Every Man’s dilemma: Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream?

The act of shaving is kind of a regular ritual with men. It just cannot be ignored. But shaving can be done in a lot of different methods. Some men prefer using a soap to get rid of stubborn facial hair while some prefer shaving creams.

Then there are also some who do not prefer either and have figured out different procedures to get their shaving done. This honestly might seem like an impossible deal to most as soap or shaving cream is both quite popular in the practice of shaving. But which one is better than the other? Why the comparisons between them? And why is it still such a hotly debated topic among most men? Honestly the preference of either product depends on person to person and the needs they are looking to fulfill.

soap vs shaving cream

The purposes of both these products though are essentially the same. They are used for the purpose of – softening your hair and hair follicles before shaving and minimizing the risk of severe cuts and scratches while guiding your razor through coarse facial hair. If and when an argument invariably breaks out between users of both these products, each team will have valid points as to why their choice is the right choice. But at the end what really matters is which product suits your interest and needs the best.

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If you are trying to make a choice between the two, you must understand how they differ from one another and at the same time also have similar attributes.

Differences between Shaving Cream and Soap


Soap is sort of a universal product. It has a multitude of uses. Depending on the type of soap, they can be used for various types of cleaning jobs such us the human body, inanimate objects and even in laundry. But shaving cream as the name suggests is only used for the very purpose of shaving and has no other significant role to play. This is why many believe that shaving cream is the superior or at least the more accurate product when it comes to shaving since it has been made especially for that act alone.


Their use may be the same but they are made of vastly different things. One is of course just soap while the other one is a cream. Soap will never contain moisturizing elements in it since they are not made especially for the purpose of shaving. While a shaving cream consists of oils and other ingredients that help retain moisture that further softens your hair before a cut. This might lead one to believe that this difference alone makes shaving creams a superior product but many men with skin problems actively avoid shaving creams for this point of difference alone. A moisturizing product may aggravate skin problems such us pimples, breakouts and acne for those having oily or sensitive skin.


If you are looking for a product that is infinitely versatile then shaving soaps are defiantly the way to go. You can only put shaving creams to use for the purpose of shaving alone. But shaving soap has a number of unique and useful uses therefore making it a very beneficial item to own.

Now that we are done mentioning the differences between shaving soaps and creams, we can jump into just how similar they are to one another.

  • Purpose: These two products basically serve the very same purpose. Choosing the right brand is of utmost importance in case of both the items but both products help you get a clean shave, soften your hair and minimize the risk of cuts and soreness. Both the products are used to soften the hair before applying the razor on them so that it makes the process much simpler and less painful. Once used it also leaves behind a sweet smell as both the products consist of some sort of minty after smell. Additionally both the products have antiseptic and antibiotic components in them that help prevent bacteria from attacking your face thereby protecting your recently sensitive shaved face from damage.
  • Affordable: Money is always a factor when it comes to buying items that you need for regular use. But if you think that money is the reason why these products are often pitted against each other, you could not be more in the wrong. Both the products come for a very reasonable price. The brands of the products are obviously a factor when it comes to prices. So depending solely on that, the products may vary in price but they are always more or less complimentary to one another.

Which product to choose? (Shaving Cream vs Soap)

Now that you know all the ways the products are similar or different from each other, you must have reached a conclusion and decided on which product you will choose as your companion. No? Well, it is a tough choice. In all honesty both the products are great products and do their job perfectly. Your choice ultimately depends on which product suits you better.

Both the products are useful for when it comes to softening your facial hair and skin before a shave, which is the main function of the products. If you find a product that lets you glide your razor effortlessly through your stubble, you will know you have found the right product for you.

Shaving can also be sort of a nightmare due to the burning sensation it leaves behind but any high-quality shaving soap or cream will protect your skin from any sort of damage thereby ensuring your face remains as youthful as ever. Both the products may contain ingredients such as alcohol and menthol that may not suit your skin and affect you adversely.

Therefore it is always important to check the ingredient label while buying products that will come in direct contact to your face. The choice between the two products always ultimately depends on what suits your skin type the best.