Short Grey Beard Styles: The Ultimate Guide

The grey beard is perhaps the ultimate indicator of men’s aging attractiveness. The greybeard is a character all on its own. It shows the years you’ve got on your belt, your experience, and your wisdom. A man with grey hair gives off the impression that he’s more responsible, mature, and just more attractive in general.

So, are you thinking about embracing the greys in your beard and just letting it grow out like a handsome Gandalf? You’ve got the right idea because you will definitely look great.

Do Women Like Grey Beards?

Short Grey Beard Styles: The Ultimate Guide

Does a grey beard look good? Absolutely! Women are attracted to maturity, wisdom, and caring nature. First of all, a man with grey in his beard will be more mature, instead of a rash boy without a lot of care and commitment in the world. The wiser and more responsible, the easier things are and the better decisions he makes.

Do you know the stereotype that women aren’t the biggest fans of clean-shaven faces? Well, this is basically the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

A man with a grey beard also reminds women of their father, which may seem odd at first but trust us, this is a good thing. That fatherly feeling is one of care and nurture, which gives the feeling of safety and responsibility. If you can be fatherly in a good way, then you’ve got an extra advantage with your grey beard.

Lastly, women like grey beards because they simply look good. A few grey hairs on the chin are great, but the full grey beard can look very very good. It’s like the preference for grey hair or grey sides (Like Doctor Strange), so the grey beard achieves the same result.

Seriously, look at grey-haired and bearded George Clooney and then at young black-haired George Clooney and you’ll be surprised at how better he looks now.

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Why Is A Short Beard Better?

Even though some men like their beards long, bushy, and lumberjack-y, there are several reasons why a short beard is simply better in many ways.

  • Low Maintenance: Besides trimming, a short beard is much easier to maintain than a long bushy beard. The longer the beard, the more you need to oil, moisturize, and clean it. The short beard also doesn’t need much shaping, it’s just kept at a good reasonable length, and you’re good to go for the whole week.
  • More Professional: A short beard is more neat and suitable for the work office. Rarely would you find something rocking a full lumberjack beard to a business meeting? A professional short beard won’t get you weird looks in a suit, and your employers won’t give you grief for it. Unfortunately, employers can be judgmental when it comes to facial hair and long hairstyles, so a short, well-kept beard is the key.
  • It’s More Versatile: Seriously, you can rock a short beard with anything in any event. A suit? Works. Casual clothes? Works. On vacation? Works. It also goes well with any kind of haircut, from the buzzcut to long locks. In contrast, a very long beard can look weird with short hair, as it will need longer hair to compliment it. Not a problem with the short beard. You can even style your hair differently according to the occasion and your beard will always compliment it.
  • Makes You Look Younger: Even though we’re talking about greybeards, a short beard will still make you look more youthful, yeah that’s a better word. A very long beard will age you no matter what, so if you already have a grey beard and don’t want it to look too old, then trimming it short will be perfect to retain your youth.
  • It’s More Attractive: It’s true, women aren’t usually big fans of the big, long beard. More often than not, they will prefer stubble to short beards and that’s it. While guys think the longer the beard the better, it’s not always true.
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Short Grey Beard Styles 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Plus, how you can make your grey beard look good.

Now, there are a ton of different grey beard styles you can go for, and a lot of them will be successful and look great. However, these are our choices for the crème de la crème of short greybeards. How do you trim a short grey beard? Let’s find out: 

#1. The Grey Stubble

The Grey Stubble

If you’ve been following the grooming game for a while, you will know that the stubble is king. Seriously, it’s the style of facial hair women like the most. Why? Because it does to your face what any beard will do, while still keeping you close enough to be clean-shaven and innocent looking.

The stubble contours, adds ruggedness, ages you a little, but still keeps you youthful and casual. To achieve the stubble look, keep your trimmers at a guard length of 2-4mm, depending on how light or heavy you like it, and blast your beard all over.

You don’t really need to fade stubble, since it’s supposed to look low maintenance. Just make sure you shave your cheeks and neck, to edge it up and make it look neat.

#2. The Grey Goatee

The Grey Goatee

The goatee is another trendsetter that’s been around for centuries. Goatees are usually associated with older men, and you know that whenever a character grows a goatee in a movie or show, it means they’re either turning evil or growing older and wiser.

You should be doing the latter with your goatee. There are several types of goatees you can go for. You have the normal goatee with a soul patch, AKA the Heisenberg look, the very thin goatee with no soul patch, AKA the Doctor Strange look, and our next one, arguably the best.

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To achieve your goatee, all you have to do is shave your sides and neck and keep your mustache and chin, and you can choose to connect them or not. There’s no one rule to the length, so just go with the length you’re comfortable with.

#3. The Grey Anchor Beard

The Grey Anchor Beard

One person put this kind of beard back on the map and that’s Robert Downey Jr’s, Iron Man. The anchor beard is all about style and personality. If you’re rocking an anchor beard, then not only do you put a lot of effort into your look to make sure what you’re looking fresh, but it also means you like to go outside the norm.

The anchor beard can be an independent goatee or connected to your sideburns with a thin chinstrap. To achieve this look, shave the sides and neck, and then go in with precision trimmers all over your mustache and chin area to get the desired angles. 

#4. The Grey Fade Beard

The Grey Fade Beard

The faded beard works the same as faded hair, it starts off short and gets thicker the closer you are to the mustache and chin area.

What’s cool about the faded beard is that not only is it stylish, but it also contours your face and makes it look thinner where it needs to be, and your jaw stronger where it needs to be.

To get the faded beard look, take your trimmers and start off from your sideburns at a lower guard, like a #4 for example, and work your way closer to your mouth area before stopping and switching to a higher guard for your mustache and chin. It works wonders!

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#5. The Grey Short Boxed Beard

The Grey Short Boxed Beard

This is your traditional beard when you think of the word. The short boxed beard is about as beard as it gets, and for good reason. It’s neat, well-trimmed, not too long, and it looks great on anyone unless you’ve got very patchy hair.

The short boxed beard has looked good on everyone from politicians to actors to models to businessmen to average employees. With the grey hair, it looks elegant, classy, mature, and very attractive.

To achieve this look, choose a slightly higher guard like #5 or #6 and get your entire beard to the same length. Shape up the neck and cheeks and you’re on your way to Handsome Town.


Short greybeards are marvelous, and they can make anyone look good. You will get the grey hairs naturally, or you can bleach and dye your beard if you’re really impatient.

What matters is that once your beard does start going grey, reconsider before darkening it and just try to embrace the look. Try out different styles and see what works best for you.

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