Best Trimmer for Balls 2024 [Buyers Guide and Reviews]

I wasn’t planning to tell you. But the probability of you attracting bacteria in your pubic area is higher than usual if you don’t shave your balls regularly. To that matter, bacterial build-up on the pubic hair is the number one cause of a smelly crotch.

And apart from your health, having squeaky clean, shaved balls, is going to cause your significant other to caress and play with your love tackle.

But all this is easier said than done, especially if you aren’t sure just how to step up your manscaping game. Now, here’s the thing, having a detailed and refined manscaping regime, is going to transform your balls’ shaving experience.

Not only are you going to smell better and feel better. But your overall pubic health and your foreplay with your partner are going to go up a notch.

And here is where I come in, to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. Meaning, I will share my experiences, tips, advice, and just about everything you need to know to get your balls shaving off the right foot. I mean, this is probably the most comprehensive “best trimmers for balls buyer’s guide” you will read anywhere.

At the end of reading this guide, you will know much more about ball trimming and the best way to shave your balls. In other words, this is a foolproof guide that will help you, unlike the average buyer, to make a well-informed purchase of the best balls’ trimmer available on the market.

And mind you, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, but it will get the job done in the safest way possible. With that said, let’s move to the next section of this post.

Two Ways to Shave Your Balls

best ball shaver

There are only two ways you can shave your balls; these are:

  1. Electric Balls Trimmers
  2. Manual Razors

The choice is yours, however, and if you asked me, I would tell you that electric trimmers are way better than a manual razor when it comes to trimming your love tackle.

Nevertheless, to add some perspective, and in line with keeping this post unbiased, I will delve in a bit into manual razors.

But keep in mind; the major talking point of this article is about electric trimmers. That said, let’s briefly look at each type of trimmer, and under what condition you should use them.

Use electric trimmers. . .

Shave your scrotum in a quick, safe, and hassle-free way. By far, most men prefer this type of shaver, as it doesn’t only get the job done. But it does so with minimal fuss and significantly reduces the chances of cuts, nicks, and razor bumps.

Use manual razors for…

The cleanest possible shave. But it comes with a cost, the chances of you causing injuries to your manhood are insanely high when you use a manual razor. Add to that, if you’re a beginner, or you have a big tummy, you’re probably better off buying and an electric trimmer against a manual one.

Just imagine you having a big belly, and using a manual blade to shave your family jewels: “not the best thing to do.” However, for transparency’s sake, I will discuss more on manual razors in a follow-up article.

Top 5 Best trimmer for balls 2024 Reviewed

best trimmer for balls

It’s worth mentioning that this collection of trimmers is as good as any balls’ trimmer you will find elsewhere. And as such, I want to assure you that I have done my research, analyze each trimmer, and, more importantly, through personal experiences, have cast my verdict on each unit.

Furthermore, I want to, before we go any further, point out to you that though all the units discussed here do the same thing (trim and shave). They, however, in terms of performance, vary from each other.

And with that being the case, you will find that each unit will perform differently compared to others under the same and, or different conditions.

#1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000

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The most outstanding feature of the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 is its 4-directional pivoting head. Which, in my estimation, is a game-changer for men who regularly shave their “stack.” One of the essential features of any balls’ trimmer is its ability to produce a close and comfortable shave. Why?

The scrotum being what it is (extremely sensitive) requires a skin-friendly trimmer, and that’s what the BG7030/49 brings to the table. It’s adept at achieving a close shave, while at the same time being gentle on your balls.

With other trimmers, there’s always that reluctance to press against your balls; and that’s understandable. Especially when you consider that the average trimmer, if not used with caution, can and will cause injuries to your family jewels.

But the BG7030/49 isn’t your ordinary trimmer/shaver; it’s among the latest addition to the Series 7000 line of dual-headed body groomers from Phillips.

That being so, you can guarantee that the shaving experience you will get with this trimmer is going to be a pleasurable one. Now, let’s look at what makes the BG7030/49 such a popular choice among manscaping enthusiasts.

four-directional pivoting head: yes, you heard right, not two, but a four-directional pivoting head. And the question you might be asking yourself is what benefit does this feature offer you.

Well, to start, the ordinary foil shaver has a two-directional head, meaning they are constrained in their capability to follow the contour of your balls.

But not so with The BG7030/49, this trimmer is the exact opposite; it follows your skin in great detail, and that while being comfortable as it glides over your junk.

Integrated, adjustable trimmer: as the name of this machine suggests: “it’s dual.” And on this side of the unit is an integrated, flexible trimmer that allows you to lock in 5 trim lengths ranging from 1/8″ (3mm) to 7/16″ (11mm).

A great plus if you are someone who likes the idea of experimenting a bit with different hair lengths but without having to change guards manually.

80 minutes runtime: if you are looking for a shaver with a long useful life, then this feature is the most important one to consider. It’s no secret that the less you charge your device, the longer it will last.

And here is where the BG7030/49 stands out from the pack, it gives you an impressive 80 mins runtime. Which by the way is good news if you plan on shaving other parts of the body.

In other words, with this unit, you will enjoy a full body-grooming session without any problem whatsoever.

Blades with rounded head tips: to reinforce the commitment of Philips where safety is concerned, the company has built this shaver with extremely skin-friendly blades. No need to worry about nicks and cuts, these blades are expertly constructed to eliminate the chances of you cutting yourself while shaving.

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  • Ergonomic grip, the rubber grip on the device, will guarantee optimal use while in use, and that’s under both wet and dry conditions.
  • Fully waterproof, as with the case with all premium shavers, the ability to use under the shower is a must, and the BG7030/49 is no different.
  • Easy to clean, the device is super easy to clean; place under a running faucet, and that’s all.


  • It needs an additional long handle attachment.

#2. The Lawn Mower 2.0 Review

Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 2.0

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If you are looking for a specialized manhood trimmer, look no further than the Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 2.0. This shaver, as the name may suggest, is uniquely designed for below-the-belt grooming.

The primary hallmark of this shaver is its efficiency. And that is thanks to its sharp ceramic snap-in blades, capable of mowing through your pubes in quick time. Which, by the way, is excellent news for men who hate shaving their balls for extended sessions.

The other thing I like about this trimmer is its battery life. You will get sixty minutes of runtime from a one-hour charge.

Also, you can use a universal USB charger to charge the device. And that’s not all, here are a few more premium features of the Lawn Mower 2.0.

Note: before you use the Mower 2.0, allow to charge for 5 hours.

Efficient at cutting long hair: if you are someone with long hairs on your pubic areas, this unit can take care of that. To that matter, the Mower 2.0 is a specialized trimmer, built to mow through the long, tangled stubble.

Rust-resistant, ceramic snap-in blades: some trimmers are notorious for attracting rust after sitting idle for an extended time, not good news for someone who is always in a hurry and doesn’t think twice to turn on their shaver and use it.

For all you know, you might be shaving your sack with a rusty blade, which is a sure recipe for bacterial infection. But with the Mower 2.0, you can have the peace of mind that you can at any time pick up your device, turn it on, and start shaving.

Fully waterproof: with this unit, you can choose to shave in or out of the shower. And with or without shaving cream. The Mower 2.0, being fully waterproof, means it is as easy to clean as putting it under the faucet.


  • Ergonomic design; no need to worry about the device slipping or falling from your hand.
  • Can charge with universal USB chargers; another useful benefit for buying the Mower 2.0 over other trimmers.
  • 60 minutes runtime; the typical trimmer will give you an average of 45 minutes runtime, and the Mower 2.0 will provide you with 15 minutes more.


  • Contrary to what the company (Manscaped) claims, this trimmer is not as skin-friendly as you may like; in fact, if you aren’t careful while using this trimmer downstairs, you will more than likely cut your manhood.

#3. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

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If the Lawn Mower 2.0 is capable of mowing through your pubes in quick time, so can the MG7750/49, but in double-quick time. Precision is the hallmark of this trimmer, and its ingenious design reinforces that this machine will shave your balls just the way you like them shaved.

Everything about the MG7750/49 is about precision, and unless you pick up this unit and start trimming with it, you won’t fully understand what I mean.

And I’m not the only one singing the MG7750/49 praises; this device has an impressive 4.5 rating on Amazon, which by itself speaks volumes. But apart from being the best all-in-one precision trimmer, let’s take a look at some other premium features.

5 hours of runtime per charge: in terms of battery life, it doesn’t get better than this; and mind you, it only needs an hour charge.

Self-sharpening blades that last up to 5 years: by now, it’s apparent that the MG7750/49 is an extremely durable shaver and its self-sharpening blades that last up to 5 years emphasize that. If you are looking for something sturdy and long-term, the MG7750/49 is your winner.

Premium stainless-steel frame: buying an electric shaver is an investment that you expect a return from, and with this shaver, you are sure of a return, even many years after. The premium stainless-steel frame is a feature that strengthens the case of this trimmer’s durability. Also, the device is of an ergonomic design.

Steel trimmer: with a certain trimmer, you will have to go over missed areas around your private parts. And that’s understandable because some trimmers outperform others in certain conditions.

And that’s what this trimmer brings to the table, precision, and efficiency. With the MG7750/49, you can cut even the thickest hair without fuss; also, this shaver has non-corrosive blades, meaning blades that don’t rust.


  • Fully waterproof; yes, you can use it both for wet and dry shaving, and of course, it’s easy to clean as well.
  • Easy to use; the trimmer is compact and is straightforward to use.
  • All in one body groomer, aside from shaving your balls, if you so choose, you can utilize this trimmer for other areas of your body.


  • Too many attachments, some may disagree, but when it comes to shaving your balls, you don’t want to be changing guards too often just to get your desired length.

#4. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630/70 Face + Body

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630

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The OneBlade QP2630 is a hybrid and is designed for facial styling and body grooming. That being the case, you are better off using this machine on your manhood against buying other expensive trimmers that aren’t skin-friendly.

And that’s the offering this shaver brings to the table; it has a fast-moving cutter and a dual protection system that ensures a close and comfortable shave while cutting through the hair of any length.

For me, this hybrid trimmer ticks the necessary boxes. It takes all that is premium about balls’ trimmers, and it packages it in an extremely budget-friendly way. Aside, here are a few more features about the OneBlade QP2630 that make it the best affordable trimmer for balls.

Flexible contour following head: the OneBlade QP2630 has an impressive flexible blade that flexes from side to side as it carefully follows your ballsack.

Dual-sided blade: another useful feature of this budget-friendly device is the option to move the blade in any direction, thanks to its dual-sided edge that offers a clean cut.

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Easy to use: using this device as simple as one to three, it’s that simple, just turn it on, and you are ready to go.


  • Durable OneBlade, you can use the OneBlade for as long as four months, and that’s providing you use the device for four full sessions per week.
  • Offers a close shave, the OneBlade QP2630 gives you the option of attaching a skin guard to the device. But guess what? You can shave your balls without a skin guard to achieve a very close shave. The only thing you need to be mindful of is not to rush through the process.
  • Versatile, in addition to shaving your balls, you can use this device to meet other manscaping needs.


  • 4 hours of charging for only 60 minutes of runtime, and this I’m afraid is the massive drawback of the OneBlade QP2630. But again, if you consider the price, you won’t be complaining, just leave it overnight to charge.

#5. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

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If my girlfriend told me I only had five minutes to shave my love tackle or else she will leave me for good, I wouldn’t brood. I’d go for my BG2040/49 and get down to business. The BG2040/49 is possibly the best all-around trimmer on this list.

Not only will you be able to trim and shave your balls, but with this trimmer, your entire manscaping needs are taken care of, and all this without causing skin irritations and nick.

And aside from being the best skin-friendly trimmer for balls, the BG2040/49 is about speed and efficiency. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some of its features.

All-in-one body groomer: as with most top-quality trimmers, you use them to meet all of your body grooming needs. The BG2040/49 is no different, and it offers head-to-toe grooming.

A 3-dimensional pivoting head: with this feature, the trimmer will follow the contour of your balls. Also, the unit comes with self-sharpening rounded blades that are ideal for a clean, close, and safe shave.

Dual-sided design: with five predefined length settings, you can trim your long hairs with one side, and the other, use to shave.

Comfort and convenience: this device is of an ergonomic design, and its soft rubber side panels and buttons serve to provide a secure, comfortable grip.


  • Fully waterproof, wet, and dry shaving is possible.
  • Easy to use; among the easiest to use on this list.
  • Easy to clean; on par with the other premium shavers on this list, just place it under a running faucet.


  • 50 minutes runtime from an hour’s charge. And this I deem a significant drawback, especially when you consider that this device offers so many premium features. You would’ve expected something better. But it’s not that bad as I am making it sound, 50 minutes is more than enough to shave your balls.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Trimmers and Shavers for Balls

Best Trimmers and Shavers for Balls

Trimming and shaving your balls isn’t child’s play, it’s a matter of preserving your legacy. And as such, you need the best possible tools available to you on the market.

To achieve the most pleasurable balls trimming experience will boil down to having a premium trimmer to shave your private parts. But how do you go about deciding which trimmer and shaver is premium from which aren’t?

Well, that’s where I come in, and in this section of the post. I will highlight all those features and functionalities that make a premium trimmer and shaver for balls.

Choosing the Right Sized Trimmer

Size is not all to it, but when it comes to shaving your balls, size is as important as anything else. Too big a trimmer will result in you not being about to reach those hard-to-access areas downstairs.

And too small a trimmer will mean spending an eternity on getting the job done. So, you need to find an ideal match and a perfect-sized trimmer.

That would mean, a shaver that’s big enough to fix firmly in your hand, and small enough to manure around hard-to-reach places below the belt.

Ergonomic Grip

The skin on private parts is super sensitive; any wrong move, even the slightest of error, may and can prove costly. That being the case, you want your shaver to be comfortable and fit perfectly in your hand.

And by this, I mean, buying a shaver that cannot slip or fall from your hand easily. Trimmer with rubber grips are by far the best option when it comes to this feature; they’re ergonomic, but their counterparts with stainless steel handles are not.

Wet and Dry Shaving

You don’t want to invest in a one-dimensional shaver; you want to buy something versatile, meaning, go for a shaver that has both wet and dry shaving capabilities. And this comes with its advantages. Mainly, a wet and dry trimmer is both adept at shaving in and out of the shower.

Or in other words, a wet and dry trimmer is fully waterproof, which means you would have no problem using it with shaving cream.

Easy to Use

Here we see another essential feature that is going to go a long way in determining your balls’ shaving experience. Don’t get me wrong; all trimmers are simple enough to use. But the point I’m making is that some shavers are more straightforward to use than some.

Especially those trimmers that have a pivoting head. With this feature, it would mean less work for you to do; just turn the trimmer on, and it will follow the contour of your balls.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Buying an electric shaver is an investment, and you should treat it as such. You could’ve simply purchased or decided to buy a manual razor, but you’ve decided against it, and rightly so because electric shavers are far better to trim your balls versus manual ones.

And this leads me to my point of cleaning and maintenance; your trimmer must be as simple to clean as putting under the faucet.

Let’s face it, regardless of what ball trimmer you buy; hairs will get into its head. That being so, you don’t want something; after you finish using it to give you a headache. In this regard, fully waterproof trimmers are the way to go, and a sure way of extending your investment (shaver).

Closeness of Shave

Not as pertinent as the other functionalities. At least for most men, because the closeness of shave has to do with personal preference. For some men, they prefer the stubble very short, as close to the skin as possible.

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And for others, they prefer leaving a bit more hair on their manhood. Either way, a shaver that gives you the option to decide what lengths you want is an excellent choice.

Battery Life

What sense would it make if you have the best possible trimmer, but its battery life sucks? That would make any sense at all.

In that regard, you want a trimmer that can give you at least forty-five minutes of run time, even though it may not take that long to shave your downstairs.

But the best ball shaver with a longer runtime means an extended shelf life for your shaver; since you would be charging it less.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Shave Your Balls

Guide to Shave Your Balls

Acquiring the best tools for shaving balls is one thing, but putting a trimmer against your love tackle is a whole different ball game.

Furthermore, if you aren’t strong-minded, some people will try their best to discourage you from shaving your balls. But don’t mind them, people like those often tend to complicate the process.

And as such will never enjoy the pleasure and benefits of shaving their manhood. Nevertheless, that’s their loss, but as for you, I will walk you through this simple process of trimming your balls the right way.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Bathroom is Ready

Not compulsory, but all things being equal, your bathroom is likely the place you’re going to shave. And with that so, I highly recommend you get it ready.

Sure, there are other places you may deem fit to trim your balls, but from experience, I have always found the bathroom to be the most convenient place to shave. And mainly this has to do with accessibility to soap and hot water.

And also, having enough space to either shave standing or sitting. But trimming your balls sitting as against doing so standing will offer you the option to further spread your legs without the risk of falling over in the process.

Step 2: Make All of Your Tools Accessible in One Place

Having nearby, your aftershave, shaving cream, tissue, trimmer, trimmer attachments, and towels is pertinent. With these items, ideally, you want them in one place.

You don’t want in the middle of your shaving session to get up and go looking for the next tool; you want all of them in one place.

Step 3: Property Clean All Your Tools

It’s easy to forget this part, but don’t; it’s just not worth the risk. Your private parts being what they are (sensitive) requires you to be hygienic.

And by this, I mean spraying and wiping your tools with alcohol, both before and after use. Also, bacteria are notorious for breeding on wrinkled skin.

That being the case, it will serve you well to wash your inner thigh region, your balls, your groins, and your hands before you start shaving.

Step 4: Pre-Trim Your Pubes

This part is really for men with long hair downstairs. As our review showed, some trimmers and shavers perform differently compared to others under the same and different conditions, and long pubic hair is one of these conditions.

So, to avoid the fuss and trouble, cut your hair down to manageable lengths with a scissor and then leave your electric trimmer to do the rest.

Step 5: Hot Shower

Among all your body parts, your private parts are more susceptible to bacteria. Furthermore, if your trimmer isn’t adept at trimming balls, the chances of you cutting your balls’ sack are high. And if that happens, the likelihood of infection is almost guaranteed.

Therefore, for this reason, having a hot shower before you shave your balls is advisable; this step serves as an additional measure to prevent you from having to cope with bacterial infection downstairs.

Also, having a hot shower before you shave will soften your pubic hair, thus making the shaving process quick and straightforward.

Step 6: Adding Shaving Cream

Look for skin-sensitive shaving cream, preferably, aloe-based, as this will soothe your skin and give your manhood a fresh smell after you shave.

Using shaving cream might not be your cup of tea, and you may prefer to go dry, but mowing your downstairs with shaving cream is highly recommended.

Shaving cream will enhance your balls’ trimming, and it will serve as a lubricant for the blade to glide over your skin as you cut your hair. And this will result in a much closer, safer, and most comfortable shave.

Step 7: Pull The Skin Tight

Using a blade on your scrotum has its risk, especially if you aren’t mindful of what you are doing. In this step, you are going to pull tight your ballsack before you start shaving.

Your ballsack has wrinkled skin, and if you don’t pull it and shave, the chances of your skin getting caught in the blades are ridiculously high.

Step 8: Start Shaving

Starting from the hairy areas, press the trimmer gently against your balls and allow it to do its thing. You won’t have to do too much here, the trimmers discussed here are of premium quality, and they will do the heavy lifting as they glide over the contour of your balls.

And, as a word of caution, shave in the direction of your hair growth; otherwise, be prepared to deal with ingrown hair. Also, you may need to rinse off and go over any area missed in the first round of shaving.

Step 9 Rinse

Instead of using hot water as you did the first time, use cold water to rinse off. Using cold water to rinse will close the pores on your skin while reducing the possibility of ingrown hair.

Step 10: Add Your Aftershave

As much as you can, stay away from alcohol-based aftershaves, unless you can cope with the sting that brings. Ideally, go for an aftershave that contains witch hazel and glycerin. These two ingredients will no doubt soothe your skin while significantly reducing the occurrence of razor bumps.


You make the final call. But I will go as far as to say that you won’t find a more comprehensive, well-thought-out, and well research post on the subject matter. This article is a collection of the best ball shaver.

And mind you, each trimmer featuring on this list is certified and uniquely engineered to trim and shave balls.

I can’t see anyone having regret upon buying any of these units, and if you ask me, I’d tell you that at each price point, you’re getting value for money.