Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man

It is a well-known scientific fact that as you get older your hair tends to stop growing, fall out, and doesn’t grow as fast. Simply put, it does all kinds of weird things. Of course, it’ll probably never reach the point where you won’t have to shave, but that brings up a new and interesting point.

Hair reacts much differently when it gets older and so will the skin on your face. As the skin grows older, it begins to develop wrinkles, creases, and other blemishes. While this is just a natural part of life, these impurities can create major challenges when attempting to shave. Luckily, there are specific razors available on the market today that can help you overcome these issues.

Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man

That being said, finding the best shaver for an elderly man won’t be as simple as going down to the store or going online and buying the first razor that promises it’ll overcome these challenges.

No, when choosing the best electric razor for seniors there are a number of things that one must account for. Not only will you have to set a reasonable budget for yourself, but you’ll have to consider everything from the manufacturer to the type of features offered by that specific razor.

Simply put, finding won’t you need won’t be an easy task. Luckily, that is where this guide will come in handy. It’ll not only cover some of today’s latest and greatest models with their upsides and downsides, but it’ll include a quick and handy little guide that’ll provide you with the information you need to choose the right razor for overcoming the challenges of growing old.

Top 6 Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man For 2022

#1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5

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The first on the list is Panasonic Arc5. You’ve likely no doubt already heard about this razor or seen it online. Heck, you might have even owned a similar model in your younger days. Whatever the situation is, you need to know that this specific model was designed to help you overcome the challenges of shaving with old skin.

  • Ultra-Sharp Precision Honed 30-Degree Blades

The first thing you need to know about this razor is that it makes the cutting process quick and easy, thus mush faster and safer. It does this by offering ultra-sharp precision-honed 30-degree nanotech blades.

These blades are made of sharp metal that will make quick work of the thickest, curliest, and toughest hairs, but it is the specific 30-degree slant that makes all the difference in the world. The slant allows the blades to cut the hair at the base for the most efficient and closest shave possible.

  • Ultra-Thin ARC Foil

The Panasonic Arc5 not only includes superior blades, but it includes an ultra-thin ARC foil that only adds to the precision and efficiency of the shave. The foil features varied patterns that allow it to capture and cut various hair types with extreme precision and closer to the skin.

  • Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

You combine all the above features with the multi-flex pivoting head and you are really looking at one razor that won’t have a problem gliding over blemishes and saggy skin.

It’ll work right along every contour of your face, scooping and efficiently cutting hairs along the way. This head also flexes side to side and back and forth, so those neck and jaw areas are no longer going to be a problem.


  • Multi-pivoting head
  • Ultra-thin ARC foil
  • Ultra-sharp precision blades honed at 30 degrees
  • Precision pop-up trimmer
  • Active shave sensor technology


  • Charge time is an hour

#2. Braun Electric Razor For Men Series 7

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc

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Braun is probably another name that you are more than familiar with. This company has been making quality electric razors for a long time now. And, throughout those years, they have grown to be one of the most respected and admired companies out there.

This is because all their products offer innovation, quality, precision, and craftsmanship, unlike anything else you’d receive elsewhere. Well, it is safe to say that all of these qualities and more went into the development and construction of Series 7.

  • Intelligent Sonic And Auto Technology

One of the first things to note with this razor is that it is capable of 10,000 micro-vibrations a second. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will always run at full speed. In fact, it has technology that allows the motor to increase power while shaving in difficult areas or on denser hair. This will not only make the process more efficient, but it’ll save wear and tear on the motor.

  • 4 Total Shaving Elements
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The Series 7 comes with a total of 4 shaving elements. 3 of them are actually saving elements, while one is a skin guard, but they all work in conjunction to capture in one stroke what it takes more razors two strokes two 2. The result, a cleaner, closer, and more efficient precision shave.


  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Includes a clean and charge station
  • 8-D contour adaption head
  • 5 turbo/ sensitive modes
  • Automatically adjust speeds back on specific needs


  • Hair collects in the base and will need to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning station will not effectively clean this area

#3. Braun Electric Razor For Men Series 9

Braun Series 9-9095cc

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After seeing everything that the Series 7 Razor had to offer it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone to see another Braun on the list. That being said, this is the Series 9 and it is nothing more than a glorified upgrade of the Series 7. However, there have been some notable changes made to the unit that make it a more tempting buy.

  • 5 Synchronized Shaving Elements

The biggest and first noticeable change is the shaving elements. This new model now contains 5 synchronized shaving elements, as compared to the 4 offered by the Series 7. These elements all work in conjunction similar to the ones of the Series 7 to offer a flawless shave in just one stroke.

The specialized middle trimmers capture any type of hair, while the other capture the rest, making the Series 9 one of the most effective shavers in the world. It offers 40,000 cutting actions every second and can cut every hair on your face as close as 0.05mm.

  • Extremely Gentle With 10,000 Sonic Vibrations

As your skin gets older, you are going to feel those nicks and cuts more intensely. Not only this, but a painful shave will also be felt on greater levels. This is why it will be imperative to look for a razor that can provide the most gentle cutting action possible. And, that is exactly what the Series 9 offers with its 10,000 sonic vibrations. These vibrations give the razor the ability to simply just glide over the skin with ease and precision.

  • Advanced Battery

Another major noticeable upgrade from the Series 7 is the battery. With the Series 9, you’ll not be getting one of the most advanced Lithium-Ion batteries currently available on the market.

A lot of time and technology went into the creation of this battery, and that is why it is now capable of providing 20 percent more battery life than what you’ll see with most traditional electric razors today. That being said, you can nearly get an entire month of shaving from a single fully charged battery.


  • A more advanced Lithium-Ion battery
  • Cleans and charges on-demand with cleaning and charging station
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet shave/ dry shave capabilities
  • Cuts hair as close a 0.05mm to the skin


  • The clean indication LED isn’t as descriptive as the one on Series 7. This one will only tell you when the razor is clean without indicating the level of dirtiness

#4. Panasonic Electric Shaver And Trimmer For Men Arc4

Panasonic Electric Shaver And Trimmer For Men Arc4

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You learned about the Panasonic Arc5 earlier and everything that it had to bring to the table. Well, the Arc4 might be the older brother, but still without a doubt has a lot to offer. It has specific features and qualities that make it perfect for any aging gentlemen.

First of all, just look at the blades. This is where the Arc5 got their idea for their 30-degree honed blades. This model also includes ultra-sharp precision-honed 30-degree nanotech blades. It also includes the same similar ARC foil for precision collecting and cutting of the hairs. Luckily, it doesn’t just stop there. The razor still has plenty more to offer.

  • Wet/Dry Capabilities

Some older men find it more comforting to shave with shaving cream as they get older. Given that it can be gentler on the skin this makes sense. However, some still prefer to shave without. Whatever the situation is, you’ll have the option for either when you invest in the Arc4.

This razor is capable of dry and wet shaving. It also offers a pop-up trimmer that’ll help when it comes to trimming mustaches, beards, and sideburns. This section of the razor also includes those wet and dry capabilities.

  • High-Performance Linear Motor

At the end of the day, one of the most impressive things that you find with the Arc4 is its motor. This bad boy includes a high-performance linear shaver motor drive that can operate at speeds as high as 13,000 cycles per minute.

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With these kinds of speeds, you’ll get peak performance throughout the entirety of the battery’s life. You combine this with the precision-honed blades and ultra-thin ARC foil, and you’ll be looking at one of the fastest and most efficient shaving experiences that you’ll ever receive.

In fact, the Arc4 here is capable of operating 1.5 times faster than most of today’s traditional razors. This is especially true when compared next to the 10,000 CPM models.


  • Cuts 1.5 times faster than most traditional models
  • A superior linear driven motor
  • Wet/dry capabilities
  • Flexible pivoting head
  • Micro-thin, stainless steel foils capture, lift and hold hair for more precise cutting


  • This is the older model of the Arc5
  • Doesn’t include a cleaning station

#5. Philips Norelco S8950/91 Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 with SmartClean, Wet & Dry Edition S8950/90

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Philips Norelco is another name that has been around in the razor industry for years. There is no doubt that you’ve likely heard of them or maybe even tried some of their products. They are known for their rotary-type razors and that is exactly what the 8900 model here is.

Instead of one head with several elements under a foil, this unit contains 3 separate heads. That’s right, you get three heads cutting at one time with this bad boy and that is just the beginning of what it brings to the table.

  • SmartClick Beard Styler

You need to know that the 8900 not only offers three heads of cutting action, but it comes with its very own built-in beard styler. There are 5 built-in length settings that you can take advantage of. It also features a rounded tip design with combs to help prevent any skin irritations that might arise with other traditional shavers of this variety.

  • Cuts More Hair Closer

If you are one of those individuals that like putting off shaving as long as possible or wants to get away with shaving one or two times a week, you are going to love the 8900 model. That is exactly what this model was designed for. It offers V-track precision blades that cut hair up to 30 percent closer than what you’d get with a traditional model.

Not only this, but it also offers contour detection technology that allows it to cut 20 percent more hair at one time. If you want to get that shave over as quickly as possible while dragging it out for a couple of extra days, the 8900 will offer the features that you need.

  • Always Know What Going On

It is imperative to always know what going on with your razor. Whether there’s a problem, the battery needs a charge, or maybe you just need a simple cleaning. Philips Norelco did an excellent job with this thanks to the LED display.

This model includes an LED display that will let you know when the battery is low when you need a new head, and it’ll even let you know when the travel lock is on. The model includes a travel lock so it doesn’t accidentally get turned on during transport and burn up your battery.


  • Travel lock prevents accidental discharge of the battery
  • Includes three separate heads with V-track precision blades
  • Cuts 20 percent more hair at one time
  • Built-in beard trimmer with 5 different settings
  • LED display lets you know everything that is going on with the razor at all times


  • You’ll need an adapter when traveling overseas
  • Doesn’t includes a cleaning or charging station, but does come with a charger

#6. Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver 6800

Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver

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Here is another Philips Norelco and it is safe to say that this is an extremely similar model as to that of the 8900. In fact, this model was modeled after the 8900 and is called the 6800. That being said, these two models should not be mistaken for the same.

While they do have similar features and qualities, the 6800 has some features that put it in a class all of its own. And, it starts with precision and gentleness. This razor was specifically designed to always deliver smooth results without compromising on quality or closeness.

  • ComfortGlide Rings

One of the ways that this razor ensures that you get a gentle shave every time is by offering what is known as ComfortGlide Rings. The heads of this razor are surrounded with these rings and offer special protective coatings with skin gliding properties to shield your face from potential irritations.

Not only this, but the blades are also specifically designed to gently capture hair while also offering a smoother shave. There are a total of 72 self-sharpening skin protection blades that work in conjunction to safely and effectively capture hair.

  • Skin Guard Mode
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Another impressive feature included with the 6800 model is the skin guard mode. This is a specific model that adjusts to a lower rotational speed to offer a more gentle shave.

It has built-in technology that’ll tell it when it needs to go into this mode so you don’t have to do a thing. All you have to do is activate the skin guard mode and the razor itself will take care of the rest from there.


  • Click-on precision trimmer
  • Blades gently capture hair for a smooth shave
  • ComfortGlide rings protect against skin irritations
  • MultFlex heads
  • 3 separate cutting heads


  • Take an hour to fully charge, but does offer a 5-minute quick charge operation

Buying Guide for the best electric razor for seniors


best electric razor for seniors

You just learned about some of today’s top electric shaver models for seniors. These razors include features that’ll come in more than handy when shaving on aged skin. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy one of these models to get an effective razor.

The key is knowing exactly what to look for in conjunction with your specific needs. That’s exactly what’s going to be discussed in this next section.

Setting A Budget

Much like buying any other product out there, buying a razor first starts with setting a budget. How much are you willing to spend? This can also come down to what you are looking to get from the razor.

If you are looking for a model that was built to stand the test of time, one that you can take on trips with one, or one that can handle a few bumps and dings, you’ll end up paying more.

However, this means that you’ll also get more life from the razor if properly cared for. If you are just looking for a model that’ll get you by for the next year or so then you can get off pretty cheap.

Consider The Power Of The Motor

As your skin gets older it is going to start to develop more unique features. Features that you probably aren’t used to. This is okay and just a natural part of life, but it means that you will now need a razor that can combat these features.

Not only this but just because you are getting older it doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair won’t be as rough and tough as it once was.

This is why it is pertinent to choose a razor that offers sufficient cutting power. Choose a model that doesn’t provide sufficient cutting power and you’ll have a very painful experience. A good powerful motor means that you’ll be able to avoid tugs and pulls on the hair and skin.

Battery Life

Speaking of tugs and pulls on the skin, this is usually the result of an inadequate motor or one with insufficient power. You likely know exactly what this means. While cordless models have been around for some time now, some on the market is still less than adequate for the job of shaving and trimming.

These models not only offer low amounts of cutting time, but they’ll end up going dead halfway through the task. Your best bet is to look for a razor with a Lithium-Ion battery that can provide hours and hours of run time. A quick charge mode and the ability to shave while the razor is plugged in can also come in handy.

Weight And Ergonomics

Getting older doesn’t mean that your skin and hair are the only things that are going to be affected. No, your grip strength and flexibility will go as well. Shaving some parts of the face is already a task in itself.

Whatever the situation is, you want to choose a razor that is comfortable in hand and lightweight. This will just make the entire experience all that more enjoyable and efficient.

Top Of The Line Blades

If the motor is the single most important component in an electric razor, then the blades would be second. Dull blades are going to give off near similar results as an inadequate motor. They’ll just tug and pull at the hair rather than lifting and cutting it.

You’re going to want a model that offers the sharpest blades possible. Self-sharpening technology is also a good thought, as it can help keep the blades sharper for longer periods of time. It’ll also likely give you more life out of the blades, thus saving you more money in the long run.