Top 4 Beard Dyes for Men With Sensitive Skin

A few years ago, the beard trend entered the beauty and fashion scene. Even now, this trend is still dominating. The popularity of the beard trend is partly because beards exude masculinity and hide any facial imperfections. Another view that explains the popularity of the beard trend is that men perceive that women find beards attractive.

This is buttressed by a publication In the 2016 Journal of Evolutionary Biology which states that women find men without beards less attractive than those who have beards. Hence, many men have started growing and grooming their beards. Grooming also includes cutting and coloring the beard.

beard dye for sensitive skin
This article will focus on the subject of ‘coloring or dyeing beards’. Here, we will highlight why some men dye their beards and we will explain everything you should know before coloring your beard. Afterward, we will provide you with a list of our top 4 beard dyes for men with sensitive skin.

We will also provide you with an unbiased view of the advantages and disadvantages of the beard dyes on this list. Lastly, we will list and explain the things you should consider when choosing a beard dye.

Within the article, there are a few tips on how you can maintain the color and health of your beard after the coloring process.

Why do some men dye their beards?

While it is not unusual for men to dye their beards, it is less common to hear a man say that he dyed his beard. If you are wondering if you should dye your beard or why other men dye their beards, take a look at the list below:

1. To look more youthful or attractive

Having a beard can make you look more masculine and this can make you look older than you are.

If you have started graying, the gray beard can age you even more. If you are self-conscious about your graying beard, you can dye your beard to a color that matches your natural hair. This small step can boost your confidence and make you look youthful.

2. To fit their personality

Some individuals color their beards to fit their personalities. If you have a bubbly or colorful personality, you may want to get a beard that fits your character. An example of this is someone who is into the goth subculture. A male goth who has red or blonde hair may prefer to dye his hair and beard a dark color. Similarly, a man with a colorful personality may want to dye his beard a colorful shade.

3. To look the part for their job

A few men dye their beards to look the part for their work. If you have already colored your beard to a vibrant color, you can dye your beard to a work-appropriate color at a later date. For example, the work appropriate hair and beard colors are black, brown, blonde, red, and gray. These colors are suitable for the classic workplace.

Informal work environments may allow you to dye your beard with vibrant colors. Places like bars, bakeries, salons, and tattoo parlors allow their employees to keep colorful beards.

4. To change their appearance

Sometimes we get tired of our appearance and would like to make a change. This change does not have to be permanent, just different. The best way to change your appearance quickly is to change the color of your hair. In a man’s case, he may need to change the color of his hair and beard.

If you want to change your appearance by dyeing your beard, you do not need to color your hair as well. However, we recommend that you choose the beard color that will compliment the color of your hair.

5. To make a statement or to be noticed

With over 7.7 billion people in the world, standing out in a crowd can be difficult. To stand out, some men opt to color their beards and make that ‘their identifier’. A colored beard may be useful if the man in question is trying to stand out in the industry.

You have a high chance of noticing a man standing across the street if he has a blue beard. You have an even higher chance of remembering this man because of his uniquely colored beard.

Regardless of why you wish to color your beard, you should be careful during the process. By being gentle during the coloring process, your beard hair will remain healthy. Maintaining the integrity of your hair will allow you to color your beard again if you want to.

Everything you should know before you dye your beard, especially if you have sensitive skin

best beard dye

1. Coloring your beard can damage your hair and skin: Applying beard dye may seem like a simple process but if you use the wrong products or the wrong process, the dye can cause damage. Just like the hair on your head, your beard could become over-processed and dry out if it is dyed using the wrong products. In the worst-case scenario, the dye could cause skin irritation or even damage the skin beneath the beard.

2. Darkening a beard is easier than a lightening one: If you have sensitive skin and would like to change your beard color, consider this first. Darkening your beard may require one application of beard dye to your beard.

However, to lighten the color of your beard, you will need to use bleach or color remover. Depending on the shade you wish to achieve, you may have to repeat the bleaching process. This process may prove to be too harsh for sensitive skin.

3. Hair dye is not the same as beard dye: The skin on your face is sensitive and beard dyes are created to dye the coarse beard hairs without damaging the skin. If you use a hair dye on your beard, the dye may not work as it should and may still cause skin irritation.

4. A colored beard requires more maintenance: The beard coloring process can be very harsh on the hair strands. For this reason, some people experience dryness after dyeing their beards. Using great beard dyes can reduce the occurrence of dry or damaged beard hairs.

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Even if you use the dyes we recommend in this article, we also suggest that you condition and moisturize your beard often. This is especially important if you have a long beard. The maintenance step is essential to prevent breakage.

Now, you know why men dye their beards and the important things that people with sensitive skin should know before coloring their beards.

If you are ready and interested in dyeing your beard, read on. Below is our selection of the best beard dyes for men with sensitive skin.

Top 6 Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin 2024

1. Blackbeard for men Review


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Blackbeard is a temporary beard color that is available in 3-pack and 6-pack. Despite its name, this beard dye is available in the colors black, dark brown, brown-black, and brown/Auburn. Packaged in a tube, this beard color has a brush that resembles a large mascara wand or spoolie brush.

This wand or brush is used to apply the color in the tube. The brush can be used to apply color to the beard, mustache, sideburns, eyebrows, and even the front of your hair or hairline. The color will stain the beard for about 24 hours and it is waterproof.

Because the color is waterproof, the color will not run off, bleed or stain the skin even if your face gets wet.

This temporary beard color is easy to apply and is free of harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Blackbeard is free of any chemicals that can encourage the lifting and depositing of color onto your beard. Furthermore, because of how easy it is to apply this product, you do not need professional help. You can apply Blackbeard for men every day before you leave your house and take it off easily when you are taking a shower.

Why we like Blackbeard for men

1. This beard dye can be applied easily. All you have to do is brush through your beard with the applicator.

2. The product provides a temporary color. At the end of the day, you can wash it off. This is especially helpful if you ordered and applied the wrong beard color. When using permanent beard dyes, applying the wrong color means a whole other coloring process that may damage your beard and irritate your skin.

3. This dye will not stain your skin. If applied messily, permanent dyes can stain the skin and the stain may last for a few days. If this product gets on your skin, all you have to do is wipe it off with a paper towel dipped in soapy water.

4. While Blackbeard will not stain your skin, the color can last a day when applied because it is waterproof.

5. There is a reduced chance of skin irritation when you use Blackbeard for men. This is because all the harsh ingredients used to make permanent beard dyes are not present in this product. The formulation of this beard dye is hypoallergenic.

What we do not like about Blackbeard for men

1. Blackbeard has a limited shade range. This makes it impossible for men with other hair shades like blonde, copper, gray, and red to use this product. Furthermore, this brand does not have bright colors for people who want bright-colored beards.

2. It is difficult to apply this product to a long beard. Due to the mascara-like style of the dye applicator, the applicator may get tangled if you use it on a long beard.

3. It may be cheaper to get your beard colored using a permanent dye. This is because you will use a lot of Blackbeard color if you have a medium-long length beard. Hence, you run out of product fast. The easier and cheaper solution will be to get a permanent dye.

Blackbeard for Men is a great product for men with sensitive skin. This product is best used by men with short beards. We also recommend this to people who want to change their beard color but are not sure what color they should choose.

2. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain

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The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is on our list because it is natural and organic. This dye is made from herbs and leaves like neem, henna, indigo, false daisy, and emblic. This beard dye is available in colors black, natural dark brown, natural brown, and natural light brown. Grizzly Mountain beard dye is sold with an organic dye base.

This beard dye is permanent and is ideal for men who have sensitive skin because of the natural ingredients used to make this product.

It is quite easy to apply this beard dye but it is time-consuming when compared to the process of applying Blackbeard for men.

When you order this product, you will receive 2 items, the base, and the beard dye. To use this product, first, mix the base in hot water and apply it to your beard. After the stated time, rinse off the base and wait for up to 25 minutes. Then, you can mix up the dye with water and apply it to your beard. After the specified time, you can then rinse off the dye and condition your beard.

The entire application process takes up to one hour. After using this dye, you will need to be careful with the products you use on your beard. Using mild and moisturizing products will prevent the color from fading or being stripped by harsh chemicals.

Why we like Grizzly Mountain

1. Applying the Grizzly Mountain beard dye is easy and straightforward. If you follow the instructions, you will have great results using this beard dye.

2. The dye has a base that ensures that the color you get from the dye is vibrant and long-lasting. Some users of this dye have stated that using the dye without the base does not provide satisfactory results.

3. This product is suitable for men with sensitive skin. Some individuals have reactions to henna but this is not very common.

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4. You need only a little product to dye your beard. Short beards can be dyed using 1 teaspoon of the dye. This allows buyers to get multiple uses out of their beard dyes.

5. The ingredients used to make the dye is natural and are not harsh on the skin. This reduces the possibility that you will have skin irritation after using this product.

6., Unlike many chemical dyes, this dye does not color your beard into a solid shade. Instead, the beard dye colors the beard to slightly different shades. This creates dimension and makes the color of the beard look natural.

What we do not like about Grizzly Mountain

1. This product has limited shades available. Apart from black and shades of brown, there are no blonde or red shades for people that need these colors of dye.

2. It takes about 1 hour to complete the coloring process. If you need to use this product often, this might be time-consuming.

3. Despite being called a permanent dye, users of this product state that they have to reapply every 7-10 days. This is because the dye starts to fade at that time.

4. This product can be dried. Grizzly Mountain beard dye is not as drying as chemical dyes but it can dry out your beard. You will need to moisturize more often after using this product.

The Grizzly Mountain beard dye is a great choice if you want a natural beard dye that will not irritate your skin. If you do not like the solid color that box dyes provide and want a natural-looking color, you should try this beard dye.

3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit

Godefroy Color Tint Kit

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The Godefroy Color Tint Kit is a coloring kit for facial hair and the scalp. This small color kit is perfect for touching up color jobs and dyeing small patches of facial hair. This dye does not have any ammonia in it and this makes the product less harsh on the hair and on the skin. While this product is not all-natural, it is gentle enough that you can use this to color your beard without experiencing skin irritation.

The Godefroy Color Tint Kit is a permanent color and the process of applying this color is easy. If you read the instructions, you will be able to use this product to achieve the results you want at home.

A developer, color capsules, a mini brush, and a bowl are included in this color kit. To use the dye, you will need to open a capsule, pour the powder into the bowl and add the proper amount of developer.

Afterward, apply the mixture to your beard. This dye processes very quickly and it takes 2 to 10 minutes for the color to be deposited. After the stated time, wash off the color and moisturize your beard.

Why we like Godefroy Color Tint Kit

1. This product was made specifically for use on your face. If you dye your beard with this product, you can also touch up your sideburns, brows, and roots at the same time.

2. The dye is Ammonia-free. Ammonia is an ingredient in many dyes because it opens the hair cuticles and ensures that the dye is deposited onto the hair. While this ingredient is very effective when coloring hair, it compromises the integrity of the hair and irritates the skin.

3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit has small color capsules. These capsules are useful when coloring facial hair. By using 1 or 2 capsules at a time, the amount of dye you waste will be reduced.

4. The application process is quite easy and the dye is deposited in minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can use this product.

5. This product can last up to 6 weeks before you need to reapply or touch up your roots.

What we don’t like about Godefroy Color Tint Kit

1. The color capsules are difficult to open. If you are not careful, you may spill the content of the capsule while trying to open it.

2. This product is inconvenient to use if you have a long beard. This product is best suited for people with short beards and a small amount of facial hair.

3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit has only 6 shades to choose from. The dye shades you can purchase include jet black, natural black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and graphite. This color range does not provide any offering for men with blond or red beards.

4. Do a patch test at least 24 hours before using this product. A small number of people have reported that they had allergic reactions after using this tint kit.

The Godefroy Color Tint Kit is an ideal choice for men with short beards and people who apply dyes to their facial hairs. Instead of purchasing different dyes for their different facial hairs, they can use this single product.

4. RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

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The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is a dye that can be used on the face and scalp. This cream dye is available in shades of brown and black. It can also be mixed with tints to create different undertones and shades of the cream dye. This is a permanent hair color and the application process is straightforward.

To use the RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye, you will need to purchase a 3-10% developer to mix the cream dye. To use this product, you will mix the cream hair dye, the developer, and a tint (if you need it).

After mixing the dye till everything is well combined, apply it to your beard and leave it for the stated period. Afterward, wash the dye off thoroughly. Because dyes can be stripping, you should moisturize and condition your beard immediately after you use the dye.

Why we like RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

1. This dye is easy to apply. On the package, there are instructions on how much of the dye and developer you need to use. Furthermore, how to apply it and how long you should leave it on are stated. If you follow the instructions, the RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye will produce satisfactory results.

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2. This is a permanent dye. Unlike some other natural beard dyes, this product is permanent and does not require constant reapplication. Users of this product state that they only reapply after 6 weeks or when their beard has grown out.

3. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is perfect for individuals who dye other facial hairs apart from their beards. This product is suitable for use on the face and on people with sensitive skin.

4. This dye produces natural-looking results. When applied, the RefectoCil cream hair dye does not color the beard a solid color without highlights. Rather, after washing out this dye, you will notice that hairs that were grey or lighter before will look like highlights.

5. You can alter the undertones or change the color of this beard dye slightly. If your hair is not plain brown or black, you can add a red tint to the RefectoCil cream hair dye to give the color a red undertone. RefectoCil makes tints that work perfectly with their Cream hair dye.

What we do not like about RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

1. You need to buy the developer separately. If you purchase the hair dye kit, you will receive the hair dye and the crème oxidant. However, if you just purchase the cream hair dye, you will need to buy the appropriate developer or peroxide to use the dye. This is not convenient if you want to color your beard urgently.

2. This product has a limited shade range. The people who can enjoy this product are people with brown and black hair. While you can add tints to alter the color of the dye, you will be unable to create colors like blonde or auburn easily.

3. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye needs to be mixed with developer or hydrogen peroxide. Both of these things can be drying and damaging to the hair. Also, they can irritate people with sensitive skin. It is important to note that while developers or hydrogen peroxide is being added in small quantities, it can still irritate the skin.

4. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is very Small. A tube of this hair dye holds only 15ml of the product. If you have a long beard, you will use a lot of this dye. It may end up being an expensive purchase if you have to use this product often.

If you have brown or black hair, this is a great beard dye for you. If you have a short beard, one tube of hair dye may be enough for multiple applications.

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Things to Consider before Choosing a Beard Dye

Things to Consider before Choosing a Beard Dye

Now that you know our top picks for beard dyes, you may be wondering which dye you should purchase. Before choosing a dye, you need to consider what your needs are. Below is a list of things that you need to consider before choosing a beard dye:

1. How long you want the color to last: Before you choose a beard dye, consider how long you would like the color to last. If you want a dye that will wash or fade out after a day or a week, opt for a temporary beard dye. However, if you want a dye that will last until you go for a trim or until your beard grows longer, choose a permanent beard dye.

2. The color you want to dye your hair: When choosing a beard dye, you should consider if the color you want to dye your beard is sold by the brand you prefer. Also, if you want your beard to match the color of your hair, you should look for a beard dye that allows you to alter the shade of the dye using tints or lighteners.

3. The application process: Before choosing a beard dye, read about the application process. If the beard dye involves using foils and chemicals, it may be a dye for professionals. However, if the application process involves mixing the color and applying it to the beard, this dye may be suitable for home use.

Consider if you have the time for the application process. Some beard dyes can be applied in 2 minutes and washed off almost immediately. However, some other dyes require at least 1 hour of preparation and processing time. If you do not have this time, you should consider a dye that requires a shorter application process.

4. The health of your hair: It is important to consider the health of your hair before applying dyes to your beard. If you have chemically processed your beard recently, it is possible that the health of your beard has been compromised. In this case, you should consider temporary or natural beard dyes. But, if your beard is in a healthy state, you can lighten and dye your beard with less risk of damage. In this scenario, you can use permanent dyes that lift or deposit color.

5. How sensitive your skin is: Before choosing a beard dye, consider the sensitivity of your skin. If you are unaffected by the application of most beard products to your skin, there is a wide range of beard dyes you can try. If you break out or react to many skin products, you should choose a natural beard dye. You can also look into beard colors that can be washed off with soap and water.

In conclusion, coloring your beard is not an oddity. However, if you have sensitive skin, you need to be cautious when choosing your beard dye. Avoid using regular hair dyes and if you are unable to find a product specifically for beards, check for facial hair dyes. Importantly, do not forget haircare after coloring your beard. Proper hair care will maintain the health and color of your beard.