – electric shavers aren’t worth the investment. But in today’s world where time is as good as money, every minute counts. If you are savvy, always on the go kind of guy, then forget the gels and lotions.

There’s this notion going around that dry electric shaving cannot achieve a close shave. Wet Shaving purists will tell you that dry electric shaving isn’t as comfortable on the skin as compared with wet shaving. But then again, this boils down to personal experiences.

Some men enjoy the best of both worlds (wet and dry shaving). While on the other hand, especially wet shaving purists have never tried dry shaving. And if they have, it’s probably a couple of times.

Dry Electric Shaving: 9 Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Dry Electric Shaving

If you are a wet shaving purist, it’s obvious that you have your reasons why, and we won’t argue over it, at least not today. But there are some great benefits of dry electric shaving you probably haven’t considered yet. And for that reason, we’d like to share 9 tips of dry electric shaving just in case you decide to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  1. Choose an electric shaver that best suits your facial features.

In terms of performance, electric shavers are second to none, they tick most of the boxes. But whether you agree or not, there isn’t such a thing as the best electric razor. For example, the foil electric shaver is best suited for someone with fine facial features, while the rotary electric shaver is perfect for men with less sensitive skin and strong facial features.

The choice really is yours. But considering our focus is dry shaving, it’s important to understand your facial features, then do a bit more research as you see fit before deciding on which electric shaver will best meet your dry shaving needs.

  1. Keep Moisture Out.

To get a good dry shaving experience, keep your electric shaver completely dry before you shave. And don’t even think about washing your face before you shave – a wet face isn’t necessary for dry shaving.

  1. Keep your electric shaver fully charged.

Your electric shaver doesn’t always need to be fully charged to give you a close shave, but to maintain peak performance it’s best that you charge fully before use. Some manufacturers may even argue that their shavers maintain optimum performance until the battery is completely drained, but this isn’t always the case.

The power difference between a fully charged shaver, and in this case let’s say a 50% charged shaver isn’t obvious, the change is subtle. But the evidence is in the result, you will always get a closer dry shave using a fully charged electric shaver. On the contrary, using a shaver that isn’t fully charged can, and will produce a less than desirable shaving experience.

And if you think that by allowing your electric shaver to charge fully on a regular basis will shorten its battery lifespan… consider that electric shavers use modern Li-Lon batteries, specially built for electric shavers.

  1. Relax the hands.

Unfortunately, as with every product, there are drawbacks, and electric shavers are no different. Some brands of shaver if you apply too much tension while shaving may get warm. But you can reduce the chances of your electric shaver getting warm by lubricating its foil, and blades. Also, we have found that by relaxing the shaving hand while shaving is another effective way to prevent your shaver from getting overly heated.

5.Shave against the grain.

Shaving against the grain isn’t important if you are shaving with a rotary shaver. But, if your shaver of choice is foil, then shave against the grain. With the foil electric shaver, shaving against the grain is necessary to achieve a close smooth shave.

6.Trim long hair before shaving.

Trimming long facial hair wouldn’t be always necessary if you are planning to get a rotary electric shaver. The rotary electric shaver is uniquely built to tackle long facial hair. But on the other hand, if you have long facial hair and you plan on getting a foil electric shaver… trimming is recommended before a dry shave.

7.Regularly clean your electric shaver.

The buildup of dirt in and around the shaver’ blades will affect the overall performance of the electric shaver. Also, dirt buildups between the shaver ‘s blades, and under its foil, are the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Cleaning your electric shaver isn’t optional… it’s an absolute must.

Over the years men are increasingly complaining about acne outbreak and other facial bacterial outbreaks resulting from dry shaving, but dry shaving isn’t the culprit, a dirty shaver is.

However, getting rid of dirt buildups within the shaver isn’t something to worry about… most electric shavers come with its own hustle free cleaning station. And for those that do not come with their own cleaning station, you can clean them yourself or buy a viable alternative.

Whether your electric shaver comes with its own cleaning station or you do it manually, don’t forget to clean your shaver.

8.Remember to replace worn parts.

An electric shaver is a good investment, especially if you are a fan of dry shaving. But dry shaving has its drawbacks –the shaver can produce inconsistent shave, especially if the shaver you are using isn’t a good match for your facial features.

A good electric shaver isn’t cheap, it’s built to last long, but if you don’t maintain it properly, you won’t enjoy its optimum utility. It’s a good practice, both safety, and performance wise to replace dull blades. Don’t wait until they are completely worn. As recommended by the manufacturer, replace all worn parts when necessary.

  1. Maintain a good aftershave routine.

Maintaining a good aftershave routine is a critical part of the shaving regime, especially after a dry shave. It’s advisable that you take all necessary measures to reduce or prevent burns and pain from dry shaving. A good practice to replicate after you have finished shaving is to wash your face thoroughly and then apply an aftershave lotion or balm.