Closest Electric Shaver – Finding The Razor With The Closest Shave

What is the closest electric shaver on the market? It can be difficult to find the best one for your unique needs because your options are endless. With a little research, you can likely figure out which razor is going to work best for you.

Certain features can help ensure that the shaver is going to provide a much closer shave. What should be considered when shopping for the best electric razor for a close shave? Continue reading the guide below to find out.

Closest Electric Shaver 2024 – Finding The Razor With The Closest Shave

#1. Braun Wet & Dry Electric Foil Razor

Braun Wet & Dry Black Foil Razor

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Braun is a respectable brand that sells a variety of high-quality razors. The company’s Electric Foil Atelier Black Razor is great for many consumers. While expensive, it’ll be worth it. After all, the razor is going to deliver a comfortable, close shave.

You can guarantee that it is powerful enough to cut coarse hair without pulling or tugging. Plus, it comes with a convenient, SmartCare Center so you’ll have no trouble keeping the battery charged.


Some razors are good for cutting long hair. Others are good for short, stubby hair. The Braun Wet & Dry Electric Foil Razor is great because it offers endless flexibility. The razor is versatile enough to cut through hairs of various lengths.

For instance, it can be used to shave 7-day beards or 1-day beards. Whether you like shaving every day or every week, the Braun electric shaver will work well for you.


When you buy an electric shaver, you’ll want one that is going to last. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper models are unreliable. Therefore, you should opt for the Braun Wet & Dry Electric Foil Razor which is built to last. It is spectacular in this category because the razor is made in Germany.

The team has worked hard to ensure that the razor will last up to seven years or longer. Since it is suitable for wet and dry shaving, you can guarantee that it’ll work well for you.

Sonic Technology

Once you’ve decided to shave, you don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. Instead, you’ll want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this is why many people love Braun’s best razor.

The razor’s Sonic Technology is very beneficial. Thanks to this feature, the razor can take care of the problem much faster.

In general, it is estimated that you can use this razor to shave 10% quicker. You’ll also be able to navigate the tricky airs of your face or body without any issues.

SmartCare Center

One of the best things about this razor is the SmartCare Center. It will make a big difference while making your life significantly easier. It features a 5-in-1 system that can keep your razor clean.

When your razor is placed in the SmartCare Center, it can be cleaned, lubricated, dried, and charged. It keeps your blades sharp while ensuring that the battery remains charged. The feature justifies the price.

Wet & Dry

Finally, you’ll find that the razor is compatible with wet and dry shaves. In some cases, it is easier to shave in the shower. When you’re in a hurry, you may want to shave in front of the mirror.

Thankfully, the Braun Electric Shaver is great for both. You can easily use the razor to shave in the shower. Alternatively, you can shave in the bathroom with shaving cream or gel. The razor is versatile enough to work with people of all preferences.


  • The SmartCare Center is helpful
  • It is designed to last for 7 years
  • Can be used for 1-day or 7-day beards
  • Works great with or without gel


  • Pretty expensive

Overall Assessment

The Braun Wet & Dry Atelier Black Foil Razor is great for individuals with extra money. It offers added versatility and more convenience.

Thanks to the SmartCare Center, you can rest assured knowing your razor will always be ready for us. The stand will clean and charge the razor so it is always ready for use.

#2. BaByliss Pro SilverFX Metal Collection Razor

BaBylissPRO BarberologySILVERFX/ROSEFX Trimmer

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When you want a close shave without breaking the bank, you should look no further than the BaBylissPRO SilverFX Metal Collection Razor. It is affordable enough for the majority of guys.

It is conveniently designed so the razor will fit in your pocket or travel bag. You’ll also appreciate that it is hypoallergenic.

Therefore, it isn’t going to cause any issues for people with sensitive skin. Since it is lightweight, you can take it wherever you go without issues.

Corded & Cordless

You’ll like the fact that the BaBylissPRO Foil FX 02 Razor is designed for corded and cordless use. When you forget to recharge the battery, you can still use this razor.

All you have to do is plug it up. You’ll receive 3 hours of battery life when it is fully charged. The razor offers plenty of power when it is used on battery power.

Powerful Motor

The BaByliss PRO SilverFX Razor features a powerful rotary motor. You don’t want to pull your hair because that is going to hurt. Instead, you need a powerful razor that can slice through the hair without trouble.

Thankfully, this razor is great for this purpose. It is powerful enough to get the job done without snagging or pulling on your hair.

Close Shave

If you want a close shave, you should check out this razor from BaByliss Pro. Although it is smaller than some of the others, it is great in this area. It can easily provide a close, comfortable shave.

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Thanks to the hypoallergenic foils, you’ll receive satisfactory results. The razor isn’t going to hurt you or cut your skin. It will deliver a close, comfortable shave though.


  • The razor is easy to transport
  • It is less expensive than others
  • It is suitable for corded and cordless use
  • The hypoallergenic foils are great


  • Might be too simple for some guys

Overall Assessment

The BaByliss PRO SilverFX Metal Collection Razor has a lot to offer. While it is expensive, it can still deliver great results. It works well and can cut through coarse hair.

The battery life is fantastic, but you can always use the razor with the cord. For the price, it is a good razor that you can take with you anywhere.

#3. Panasonic Premium Razor ES-LV6Q

Panasonic Premium Razor ES-LV6Q

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Panasonic offers some of the best razors on the market. If you want an advanced razor without spending too much, you should consider buying the Panasonic Premium ES-LV6Q Razor.

It has many great features including a flexible 3D shaving head. It also has a beard trimmer. Thanks to these features, you can easily get a comfortable, close shave before trimming your mustache. More about this foil razor can be found below.

Outstanding Motor

One thing that consumers like about the Panasonic Premium ES-LV6Q Razor is the outstanding motor. It features an ultra-fast motor that can deliver 70,000 cross-cuts per minute.

Since the motor is so powerful and fast, the razor can easily cut through the coarsest hair. It’ll always provide a close shave. With 14,000 CPM, the razor will get the job done without pulling on your hair.

Flexible Head

The Panasonic Premium Razor features a flexible 5D shaving head. You’ll find that this feature is going to make a big difference. Your face has many contours and different shapes.

Therefore, it can be difficult for ordinary razors to keep up. It won’t be able to move around your face without cutting you.

The ES-LV6Q Razor has you covered. It can deliver a close shave across your face. It will glide along your face without issues.

Built-In Battery

The Panasonic ES-LV6Q-S803 Razor is great for many people. One of its biggest benefits is the cordless operation. The battery is built into the razor. Therefore, you never have to worry about changing the batteries.

Instead, you just need to recharge the battery. Doing so will be quick and easy. It typically takes one hour to fully recharge the battery. Then, you’ll be able to use the razor for 50 minutes without needing to recharge.


  • It works for wet and dry uses
  • The razor has a turbo mode
  • It delivers 50 minutes of use on a full charge
  • The razor has a battery low and charging indicators


  • Blades may dull quickly

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic Premium ES-LV6Q Razor is great for the price. It is built to last, reliable, and fast. It features a flexible shaving head to ensure that it can deal with contours around your face.

It also has unique beard sensor technology to ensure skin comfort. Since it can deliver a close shave, this might be the best razor for you. If you want a close shave electric razor, learn more about this one.

#4. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men ES-LV65-S

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Panasonic can be trusted since the company sells high-quality razors at various prices. When you decide to buy one that can deliver a close shave, you should check out the Panasonic Arc5.

It is cheaper than many others, but it has many great benefits. It can be used for dry and wet shaving. It also features the innovative Shave Sensor Technology. Just remember that this razor does not have a docking station.

2-In-1 Operation

First, you should know that this razor delivers a 2-in-1 operation. It works well as a conventional razor. It can be used to shave the hair on your face, body, arms, and legs. However, you may not want a close shave around your mouth or chin.

Instead, you might want to create a cool mustache to show off. If you fit into this category, you can use the razor’s built-in pop-up trimmer. The razor is multi-functional making it worth the low price.

High-Power Motor

You’re going to lose the Panasonic Arc5 Razor’s high-power motor. The Arc5 features a powerful motor that can deliver a maximum of 14,000 cuts each minute. In addition to this, it guarantees 70,000 cross-cutting actions every minute.

The combination ensures that you’re going to get a close, comfortable shave. The motor is powerful so the razor can easily cut through the coarsest hair. The razor will operate at peak power even when the battery is running low.


The Panasonic Arc5 Razor is designed to deliver immense versatility. First, the razor features a pop-up trimmer so you can finish the fine details. Plus, the razor features a multi-flex pivoting head.

The head will move as the razor glides along your face. When it hits a bump, the head will move accordingly. The feature is very beneficial because it ensures that less pressure is being placed on your face and skin. The razor is versatile enough to be used everywhere on your face and body.

Whether you’re using it on your chin, jaw, or chest, you’ll get a close shave every time.

LCD Indicator

The razor has a convenient LCD battery indicator. It makes knowing when the battery needs charged much easier. It has a 10-stage battery status indicator.

Once you’ve checked the indicator, you’ll know how much time you have left. If the battery needs to be recharged, you can get it taken care of right away.

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  • Reasonably priced
  • It features a 10-stage battery indicator
  • The razor has a built-in trimmer
  • It has an automatic international dual voltage conversion feature


  • Doesn’t come with a cleaning or charging station

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is good for many consumers. It is reasonably priced making it a good investment for many guys.

The razor works great and you can take advantage of the built-in trimmer too. Thanks to the sharp blades and flexible head, the razor always delivers a close, comfortable shave.

#5. Panasonic ES8013S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men ES8103S Arc3

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Do you want the best electric razor for a close shave? It is wise to check out the Panasonic Arc3 Razor because it might be the best one for you. While it is a slightly older model, it still has a lot of great features.

In addition to this, the shaver’s price is excellent. Even if you have a limited budget, the razor is going to work well for you.

It features three Nanotech blades and a flexible head. The razor can leave your face smoother than some of the other razors on the market.

Battery Indicator

Since the Panasonic Arc3 Razor is battery-powered, you need to make sure that the battery remains charged. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a while for it to recharge.

If you’re running late for work, you might not have time to wait. The good news is that the razor features a 10-stage LCD indicator.

You can use the feature to determine when the battery needs to be recharged. By relying on this feature, you’ll never have to worry about failing to recharge the battery.

13,000 Cuts Each Minute

The Arc3 features a powerful linear motor that can deliver 13,000 cuts each minute. Even when the battery is getting low, the motor will deliver peak power. There is no need to worry about pulling your hair.

The razor will chop through the thick hair without snagging. It is powerful enough to take care of the hair on your face, head, and elsewhere.

Precision Cut

The Arc3 Razor from Panasonic is designed to deliver a precision cut every time. It features ultra-sharp Nanotech blades that are tilted at a 30-degree angle.

Thanks to this feature and the powerful motor, the Arc3 can easily deliver a close, precise cut. Once you’ve finished shaving with this razor, you shouldn’t feel any stubble. Instead, your skin will be smooth.


  • The Arc3 Razor delivers 13,000 cuts each minute
  • The 10-stage battery indicator is helpful
  • It works great for wet and dry shaving
  • The pop-up trimmer works well
  • It remains powerful even when the battery is low


  • Replacement heads are very expensive

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S Razor is a great investment for many because it is inexpensive and reliable. Thanks to the Nanotech blades, it is going to deliver a close, precise cut.

If you want a close shave without overspending, you should learn more about this razor. There is a good chance that you’ll be satisfied with it.

#6. Andis 17150 TS-1 Pro Foil Shaver

Andis 17150(TS-1) Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

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Do you want a compact shaver that will rest comfortably in your hand? If so, you might want to purchase the Andis 17150 TS-1 Pro Foil Shaver. Although it is inexpensive, it still has a lot to offer.

You can carry the shaver around in your pocket and use it at your motel. If you’re going to a business meeting, you can use the shaver in a rest area bathroom. Regardless of its price and size, the Andis Shaver is powerful and reliable.

Closer Shave

Ultimately, you want a close shave so you don’t have to do it again in a few hours. The Andis is designed to deliver a close shave. One way it achieves this goal is by using staggered-head blades.

They’re very helpful because they can guarantee a closer shave without snags or cuts. When the foil and cutter get worn, you can replace them easily. The replacements are inexpensive so you’ll want to keep a few in your cabinet.


The Andis Pro Foil Shaver uses a Lithium-Ion battery. As a result, you don’t have to worry about using the power cord. Instead, you can recharge the battery before using the shaver anywhere.

You can shave outside, in your backyard, or at your campground. You’ll also appreciate that it can be used with the cord.

In some cases, you’re going to forget to charge the battery. If this happens, you can use the cord and shave without needing to wait for the battery to recharge.

In total, the razor can deliver 80 minutes of runtime on a full charge.

Convenient Design

The Andis Pro is great for consumers who regularly travel. You might fit into this category if you have to travel for business. Even when you’re on the road, you’ll want to look your best.

It is difficult to do that when you have to carry an oversized razor. Thankfully, the Andis Pro is a good alternative. It is much smaller. It will fit into your pocket or bag without any trouble. Plus, you’ll like that it weighs less than five ounces.

Despite its compact size, the razor uses a powerful, quiet motor.


  • The blades are staggered for a closer shave
  • It is convenient to carry with you
  • The motor is powerful and quiet
  • The battery offers 80 minutes of use on a full charge


  • The razor doesn’t have a lot of features

Overall Assessment

The Andis 17150 TS-1 Pro Foil Shaver is great for many guys. Whether you’re shaving your head or face, you’ll enjoy using this compact razor. It is lightweight and will remain comfortable in your hand at all times.

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Plus, you can use the razor with or without the cord. On a full charge, you can use it cordlessly for 80 minutes. After that, you’ll have to recharge the battery.

#7. Panasonic ES-CLS9AX-K LAMDASH 6-Blade Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-CLS9AX-K LAMDASH 6-Blades Shaver Fully Automatic Cleaning Charger with USB Charging Case Craft

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The ES-CLS9AX-K LAMDASH by Panasonic is one of the best electric shaver models on the market. The set includes a high-quality electric shaver, travel pouch, and standalone cleaning station. If you demand a lot from your electric shaver, this is the model for you.

With so many competitors, Panasonic needs to stay one step ahead. The company utilizes extensive research to ensure its electric shavers are updated with the latest technologies and components.

Float Blade Mechanism

The ES-CLS9AX-K LAMDASH is integrated with a state-of-the-art mechanism known as a floating blade. The primary purpose of the component is to ensure the closest shave without compromising the skin.

The blade floats over the skin while the blade delivers the closest cut. The float blade mechanism not only works flawlessly on the cheeks but also on the facial contours like the chin, cheekbone, and jawbone.

30-Degree Nano-Edge Inner Blade

In addition to the float blade mechanism, the Panasonic LAMDASH blade is designed with an outer foil comparts that houses the most vital inner blade. Unlike other models, the nano-edge inner blade capitalizes on the float blade mechanism to ensure the closest cut.


The Panasonic ES-CLS9AX-K Shaver has a lot to offer. Although it is expensive, you’ll find that it is going to be well worth it. After all, it comes with everything you need and more.

Once you’ve purchased this razor, you’re going to receive a cleaning brush, dedicated oil, cleaning agent, and AC adapter.

Although the package is expensive, it comes with everything you need. You shouldn’t have to buy anything else until you need more oil.


  • It comes with everything you need
  • It smoothly rolls over your skin
  • The build quality is outstanding
  • Can easily shave 10-day shaves without snagging


  • Likely too expensive for many

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic Shaver has many perks. The powerful linear motor is going to deliver 14,000 strokes per minute. It is more powerful than other models. It can cut through coarse hair without pulling.

The sharp blades and powerful motor ensure that you’re going to get a quick cut without any issues. Plus, the package comes with everything you need. If you have extra money to spend, consider buying this powerful razor.

Electric Razor for a Close Shave Buying Guide

Electric Razor for a Close Shave

What does every man and woman want from their electric shaver? They want the closest shave. Why? Well, a close shave produces baby smooth hairless skin.

In addition to the baby’s smooth skin, the closest shave helps to reduce the number of times you have to shave by one or two days, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

To ensure you get the closest shave from your electric razor, it is crucial to know what to shop for. There is no doubt, every man and woman has a shaving preference. In most cases, this shaving preference is baby smooth skin.

Knowing the factors that make or break an electric shaver is the best place to start your shopping expenditure. To learn more about these factors, you should read the buying guide provided below.

Hair Lift Technology

What is hair lift technology, embedded in electric shavers? Hair lift technology is exactly as its name entails. It is a technology that allows the shaver to lift each hair follicle before the blade cuts it away.

One example of this form of technology is ProLift, which is a Braun patent. Braun integrates its ProLift technology into several electric shaver models to ensure the closest shave.

Contrary to belief, hair lift technology does not slow down the shaving process. The technology is extremely efficient, allowing the hair to be lifted out of the pore before the blade cuts it off.

This is an extraordinary state-of-the-art technology that delivers smoother, softer, and healthier hairless skin. Plus, it can increase the time between each shave in people, with slower growing hair.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is the study of a person’s efficiency in the workplace. Employers across the country invest thousands of dollars in ergonomics research each year.

The primary purpose of these studies is to ensure employees experience minimal discomfort while performing work-related activities.

Workers in the construction, manufacturing and other industries perform repetitive actions that result in pain and injuries that result in short- and long-term complications.

Barbers and cosmetologists perform repetitive actions that result in fatigue, pain, poor range of motion, strain, headache, stiff muscles, and joint inflammation.

One of the most common conditions barbers and cosmetologists develop due to poor ergonomics is carpal tunnel syndrome. To reduce your risk of developing a carpal tunnel, an ergonomic electric razor is crucial.

An ergonomic electric shaver handle will not only reduce the risk of the carpal tunnel but also increase control and handling.


To ensure the best shaving experience, routine maintenance, with thorough cleanings is crucial. The internal components found in an electric shaver need to be protected at all costs. A waterproof construction offers more thorough cleanings than a non-waterproof construction.

The waterproof protection creates a barrier between water and the internal components. Electric shavers are designed to function without the need for shaving gels and creams.

With water-resistant protection, men and women can utilize their favorite shaving creams, with an electric shaver without concern of damage.

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