What Is Aftershave And Why Do I Need It?

Does anyone really look forward to shaving? I bet the answer is a big fat no! But it is ultimately unavoidable unless you are planning on holding the Guinness world record of the longest and thickest beard. It is one of those necessities of life. And considering how most men have an extreme hair growth rate it is sort of a weekly ritual which you invariably dread. Also not only is shaving important to get rid of excess unwanted facial hair, it is also important to get rid of all kinds of dead skins that have taken residence on your face. So skipping on shaving is never an option. What is the worst part of shaving though?

what is aftershave

The fact that it obviously hurts and leaves behind blade marks in their wake which burn for days on an end and just when they have begun to heal, it is time to shave once again. Not even the most meticulous and skilled shaver can avoid cuts when you are clawing on your face with a sharp razor. So how does one minimize the burning sensation that those mean blade cuts leave behind? You use an aftershave obviously. It may seem like an unnecessary or even a luxury to some people, but aftershaves will immediately make the whole process of shaving much less threatening than it feels now.

What exactly is an aftershave and why do you need it?

Just as the name suggest an aftershave is applied to your face after you have finished shaving. Immediate application of the product ensures a cool soothing feeling to spread over the shaved area. The antiseptics in an aftershave make sure that your cuts do not burn and cause any infections. Some aftershaves also come with very refreshing scents since they contain traces of menthol and other minty oils. The aftershave basically acts as an immediate ointment thereby reliving you of the burning of your razor cuts.

As aforementioned many question the utility or importance of an aftershave in their shaving routine seeing no real use for it. The process of shaving not only removes the dead skin cells of your face but also leaves your face with open pores. Open pores are what accumulates dust and dirt all through the day thereby bringing down the overall quality of your skin. It also leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy and promotes skin breaking. All this ultimately results in the fast aging of skin. But a quality aftershave will help protect your face’s youthful essence by keeping dirt and dryness at bay all the while retaining your skin’s moisture. The traces of menthol and alcohol present in your aftershave will also ensure that your cuts heal quicker and fight all kinds of bacteria.

Here are more reasons to convince you just how beneficial it is add an aftershave to your shaving routine:

  • If you have an oily skin you must have experience with pimples, whiteheads and blackheads which can be pretty much the most unattractive things to have on your face. Aftershaves help eradicate these skin conditions by blocking the entry of dirt and dust. It is important to remember to choose the aftershave splash for an oily skin.
  • They help protect sensitive skin from the burning irritation of damaged areas.
  • It helps keep your dryness in check which could result in dull and cracked skin. But for this you must choose an aftershave that acts as moisturizing balm.
  • Acne is a problem in for every single being. But since aftershaves specialize in keeping bacteria at bay you can say goodbye to your acne problem once and for all.

How to apply an aftershave?

How to apply an aftershave?

Firstly it is extremely important that you choose the ideal aftershave depending on your skin type and the kind of environment you are surrounded in. Aftershaves can be of two times- balms and splash. The balm helps your skin retain the moisture that you tend to lose and protects your skin for hours. You can even feel the layer of aftershave on your skin for hours after application. The splash acts in the complete opposite manner. It acts in an instant and leaves your skin feeling tingly and refreshed.

Its effect can be felt only for a while but it too offers all day protection. Your skin type is extremely essential for choosing your aftershave. Additionally climate too plays a role in terms of aftershave selection. If you live in a climate that is predominantly hot it must be wiser to go for the splash but if you live in a climate that is mostly winter, the balm aftershave is the safer bet.

Now there are many ways to apply an aftershave and it varies based on weather conditions, skin type, the nature of the day etc. Yet there are simple steps that must be followed each time you reach for your bottle. They are as follows:

  • Shave your face according to your requirement and splash your face with cold water so as to close the open pores that shaving results in.
  • If your face is still bleeding from the blade cuts make sure to wash your face with cold water again until you have prevented the bleeding and your skin has returned to its normal state.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean dry towel to absorb any residue of water left behind
  • Squeeze the desired amount of aftershave on your palms (which should not be more than 3 to 4 drops) and start rubbing the aftershave on the shaved area of your face. Once applied you can proceed to massage your cheeks for some time.

In short, an aftershave is a must have for any self-respecting man who has to shave often. Not only will it help speed up the healing process but also help protect your skin from bacteria, dryness and common skin diseases. When a product is this helpful, how can you not add it to your daily routine?