Best Mustache Trimmer – Using Only The Best

As a man, you’ll want to perfect the appearance of your beard and mustache. Women may believe it comes naturally but it doesn’t. It requires patience, practice, and dedication to have a beautifully trimmed mustache. Furthermore, you will never achieve your goals unless you’re using a high-quality mustache trimmer. Without the right tools, maintaining a sleek mustache will be impossible.

Best Mustache Trimmer

When you begin searching for a mustache shaver, you will find tons of options at your disposal. Don’t rush the decision because doing so will likely lead to disappointment. Instead, you should read this in-depth buyer’s guide and find out which mustache razor will work best for you.

Top 5 Best Mustache Trimmer of 2022

#1. Panasonic Beard Trimmer For Men ER-SB40-K

panasonic er-sb40-k

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Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers of beard trimmers so you cannot ignore this company’s trimmers. The ER-SB40-K is an outstanding beard trimmer that can be used anywhere thanks to its cordless design. Furthermore, it offers 19 adjustable settings so men will be able to get the precise look that they’re after.

It also comes with a comb attachment so it can be used for an abundance of purposes. This trimmer is right on target in terms of cost. It isn’t too expensive or too cheap. When it sits in your hand, you will know that you’re dealing with a high-quality trimmer.

  • Powerful

The Panasonic ER-SB40-K Trimmer is one of the best beard and mustache trimmers on the market. Since it is made by Panasonic, you can guarantee that it is going to last. In addition to this, you’ll be impressed by the trimmer’s unmatched power.

The linear motor can deliver 9,800 cuts per minute while the razor will maintain peak power and performance even when the battery life is low. This combination means you’ll get a clean, comfortable shave even if you forgot to charge your razor.

  • Corded & Cordless

Some razors are corded while others are cordless. Why should you limit yourself? You shouldn’t. Instead, you should choose a razor that offers the best of both worlds. This is where the Panasonic ER-SB40-K delivers big. With this razor, you’ll be able to shave with or without the cord. With many mustache clippers, battery life is awful. You will likely need to stop midway through to recharge but this won’t be an issue with the ER-SB40-K from Panasonic.

This trimmer offers 60 minutes of use on a full charge and the battery charges surprisingly quickly. Even if you have to stop, you won’t need to wait long before you can start shaving again.

  • Comfortable Use

It can take ten or twenty minutes to shave your mustache. For some men, the process of trimming mustache hairs will take even longer. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable from start to finish.

So, you’ll need to choose a trimmer that rests comfortably in your hand. Plus, you need one that won’t get hot during operation. The ER-SB40-K is great in this category. It features an ergonomic, rubberized grip that you’ll love. The grip offers immense comfort and unbeatable control.

You’ll also appreciate that this razor will stay cool during operation. The head won’t get hot or burn your skin.

  • Versatility

While you’re looking for one of the best mustache trimmers, you’ll likely want to use your trimmer for other purposes too. For instance, you might need to shave downstairs, your hair, or your sideburns. You never know. You may change your style at any point so you need a mustache trimmer that can keep up with your changing appearance.

With the Panasonic ER-SB40-K, you won’t have any limitations. This trimmer is very versatile since it can be used for cutting, trimmer, sculpting, and detailing.

Whether you need to cut a few loose hairs or finish the fine details on your mustache, this trimmer will do the job exceptionally well.

  • Maintenance Made Easy

With some mustache trimmers, it’ll be difficult to keep them clean. You’ll need to spend half an hour cleaning the trimmer and its blades. Who has time for that? You don’t. This is why you should think about purchasing the Panasonic ER-SB40-K.

This mustache trimmer will make your life easier. One of the best things about it is the fact that maintaining it will be easy. When you’ve finished using the trimmer for the day, you can clean it quickly by rinsing it under running water.

This is much more convenient than what you’ll get with the alternatives.


  • Very easy to maintain
  • The linear motor delivers 9,800 cuts per minute
  • Stays powerful even when the battery is low
  • Offers 60 minutes of runtime on a full charge
  • 19 precision settings


  • Adjustments should offer more precise increments

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic ER-SB40-K Beard Trimmer has one minor con but it isn’t a deal-breaker. This trimmer’s pros easily overshadow that con making it one of the best trimmers on the planet. If you’re a man who wants a stylish mustache, this trimmer is worth checking out.

#2. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco MG7750

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Many guys are looking for a budget trimmer that will deliver satisfactory results. With some cheaper trimmers, you’re going to experience a lot of problems such as insufficient power and painful shaves.

You can avoid these problems by purchasing the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Trimmer. This device offers endless versatility since it can be used for mustaches, beards, body hair, and head hair. Plus, you won’t need any blade oil.

This reduces the ongoing costs of owning this razor. It offers other benefits that make it worth checking out.

  • Excellent Battery

When it comes to wireless razors, you need one that is going to last. Most cordless trimmers offer an hour or less of usage on a full charge. Can you imagine finding a trimmer with 5-hour battery life? It might seem unthinkable but it isn’t.

With the Philips Norelco, the Lithium-Ion battery will give you 5 hours of runtime per charge. This makes it one of the longest-lasting cordless trimmers on the market. It is a good choice for men who often forget to charge their devices.

Even if you do, there is a good chance that you still have enough battery life to finish shaving.

  • Strong Guards

A lot of trimmers come with bad guards. If you’re rough with them, there is a good chance that they’re going to bend or break. This can be very problematic and it’ll lead to disappointment. You need tough cutting guards that won’t break under the pressure.

Thankfully, Philips Norelco has you covered. The company offers unique cutting guards that are manufactured with ultra-strong fiberglass. This guarantees that they won’t buckle or bend.

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They’re tougher than what the competition offers so they’ll last a lifetime.

  • DualCut Technology

One of the biggest problems with trimmers is the blade. After a year or so, the blade will be dull so it won’t cut efficiently. Instead, it’ll tug on your hair and make shaving very painful. This is why you need to buy a trimmer that comes with a self-sharpening blade.

This trimmer is great in this category because the blades use the latest DualCut technology. This delivers maximum precision and 2x better self-sharpening blades. The company claims that the blades can last up to five years!

If you hate replacing trimmer blades, you should switch to this trimmer so you don’t have to.

  • Easily Washable

Shaving your face is difficult. When you’ve finished, you’ll want to quit, sit down, and relax. With many trimmers, you won’t be able to do that. You’ll have to clean the trimmer and use a brush to clean the blades. Why can’t this be easier? It can be. The Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 Trimmer makes the clean-up process quick and easy. The trimmer and all included attachments are fully washable.

This means that you can place them under running water. Cleaning your trimmer will never be easier.

  • Included Nose & Ear Trimmer

The Philips Norelco MG7750/49 offers endless usage possibilities. Some razors are good for beards but they cannot be used for noses and ears. This is why so many people are switching to the MG7750/49 Trimmer. It offers impressive flexibility since it can be used for beards, mustaches, sideburns, and so much more.

Furthermore, it comes with a nose and ear trimmer. Swap the head and you’ll be able to deal with nose and ear hair quickly. The trimmer is very gentle so you won’t have to worry about cutting your ear or nose.

  • Accessories

When purchasing a trimmer, you expect to receive many accessories. You don’t want to purchase oil, brushes, or guards later. The good news is that you won’t need to. The Philips Norelco trimmer comes with everything you need. It comes with 23 pieces so you can use it for an array of purposes.

With this trimmer, you’re going to receive 3 beard guards, 2 stubble guards, 1 eyebrow guard, 2 body-guards, 6 extra-wide hair guards, 1 precision trimmer, 1 extra-wide hair trimmer, a 1 nose, and ear trimmer.

In addition to this, the box will contain a storage bag and a cleaning brush. The only downside is that you won’t be able to purchase additional guards. If this trimmer has everything you need, you’ll love it though.


  • Very affordable mustache shaver
  • Includes 23 pieces
  • Can be used on your face, body, and head
  • Battery and blade life is unbelievable
  • Cutting guards are tough


  • Impossible to buy additional guards

Overall Assessment

It is difficult to lose with the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Series 7000 Trimmer since it is inexpensive and reliable. In addition to this, the razor comes with everything you need to trim the hair on your face, head, and body.

With outstanding battery life and blade life, this is one of the reliable mustache trimmers on the market. When you need it the most, you can guarantee that this trimmer won’t let you down.

#3. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S

Panasonic Cordless Men's Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S

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As a man, you’ll want a trimmer that can do it all. You’ll need to cut hair on your face, head, body, and elsewhere. You don’t want to switch from one device to another. With the Panasonic ER-GB40-S Trimmer, you will be able to cut hair everywhere with one device. This reliable trimmer is inexpensive making it a good choice for every guy. You’ll also find that it is one of the most flexible mustache clippers because it comes with 19 length settings.

Despite its low cost, this trimmer will deliver a close, comfortable shave whether you’re cutting head, body, or facial hair.

  • No Pain

One thing to note about the Panasonic ER-GB40-S is that this razor won’t cause any pain or discomfort. With some razors, your hand is going to start to ache after a few minutes. With others, your hair will get pulled and that can be painful. The Panasonic razor is great because it is comfortable and gentle. It features an ergonomic, rubberized grip. It’ll fit in your hand comfortably and give you complete control over the razor at all times.

  • Adjustments

Some razors are too basic so they can only be used for one or two purposes. The Panasonic ER-GB40-S has no limitations. Since it has 19 precision length settings, it can be used anywhere. You can use it for sculpting, cutting, trimmer, and detailing. Also, you can use it for the body, head, and facial hair.

You can effortlessly move from one part of the body to another without any issues. This versatile trimmer will help you perfect your appearance whether you’re shaving your head or detailing your mustache.

  • Decent Battery Life

When purchasing a cordless razor, you need to make sure that your trimmer will last. Poor battery life can easily ruin a cordless trimmer. With that being said, it is important to choose a razor that offers at least 30 minutes of runtime on a full charge. Despite being affordable, the Panasonic ER-GB40-S easily exceeds this recommendation.

The rechargeable NiMH battery delivers 50 minutes of use. It charges quickly too. When you’re in a hurry, you’ll want this trimmer by your side.

  • Easily Portable

You’ll likely need to travel for business purposes. When you do, you’ll want to look your best. This means you’ll need to put a razor in your suitcase. Well, you should look no further than this Panasonic trimmer. It comes with a cleaning brush and AC charging stand. Everything will conveniently fit inside of your luggage. Furthermore, the trimmer is lightweight so you can take it with you easily. Once you’ve added it to your luggage, you likely won’t even realize it is there.


  • Easy to take with you
  • 50 minutes of battery life is good
  • Ergonomic grip is comfortable
  • 19 length settings to choose from
  • Can be used to cut hair anywhere


  • Plastic guard is difficult to remove for cleaning purposes

Overall Assessment

Could this be the best mustache trimmer? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for. However, this trimmer offers many perks despite being relatively inexpensive. The only potential problem is that it is tougher to clean than some of the others. Just remember to be careful when the plastic guard and you shouldn’t experience too many issues.

#4. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard And Nose Trimmer

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard And Nose Trimmer

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Wahl is a name that you’ll hear over and over in the grooming industry. Whether you’ve been shaving for years or just getting into it, Wahl is a name that you’ll see all over. And, this is because the company is more than capable of delivering quality products. Quality products that always deliver.

This model is certainly no different with so many features. When you look at everything that the 9818 model has to offer, you’ll see why Wahl is a brand that’s been at the top of the industry since the early 1900s.

  • Self-Sharpening Technology

Wahl has been pushing and bending the industry since they got into the grooming industry. Just look at the patented self-sharpening technology included with the 9818 model. This technology actually sharpens the blades as they cut, giving users of all hair types long-lasting blades that are more than capable of delivering precision and powerful cuts.

Combine this with the 4 multipurpose attachments, and you won’t have a problem customizing your look and style.

  • Dual Voltage Operation

Got a big trip coming up overseas? Well, that won’t be a problem for the 9818 model. In fact, you can pack up the trimmer and take it with you. You won’t even need to purchase an additional power converter because this model is already set up for dual voltage operation.

With the capability to use the trimmer at 120 or 220 volts, you won’t have a problem staying fresh in the United States or overseas.

  • Quick Charge Time

The only problem with most cordless trimmers is, they simply just don’t deliver power or long run times. This is certainly not something that can be said about the 9818 model. Wahl really outdid themselves with the design and development of this trimmer.

With a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, you’ll not only get an extremely long runtime, but you also get the option of a quick charge. With the quick charge, you can power the trimmer enough to get three minutes’ worth of cutting power. With a 60 second charge, you can get 3 minutes of quick operation.

  • 12 Guards

Cutting different types of hair and creating different styles is all about having different length settings. That’s something that you’ll have in abundance when you choose the Wahl 9818. The 9818 comes with 12 different comb guards that give you the option of pretty much styling your hair any way you choose.

Whether it is a trim or a full shave that you are looking for, you won’t have a problem achieving it with the Wahl 9818. 12 guards give you the power of freedom and style.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • 3 minutes of powerful operation on a 60-second quick charge
  • 1 full hour of charge gets you 4 hours of runtime
  • Choose from 12 different attachment guards
  • Setup for international operation without a converter


  • Only set up for dry operation

Overall Assessment

After seeing everything that the Wahl 9818 has to offer it is probably pretty clear as to why Wahl has been at the top of the industry since they entered the market. With 12 attachment guards and a quick 60-second runtime, you’ll always be ready and prepared for any grooming situation.

#5. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Trimmer Kit

Remington MB4040

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Remington is a name that many are familiar with. And, this is understandable, given the fact that they have not only been in the grooming industry for years, but they’ve been at the top. With revolutionary and innovative products like the MB4040, it really is no wonder why so many choose this brand over the competition.

That being said, the MB4040 really is much more than just a traditional trimmer. The product might look like a traditional trimmer, but it is so much more. In fact, this product here is an entire kit that includes more than everything you’d need to get started trimming and shaving.

  • Long Powerful Cordless Runtime

Cordless trimmers are convenient. They are much more maneuverable and easier to handle when compared to corded models. However, the only problem with most cordless options is, they don’t offer long run times. That is certainly not something that can about the powerful MB4040. The Lithium-Ion battery included with this model gives the user a long 120 minutes runtime.

This is nearly double compared to what you’d get with most traditional trimmers. While the trimmer does boast a long runtime of 120 minutes, it does take 14 to 16 hours to receive a fully charged battery.

  • 3 Precision Ground Blades

Blades are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any trimmer. Blades not only need to be durable, but they need to be sharp and made with complete precision. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you invest in this Remington. In fact, this model not only includes precision grounded blades, but it includes three of them. These blades alone make this package well worth the investment.

These blades will not only last longer, but they’ll stay sharper for longer periods of time, giving you sharp precision when and where you need it. The blades are coated with titanium to even add more precision and durability.

  • 9 Quick Adjustable Length Settings

With a trimmer, it is more important than ever to have the power to adjust your length settings. With the ability to adjust the length, you’ll be able to completely customize your cut and style. Not only does this trimmer offer you 9 length settings, but it makes them easier than ever to adjust.

There is a zoom wheel located right in the center of the device that can easily and quickly be operated with the flick of a thumb. Customize your entire experience and receive a one-of-a-kind experience with this powerful and innovative device.

  • Powerful Motor

The MB4040 includes a powerful motor that is capable of delivering precision and power when needed. Make the quickest work of the toughest and coarsest hair. Whether you are looking for just a trim or looking to shave off an entire month’s worth of beard hair, you won’t have a problem doing so with this powerful device.

Combine the powerful torque of the motor with the long cordless runtime and you have convenience right in the palm of your hand. The convenience that can deliver distinctive styles and cuts.


  • Long 120 minutes runtime with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Includes 3 precision ground blades
  • Choose from nine different length settings with the flick of a thumb
  • Self-sharpening technology
  • Titanium forged blades offer the most durability possible


  • Takes 14 to 16 hours for a full charge
  • Not designed for wet shaving

Overall Assessment

The MB4040 might not offer wet shaving capabilities or a quick charge time, but you can clearly see that the other features more than make up for where the trimmer is lacking. With precision ground blades, a convenient cordless design, quick adjustable length settings, and a powerful motor, you won’t have a problem customizing your look and style.

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What To Look For When Buying The Best Mustache Trimmer

beard and mustache trimmer

It is pertinent to be cautious and thorough when trying to pick one of the top beard and mustache trimmers. You’ll need the best mustache razor for your unique preferences and budget. Before you can decide, you need to know what you’ll be trimmer and what features matter to you. Below, you’ll find tips for picking the best mustache trimmer for your budget.

  • Warranty

First, you should make sure that your trimmer is covered by an extensive warranty. Even if your razor was built to last, problems may happen. You might get a razor from a bad batch. Or, the motor might be faulty. To avoid such problems, you should choose one that has a good warranty. A 1-year warranty is reassuring. However, it is a good idea to get a longer warranty if possible.

  • Comfort

Shaving is a difficult task that you’ll need to complete every day or every other day. You’ll want to make things as easy as possible. Choosing the right trimmer can make a big difference. To simplify your job, you should choose a trimmer that offers plenty of comfort. The grip should be ergonomically designed and the trimmer needs to be lightweight. This combination guarantees that you’ll be able to use the trimmer without experiencing cramps or pains.

  • Motor Strength

If your razor has a weak motor, you’re going to experience numerous problems. The trimmer will pull and tug on your hair. This can be very painful and frustrating. You may find yourself wanting to slam the trimmer against the wall. Suffice to say, it is pertinent to buy a trimmer with a powerful motor. This will make things much better because a powerful motor ensures you’ll get a clean cut every time.

  • Battery Life

Are you buying a cordless razor? Well, you cannot ignore its battery life. You’ll want to take full advantage of the razor’s cordless capabilities. This won’t be possible if the battery dies after five or ten minutes. Instead, you’ll want a trimmer that can be used for 30 minutes or longer when the battery is fully charged.

FAQs on Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Mustache Trimmer

Can Beard Trimmer Be Used For Mustache?

It really depends on the design. Some manufacturers utilize designs for more versatility to allow for more usages. Unless you want a completely clean shave, it is recommended to opt for a versatile beard/mustache trimmer.

What Is A Good Mustache Length?

This is a question that only you can answer. Depending on your lifestyle, a short beard may suit you perfectly. The most popular mustache length is the stubble because it offers flexibility, convenience, and sex appeal. Stubble and tailored beards are popular among professionals while the full Gandalf and longer beards are ideal for laid-back guys.

What Beard Length Is Most Attractive?

There is no doubt that the tailored beard is found to be the most attractive, followed by a long beard. Again, this is a subjective answer that will vary from one man to the next. What one man likes is another man’s dislike. Now, if you pose this question to women, they will instantly agree that the tailored beard is the most attractive.

Do Girls Like Mustaches?

Of course, girls like mustaches but only on men. No pun intended, women find mustaches attractive when they neat and tidy. Mustaches are all-around great but only when they are perfectly trimmed. When a mustache is unkempt, it can create barriers between your food and mouth.

Where Should A Mustache End?

A professional-grade mustache where the upper and lower lips meet in the corners. However, it is not unusual to see mustaches slightly longer. There is nothing wrong with this cut but it never a good idea to let a mustache grow out past the area where the lips meet.

Should I Shave My Mustache At 15?

There are no rules when it comes to age and shaving a mustache. Some boys tend to mature quicker, resulting in a semi-thick mustache at the age of 13. It is not unusual for males to ignore the hair on their upper lip until it becomes a nuisance.

At this point, it will be time to make the big decision of whether or not to shave. When you reach the ripe old age of 15 and feel it is time to shave, by all means, do it. It will not make a difference in the long run because the hair will regrow regardless.

Will My Mustache Get Thicker?

It is a rule of thumb that mustache hair will grow thicker as a teenager reaches adulthood. There are a few exceptions to this rule. One, genetics can play a role in mustache growth.

For example, a teen with good genetics may very well have a full-blown mustache when he reaches adulthood. Other factors linked to poor mustache growth include the autoimmune disease alopecia areata, abnormally low testosterone levels, and poor diet.

Should I Shave My Mustache At 16?

There are no rules when it comes to age and shaving. Boys can start shaving at any age under the supervision of a parent. As long as you know the proper mustache shaving technique, nothing can go wrong. If your mustache is plaguing your lifestyle, by all means, shave it off. Otherwise, leave it alone until you are fully prepared to start shaving and never quit.

Why Can I Not Grow A Mustache?

There are several factors that can lead to poor mustache hair growth. These factors include an unhealthy diet, autoimmune disorder diagnosis, ethnicity, and low testosterone levels. If your mustache hair is not growing like your classmates, your parents should schedule you an appointment with a primary care physician. There may not be anything to worry about but a head-to-toe physical couldn’t hurt.

Does Shaving Increase Beard Growth?

It was once believed that shaving resulted in faster beard growth. Evidence shows that shaving does not impact the speed of hair growth on the face or other body parts. As far as beard growth goes, shaving will not speed it up or slow it down.

How Do You Fix An Uneven Mustache?

This really depends on what you mean by “uneven.” It is possible to trim up an uneven mustache by shortening the length a tad. If you are dealing with a major gap, your only option will be to shave it completely off. Trimming an uneven beard can be as simple as shortening the length or as severe as shaving your upper lip completely clean.