Best Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin & Razor Bumps

Sensitive skins all have one common enemy – Shaving.

Persons with sensitive skins commonly dread dragging a sharp metal blade across it. Most people have eventually settled for wild, care-free beards. Still, long beards may cause sensitive skins to itch.

In this piece, you will learn another way out of aftershave irritations on your sensitive skin – high-quality shaving creams.

These creams, specially designed for sensitive skin, allow you to maintain your grooming routine without fear of irritation. After some critical market research, these shaving products earned top spots on our list of best shaving creams for sensitive skin.

What to Look Out For in a Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

best shaving cream for sensitive skin

Before we review the products, here are some features we looked out for when drafting this exclusive list:


Think organic ingredients. Of course, without mention, we know some compounds will do your skin –sensitive or not – no good. So on our list, you’ll find more natural products – with natural extracts, oils, and essences. We have some great natural ingredients ranging from oatmeal to the good old aloe vera.

We dug up these natural products because we are pretty sure they are the best picks for your sensitive skin.


Among other natural products to look out for, aloe ranks top. Perhaps, you already know aloe- the much talked about natural extract that helps care for your sensitive skin. Aloe helps reduce the irritations and inflammation common with aftershave.

Selecting an excellent aloe-infused saving cream for your sensitive skin is a milestone in your shaving –or grooming- regime.

Avoid Active Chemicals

Most of our shaving creams –and generally, beauty products – contains harmful preservative and chemicals. These chemicals should be avoided as they are hazardous to your skin’s health.

These toxic compounds can dry out your skin, cause irritations, and offer little or no protection during the shave. So during compilation, we made sure our top list had none of such harsh compounds. These chemicals are replaced with all-natural products, which prevents your skin from being damaged.

Shaving Lubrication

We will talk a lot about skin soothing and moisturizing later in this article – we already started with aloe’s soothing benefits.

Your goal, however, is to get a cream that can provide soothing relief to your skin and reduce the chances of irritation.

Get a high degree shave lubrication. The aim here is to get a shaving cream that prevents the razor from tugging your skin, but instead, offers a smooth glide over your skin.

This will, in turn, help reduce irritation, cuts, and razor burn.


Most men don’t find it reasonable to spend huge bucks on skincare. We don’t see that abnormal either – you’d discover that from our list. On this best buy list, we have reasonably priced products – from around 30 dollars down to about ten bucks.

But trust us, we don’t think you need to break your piggy bank to get a quality cream for your sensitive skin. But also remember that an extra penny spent on your shaving cream could be well worth it.

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Best Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin & Razor Bumps

1. Taylor Of Old Bond Street Review

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood

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Seek a close shave? Here’s your real guy – a top-class shave lotion for sensitive skin, all the way from England.


Over the years –since around 1854 – Taylors of Old Bond Street has built a reputation for their top-quality natural shave products.

One exciting thing about this product is its aloe content and mild Cedarwood scent. High perfume concentration in shave products could trigger skin issues for sensitive skin.

Also, it produces a good lather, which helps to lubricate the blades as it glides over your face, preventing razor burns and irritation.

A downside, however, is that application demands a shave brush – for those without a brush already though. So, if getting a brush to use this top-quality cream is your only problem, then you don’t have a problem.


  • Mild Scent
  • Water-activated
  • Rich in aloe


Application is only by brush

2. Proraso Shaving Cream Review

Proraso Shaving Cream

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This Italian brand has been on the scene since 1984. Of course, Italian men understand grooming and style. So, expect more from this sensitive shave cream.

  • Features

The cream comes with two distinctive features:

First, it produces a creamy super-rich lather.

A thick lather helps ensure your razor is well lubricated as it glides over your sensitive skin.

Worthy of mention also is that thick lather does not go down well with modern cartridge-style disposable razors. Safety razors and straight razors are your best options with this cream.

Another plus is that the shaving cream is packed with several natural extracts – chiefly, green tea, and some dose of oatmeal.

Although the cream does not contain aloe, the two active ingredients promise a soothing experience for sensitive skins – as aloe does.

Again, its fruity smell is one of its kind among shave creams.

And cost-wise, you won’t have to blow your budget to get a can – it’s relatively cheap.


  • Thick luxury lather
  • Soothing ingredients – Green Tea and oatmeal
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lather may be too thick for disposable razors

3. The Art of Shaving – Unscented

The Art of Shaving – Unscented

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Next – from a reputable grooming product manufacturer, The Art of Shaving

What exactly gives this product all the praises it gets from grooming connoisseurs?

Experts suggest that scented shave products are not healthy for people with sensitive skin.

Thankfully, we sneaked this product in our list – for two reasons;

First, this shave cream comes unscented

Then, this product is proudly brought to you by The Art of Shaving. They have made and sustained a name in the production of top-quality, high-end shave creams.

While you may not find an ingredient list packed with aloes and essential oils, it is a glycerin-based product.

Glycerin helps lubricate your skin and makes the surface slippery as the razor glides over your skin.

However, the absence of your favorite ingredients does not make it any cheaper, though. You should be ready to spend some extra bucks on this – its unique ingredients are well worth it. When it comes to shaving, you can trust anything Art Of Shaving offers.

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  • Zero scent
  • Simple but highly effective
  • Brush or hand application


  • Quite expensive

4. Neutrogena Men’s Shaving Cream

Neutrogena Men’s Shaving Creamt5

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If you’re a grooming fanatic, then it should be no surprise that Neutrogena makes our list – they rank among the world’s leading manufacturers of skincare products.

  • Features

Besides being a good pick for sensitive skins, this product helps manage acne and razor burns.

First, the product was specially formulated for easy wash-off, without causing pores to clog. Also, the cream is oil-free, which also promotes anti-clogging.

Interestingly, the shaving cream is not scented – and has no dyes. Since too many artificial ingredients do more harm to your skin, it’s a good thing we don’t have them here.

Again, the product comes with – according to Neutrogena – Pro-soothe Technology.

This promises to promote smooth gliding as the blade runs over your skin, avoiding snaps and irritation. While this ‘technology’ works fine, it’s only a fancy name for, perhaps, glycerin.

As a gel product, you may not expect so much lather. If this isn’t much of an issue to your shaving experience, and you find irritations aftershave, then get this product.


  • Treats acne
  • Unscented
  • Works fine with practically all razor types


  • Typical of gels, it barely lather

5. Gillette Satin Care Ultra

Gillette Satin Care Ultra

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Sounds like a cream for women, right? Maybe because it’s an ideal all-body lotion – and of course, women shave, sometimes, a lot more than some men.


For a sec, think – we often think men shave more because of the little patches of hairs on their faces. How about the women? Their legs, pits, arms – and all the ‘other’ places.

So it makes some sense that shave cream manufacturers consider women –as much, or even more than men – when formulating their products.

That said, don’t feel too bad, yet. Buying a product that targets women won’t make you less of a man, except that the product is not designed for your daily beard shave regime.

Since branded for those barely visible hairs, it may not offer adequate lubrication with those huge blades for thicker beards.

It is however nice for men who shave their chest, back, legs, and other areas below the neckline.

That said, this product is scent-free and highly recommended for sensitive skin.


  • Branded for sensitive skins
  • Remarkably cheap
  • Unscented, no dyes


  • Inadequate lubrication for thick beards

6. Cremo Coconut Mango

Cremo Coconut Mango

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The Cremo coconut mango moisturizer is as mild to your skin as it is to your pocket.

Firstly, we wonder why this cream is also branded for women. This mango version of Cremo’s shave cream has similar properties as the original version – even cost-wise. Perhaps the only apparent reason is the different fragrance – this version is mango scented.

While we initially discouraged scented grooming products, this particular mango smell is pretty enticing. However, you may opt for the original version if you insist on a zero scent product – it’s all your call.

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However, this is a high-quality shave cream that comes loaded with useful features for your sensitive skin. It contains natural extracts and oils – from lemon extracts to macadamia Seed Oil and even papaya extract, not forgetting an old-time buddy – Aloe!

You may lather the cream with either or a brush or your hand, and the application is pretty straightforward.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Relatively cheap
  • Loaded with natural extracts and essential oils – aloe inclusive.


  • The lather doesn’t come easily.

7. Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel

Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel

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Happily, we’ll crown our list with this product from one of the mothers of skincare – Nivea.

This product comes with great features. And of course, quality isn’t always cheap –, particularly with this cream. So, you may be ready to spend some extra bucks to enjoy the soothe and class this cream offers your sensitive skin.

If you seek a renowned brand as well top quality product specially designed for an acne-free shave, then here it is – Nivea sensitive shaving gel


As mentioned earlier – if acne is a crucial issue with your sensitive skin, this is your best bet.

The cream contains aloe and chamomile extracts that offer a soothing experience during your shave – and after. This is promising for acne control.

Also, this product does not contain alcohol, parabens, or dyes – a major cause of aftershave irritations.

This cream also comes with, what Nivea calls, ‘Skin Guard Technology,’ designed for better lubrication during the shave. Again we believe this might just be another fancy name for glycerin – just a thought though. Well, if it does what it promises –of course, it does – then who cares what name they call their ingredients?

Again, the cream is remarkably mild – no cause for concern. And with the natural extracts –aloe-inclusive – you are sure of a soothing effect on your sensitive skin.

And of course, we weren’t expecting this product to be ‘cheap’ – don’t either. The manufactures reputation and product quality are worth giving up an extra buck for.


  • No alcohol
  • Suitable for Acne-Prone Skin
  • Skin Guard Technology for adequate lubrication


  • Expensive

So, that’s our list of the best shaving creams for sensitive skins currently on the market.

But before you start up with your preferred shaving cream for your sensitive skin, here’s a commonly asked question:

I have sensitive skin. Why?

It may be challenging to give a direct answer to this puzzle – skin sensitivity could be as a result of different factors – dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and related medical conditions.

It could also be a result of excessive exposure to extreme weather conditions. Perhaps, you could be using the wrong creams packed with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. So why we may not be able to pinpoint the exact cause among these possible causes, we are pretty sure one of these products will suffice.