How To Make Your Hair Wavy Men

Wavy hair for men has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more men are embracing their natural hair texture and opting for more relaxed and effortless styles.

Wavy hairstyles are a versatile and fashionable option. They can add texture to your hair, giving it a more natural and dynamic look.

This can be appealing for men with straight or fine hair, as wavy styles can help to create the illusion of more volume and body.

Additionally, wavy styles are easy to maintain and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Making straight hair wavy for guys can be a fun and easy way to switch up your appearance and add some texture and volume to your hair.

You can use several methods to achieve wavy hair, including using a hair straightener, curling iron, or simply scrunching your hair with some product.

If you want to know how to make men’s hair wavy, you’re at the right place because this article will provide tips on making straight hair wavy for guys, as well as some tips and tricks for achieving the best results.

Whether you want loose, beachy waves, or defined curls, there is a method that can help you achieve the look you want.

Genetic Hair Texture – Does It Play Any Role?

Genetic Hair Texture - Does It Play Any Role?

Genetics plays an important role in the hair texture, the shape of the hair follicle, and the amount and distribution of a protein called keratin in the hair shaft. These factors are inherited from a person’s parents and play a significant role in the type of hair a person has.

Polymorphisms are variations in a gene that can result in differences in a person’s physical traits or characteristics. Several polymorphisms have been identified as being correlated with variations in hair thickness and texture.

Polymorphisms like EDAR, TCHH, and FGFR2 are a few genetic factors that can contribute to differences in hair thickness and texture in different populations. Besides genetic factors, you should know that some chemicals, medicines, and hormones can also affect and change your hair’s texture.

Natural Way To Make Straight Hair Wavy

If you have noticed, the look of your hair is either straight, curly, or wavy. Wavy hair also has some characteristics; there is the S-Mold, which has delicate waves.

There is the S-Mold Medium with little frizz, and then the S-Mold with crimped texture. Let’s outline the best ways to make straight hair wavy naturally.

  • Create Wavy Hair After a Shower

Begin by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner to clean and nourish your hair. You should not use sulfate products because they can dehydrate the strands that can unseat the waves. Gently detangle your hair using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. This will help to loosen any tangles and knots, making it easier to style your hair later.

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Squeeze out any excess water from your hair, then gently scrunch your hair to encourage the formation of waves. If you want to enhance the waves, you can use a leave-in conditioner or curl cream to define and shape your curls. Once your hair is styled to your liking, gently blot it with a towel to remove any excess water.

Avoid combing or brushing your hair once styled, as this can disrupt the waves and cause frizz. Allow your hair to air dry, or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry your hair while maintaining the shape of the waves.

  • Use Microfiber Towel

For this method, you will need a frizz-eliminating towel. It’s one of the best cheap options, and it will also give you the finest result. Microfiber towels can be used to enhance any wavy hair in any shape you desire. Microfiber towels can absorb water from roots and shafts so that the roots will not get flattened and the hair will not weigh down.

  • Do Not Comb Your Hair

If you have a natural hair wave, a comb will scatter your waves or eradicate them. Premade natural waves are usually destroyed even after combining them slightly. Don’t use a comb or your finger to detangle the hair when it’s dry.

This is because the hair has been styled and set in a specific way, and the natural movement and flexibility may be compromised.

Additionally, the hair may have been treated with products or heated to achieve the desired wave pattern, making it more prone to damage and disruption.

  • Using Hair Diffuser

A hair diffuser evenly distributes the airflow from the hair dryer, which helps prevent heat damage and frizz. This makes it a good option for men with straight hair who want to create waves without damaging their hair.

Using a hair diffuser can also help to add volume and body to your hair, giving your waves a more natural and effortless look.

To use a hair diffuser, start by towel drying your hair to remove excess moisture. Apply some styling products to add texture and hold to your hair.

Attach the diffuser to your blow-dryer and adjust the diffuser to the appropriate level of heat. Then, start diffusing your hair from the roots to the tips, working in sections.

Additionally, you can tousle your hair with your fingers or a comb for extra volume and definition. Finally, use hairspray to lock in your waves for the whole day.

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Making Straight Hair Wavy Overnight

  • Post Shower Braiding Method

This method is one of the easiest, especially for men; you must divide your hair into different sections. After your shower, you then braid each part.

This routine aims to stop hair breakage, and you will wake up in the morning with healthy waves without much effort. If you have short hair, the solution is to use a rubber band. You need to find good rubber bands as some might hurt you.

  • Plopping And Pineapple Method

Keep in mind that the Plopping and Pineapple method works best on hair that is at least shoulder-length or longer. You may not get as much wave formation if you have shorter hair. Additionally, the results of this method may vary depending on your hair type, thickness, and texture.

Products You Can Use To Make Straight Hair Wavy For Men

Knowing how to make men’s hair wavy is a simple process if you have the right products in your kit. Let’s share some of the products you need to achieve wavy hair.

Curl-Enhancing Shampoo And Conditioner

These products are formulated to help define and enhance natural curls and can also be used to create waves in straight hair. Curl-enhancing products typically contain ingredients like glycerin and panthenol, which help moisturize and nourish the hair while providing hold and definition.

While these products are generally less drying than saltwater sprays, they may still have some impact on the hair if used frequently or in conjunction with heat-styling tools.

Sea Salt Spray

Using a sea salt spray can be a great way to add texture and waves to straight hair for men. To use a sea salt spray, start washing and drying your hair as you normally would. Then, hold the sea salt spray about 8-12 inches away from your head and mist it evenly over your hair.

You can apply the sea salt spray directly to your palms and then scrunch your hair to distribute the product evenly. Once you’ve applied the sea salt spray, you can style your hair as desired. You can use your fingers or a comb to create natural-looking waves or a curling iron or hot rollers to add more defined curls.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a styling product used to add volume and hold to the hair. It is a lightweight, foam-like substance applied to the hair and then styled as desired. Hair mousse can achieve a straight, wavy look for men by applying it to damp hair and then blow-drying it using a round brush. This will help to straighten the hair while also adding volume and waves.

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Using hair mousse in moderation is important, as too much can make your hair feel heavy and greasy. If you have thin or fine hair, you may want to use a light-hold mousse to avoid weighing down your hair.

Texturizing Spray

Texturizing sprays are a type of hair product that can be used to give hair a textured, tousled look. They are often used to create a more natural, relaxed style, especially for men who want to add volume and texture to their straight hair.

Different types of texturizing sprays are available on the market, each with its unique formula and benefits. Some texturizing sprays are designed specifically for straight hair, while others are formulated for wavy or curly hair.

If you want to learn how to make your hair wavy for guys, you should consider investing in the right products because they will help you achieve the best result.

Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair Men

Since you have seen how to get wavy hair men, you need to see the different hairstyles that are good for wavy hair men.

Wavy Medium Length Mess

This hairstyle is a medium-length cut styled with a messy, disheveled look. The hair is cut in a medium length and then styled with a wave pattern, giving it a natural and effortless appearance. This style is suitable for men with medium to thick hair and is a great choice for those who want a relaxed and casual look.

Mid Part Semi-Waves

This style features a wave pattern in the hair created by using a hair straightener or curling iron. The waves are semi-formal, with a deep side part and a sleek finish. This style suits men with medium to thick hair and works well for formal or semi-formal occasions.

Wavy Quiff Push Back

This style has a wave pattern in the hair styled in a quiff, with the hair pushed back off the forehead. The quiff is created by using a hair straightener or curling iron to create waves, and the hair is then styled with a high-hold product to keep the quiff in place.

Short Waves Clear V Taper

This style features short waves in the hair styled in a clear V shape at the back of the head. The waves are created using a hair straightener or curling iron and are then styled with a high-hold product to keep them in place.

Once you understand how to get wavy hair men, you need to have the right hairstyle that will look good for you.

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