Best Hair Clippers That Cut the Closest

If you notice you’re getting bald, you may want to go bald completely. Yes, get a clean head shave. Many accept their balding fate every day — no worries, you’re not first.

However, you need the right tools to maintain a clean shave.

Chiefly, you’d need not just any clipper, but one that cuts the closest.

Although some clean shavers use razors, the risks — majorly ingrown hairs and irritations — are avoidable with the best balding clippers.

While it’s one thing to prefer a close-cut clipper over blades, navigating through the myriads of options on the market can be intimidating.

No worries, though — we made extensive market research and handpicked 5 best clippers that cut the closest. These clippers are often referred to as balding clippers – particularly in the context of this review and buyer guide.

Top 5 Hair Clippers That Cut the Closest

hair clippers that cut the closest

Here are our favorite picks. These options are arranged in no particular order. The fact is, there are no overall bests. A personal lifestyle, purpose (DIY or commercial), usage frequency, and, of course, cost, are factors that should influence your choicest option.

Now, let’s cut to the chase – here they are:

#1. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington HC4250

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If you seek a good clipper for a close cut, Remington’s HC4250 is a worthy option. Little wonder the nick “head shaver.”

This device comes in an eye-catching quality design. It doesn’t look like your typical clipper and doesn’t function so either. This compact, lightweight device fits into your palm, offering a comfortable feel.

Besides the firm grip, the compactness brings your hands closer to the blades and scalp. This gives better control and close cuts than traditional options. Its non-slip build further enhances grip and control.

Talking maneuverability and usability, this product outshines competitors. The item comes in both cordless and corded options. Although it promises more power when plugged in, cordless is more user-friendly.

You can enjoy up to 40 minutes’ standby time when cordless. It’s compactness, and the cordless option makes the clipper a loyal travel partner.

That said, it takes a relatively long time to achieve a complete charge. Typically, a four-hour charge offers 40 minutes’ cordless use. So, ensure you charge fully before you hit the roads.

However, overcharging seems a common weakness with this device. Leaving the charger plugin in after a full charge may cause battery damage. Many users say their devices no longer hold a charge long enough.

Maintenance wise, the device is washable. Simply place the blade under the faucet, and your clipper will come out ‘refreshed.’

It’s stainless steel blades are wider than obtainable in most competitors’. Besides, the curved blades ensure a good workflow over the head.

Interestingly, the clipper comes with 12 attachments, including nine attachment combs, a lubricant, a cleaning brush, and a storage pouch.

Although this product ticks the user-friendly boxes, it lacks in terms of functionality. For instance, you cannot use the zero-gap option for the device’s blade.

Still, the device does a clean shave, but not as obtainable with zero-gap enabled devices.

Again, as with most clipper kits, the HC4250 comes with flimsy guards. Hence, careless handling may need replacement.

If you require a clipper with ease of use, the Remington device is your best bet.


  • Decently close guides
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Wide curved blades
  • Nine attachment blades
  • Washable
  • Affordable


  • Flimsy guard
  • A full charge takes up to four hours
  • No zero-gap feature
  • Reduce power and speed in cordless mode.

#2. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner

andis 04710 t-outliner trimmer review

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Somehow, this Andis product is more of a hair trimmer or outliner. It cuts super close to the skin, typical of a balding clipper.

Being an outliner, the device is suited for short hairs. Best for those who need something handy for regular touch-ups, and not really for a full-blown balding cut.

Commonly, experts use a hair trimmer or outliner to add a crisp finish to haircuts. This makes these devices ideal for bald cuts. This clipper does fantastically well here with its zero-gapped functionality. The T-blade carbon steel design helps deliver super close cut shaves.

Overheating is, however, one common concern from reviewers. The item can become uncomfortably hot too soon. This drawback is because the motor installed in outliners are specific for short quick cuts, rather than close cuts over long periods.

So, based on the users’ reviews, the device can heat up with only five minute’s use. Thus, extensive usage may break your device.

If you’re interested in this outliner, learn to cut up your sessions into short under-five-minute sessions. Sadly, these breaks could make your barbing sessions not just time-consuming, but also cumbersome.

The device’s vibration may be another notable drawback. The annoying sounds can make an extended shave session a lot discomforting.

On the good side, the ergonomic designs make a good grip and a perfect fit when held.

Again, its super-resilient 8-foot long cord improves movability while barbing.

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If you seek a balding clipper to maintain a bald cut, not necessarily for commercial use, consider the Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner.


  • Can be zero gapped
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 8-feet corded
  • Hanger loop for secure storage
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight


  • Time –consuming
  • Easily overheats
  • Heavy vibrations

#3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

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This is arguably one of the best hair clippers that cut to the closest out there. The product sets a standard for most trimmers, balding clippers, and outliners.

The producers specially designed this product for a balding clipper. It offers the closest cuts there is.

Its out-of-box zero-gap feature means you can have a close cut without any manual setup. The device features a Wahl’s #2105 blade.

Its German-milled self-sharpening technology is made of titanium. This design sustains the blade’s sharpness for an extended duration.

With these features, the device promises a sharp and close-cut barb.

Handlers may need to take the utmost care with every stroke. Carelessness or inexperience may leave you with avoidable nicks and cuts.

Although this device gives one of the best balding cuts you can find, it also does fantastic baldness and skin fades. While there is no adjustable taper lever, the attachment combs serve a similar function. Besides the combs, the clipper pack comes with a lubricator, blade guard, and a cleaning brush.

Although designed for bald hairs, the powerful motor performs impressively. The clipper houses Wahl’s V5000 electromagnetic motor, which stands up to even the toughest of hairs.

The high-power motor is packed in a plastic casing. This package has its pros and cons. Talking cons, the device is fragile and may break if it drops.

Conversely, it’s rubber built reduces the weight of the clipper, unlike the bulkier metal clippers. With a little above half-a-pound weight, this tool is impressively light-weighted.

Its compatibility increases maneuverability during barbing. Besides, the product is relatively cheap. Cost against features, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110 is worth every single dime invested.

Although the device is fragile, it remains a top choice if a hair clipper that cuts the closest is your search.


  • German-milled titanium
  • Out-of-box zero gapped powerful V5000 electromagnetic motor
  • Ideal for bald cutting
  • Double-attachment combs
  • 8-foot long cord
  • Compact
  • Well priced


  • Fragile
  • Easily cause nicks and cuts
  • No adjustable taper lever

#4. Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer #8779

Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer #8779

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Typically, adjustable taper lever and zero-gap ability are alien to cordless hair clippers. Surprisingly, Wahl #79600-2101 trimmer and clipper combo prove otherwise – it spots both features.

So, while this clipper makes an ideal pick for persons who prefers bald cut, the adjustable taper lever attracts those who want skin fades. Truthfully, this thoughtful combo is scarce in clippers.

Even more, the device comes with 14 guide combs, blade guide, ear trim guide, two hair clips, barber cape, barber comb, styling comb, eyebrow guide, pair of scissors, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil.

It also comes with a storage bag that increases its user-friendliness. The storage case makes even more sense for on-the-go users. However, users say it would have made better sense if the storage case comes with different compartments for individual storage needs.

Again, its cordless feature increases maneuverability. The tool can work non-stop for up to 120 minutes after a full charge.

Although a full charge may take up to five hours to obtain, the fast charge technology gives you a quick full where, perhaps, you’re running out of time. Besides, the battery is one of the bests out there as it can hold a charge for up to a year.

As with every product, this Wahl clipper comes with some downsides. First, the device feels bulky, a feature that weakens its user-friendly point.

Even worse, its durability falls below par. Even, its metallic body build may eventually rust.

Typical of cordless clippers, the power, and speed of this device cannot compete with what’s obtainable with corded products. Besides, the device can be annoyingly noisy.

That said, if you’re an on-the-road user and desire a close cut clipper with great maneuverability, this expansive package is a thoughtful pick.


  • 14 attachment combs
  • Precision blades
  • Zero gap setting
  • Decent close cut
  • Travel case
  • Flexibility –cordless and corded
  • Up to 120-minute battery backup
  • 10-minute fast charge option


  • A bit bulky
  • Noisy
  • Prone to rust
  • Poor cutting speed and power when cordless

#5. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

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This hair cut device comes with a unique classic style design. And as with most old products, the device offers top-class durability and reliability.

Besides the powerful motor, its rugged battery can take you the whole day. The black and burgundy build and circular design beautified with grooved lines make even more appealing, visually.

The grooved lines offer a good grip and comforting control. The design is fine in both right and left hands and won’t make you tired too soon. The body looks rugged and with a sturdy 9-foot power cord.

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This product comes with two blades – the 000 and 1 or 2.4mm and 0.5 detachable blades. The blades are easy to detach and reinstall. Also, the high-class motor takes you the whole day without issues.

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What factors suggest a suitable balding clipper?

What factors suggest a suitable balding clipper

For our review choices, here are major screening criteria:

  • Closest cut

Whether for professional or personal use, the cutting length is one key factor to consider when buying a new balding clipper.

If you wish to get a nice fade or a complete shave, a close shave balding clipper is essential.

Besides the cutting length the clipper offers, the number of attachment combs can help you achieve a more precise cut level. The attached combs come more desirable if you do not need a skin cut.

  • Motor capacity

Balding clippers are available in different motors, including; pivot, electromagnetic, rotary motors. Let’s consider them individually;

  • Pivot Motor

Pivot motors are mostly found in beard trimmers. Although its blade speed is relatively slow, the power draw is impressive.

When scouting for a balding clipper, this may not be your favorite option – except for thick-haired. Pivot motors are typically found in beard trimmers than in hair clippers since they can only cut thick hairs slowly.

When used on your head, prepare for incidental tugging and choppy effects.

  • Magnetic Motor

These are typical features in barbershop clippers. This motor option provides fast-blade speed, which reduces the chances of pulling and tugging, enabling a smoother cut. This also makes it perfect for fades.

Also, the electromagnetic motor comes with relatively fewer moving parts, increasing its lifespan.

  • Rotary Motors

While the types discussed above have one speed, rotary comes with both blade speed and variable motor.

Rotary-motored clippers are typically found in personal custody than barbershops. With their short lifespan, they may not stand heavy usage.

For non-frequent usage, say once weekly, then this device can offer a decent performance.

  • Blade Width

Your perfect clipper blade width is one that captures both navigation ease and efficiency.

Selecting the right blade width makes it easier to cut large areas. However, cutting areas around the neck and ears can be challenging.

So, you may prefer a balding clipper with about 1.5-inch head width.

  • Blade Teeth

For a deep close cut, prefer brands with more shallow teeth set sitting in very close ranges as well as a flat bottom.

It all boils down to having a closer to skin cut.

If you prefer a specific length cut, or somehow damaged the tips of your blade, you can get a replacement for around 20 dollars.

Cordless or Corded

Talking cutting performance, corded clippers holds better power. When combined with an electromagnetic motor, you can expect consistent results over time.

Although corded clippers give a better cut, cordless clippers have their perks.

If you need a clipper for occasional use or an on-the-go clipper, a cordless option is both compact and lightweight.

Also, it offers smooth maneuverability as no wires get in your way. While this may seem negligible, it sure improves your experience.

Pro tip: If you seek a balding clipper for your barbershop, go for a corded option. Their strong electromagnetic motor offers an impressive result and better fades.

Cordless options are ideal for persons looking for an alternative for occasional cutting. Here, a high-power motor may not be necessary.

Ergonomic Handle

If you’d be using your clipper most hours of the day, you’d need some comforting grip. For detailed design and fades, consider a balding clipper with the right weight balance. You should also consider a snug easy-to-handle fitting for both hands.


Besides the pre-installed metal blades on the clipper, extra plastic guards in your kit will make an excellent addition.

Whether for light everyday chest hair cut, or weekly cuts for the kids, attached combs help for smooth fades.

Although balding clippers differ from the standard clippers, they can do well in a pinch.


This is arguably a constant factor to consider before buying any product. Averagely, a good enough clipper costs around $60 to $100+.

This price is for a balding clipper with replaceable metal blades. Such replacement features suggest an ideal long-term investment. It also comes with good power that delivers consistency.

Balding clippers above $60 comes with brushes, attachment combs, etc. which do not directly affect the product’s performance.

Also, cheap clippers, say below $50, may not promise a good motor quality. Of course, low motor options are typically low-quality.

If you seek a decent clipper that stands up to frequent usage, consider an option of not less than $60.


Although using your clipper under the shower may cause electrocution, some clippers are water-resistant.

With waterproof clippers, maintenance after use is easy. Rather than clean the blade with a brush, a water-resistant clipper will come clean by simply running it under the faucet.

Talking Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your clippers, first refer to your owners’ manual.

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Also, the exact type of clippers you use determines how to clean up your balding clippers.

That said, here are some helpful tips to improve your clipper’s lifespan.

Brush regularly

Regular dry brushing is an excellent way to maintain your balding clipper. Usually, a dry soft-bristled brush is enlisted in your clipper kit. These brushes help knock off dead skin and hair bits that accumulate on the blade over extended usage.

As this sustains performance over time, it also helps your clipper clean and germs-free. Particularly for public clippers.

Regular Oiling

If you’d be using your clipper frequently, ensure regular oiling. This will help reduce friction and offer a cleaner cut.

Producers recommend regular blade oiling. Although this may not be easy for commercial users, due to the high customer traffic, once-daily oiling will do.

Oiling your clippers can be a breeze. Here’s how:

  1. Put about five drops of oil on and under the cutting edge.
  2. Switch on your clipper
  3. Swing lever both sides
  4. Use blade Cleaners

Blade oil and brushes are essential cleaning agents; a blade cleaner is another essential item for your clipper’s maintenance.

Some a-class options come with a pressurized mist. This feature not only regulates the temperature of the blade but also blows off junk and residue. It also acts as a disinfectant.

While some believe this add-on is somewhat excessive, over time, it has become a handy tool for many professionals.

Balding Clippers Vs. Standard Clippers

Balding Clippers Vs. Standard Clippers

If you’re wondering the difference between standard and balding clippers, here’s a brief but detailed explanation.

Summarily, the critical difference between balding and standard clippers is the cut’s closeness.

Balding clippers are designed and widely known for the remarkable close cuts they give. This makes it, as the name suggests, ideal for bald hairs.

Conversely, standard clippers are designed for all hair lengths.

If you seek a close-cut clipper, prefer zero-gap enabled options. This means the blade edges should be positioned without gaps, one flushed against the other, and without overlapping.

Zero gapping is not obtainable with most budget clippers. However, while some manufactures offer out-of-box zero-gapped models, you may need to configure them in some other products manually.

To zero-gap, loosen the screws fastening the blades, and adjust to suit, manually.

To spot clippers zero gapped out of the box, look for “close,” “Balding,” “ultra-close,” or related terms in their names or somewhere on the pack. If zero-gapping is an essential factor, consider outliners.

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Using your Balding Clippers

As expected, balding clippers are deliberately sharp – even without zero gapping. Thanks to the adjustable taper lever.

So when using a balding clipper on your head, utmost care is needed. Watch your speed and the clipper’s angle to the head.

Cuts and nicks may quickly happen if not careful with this tool. If you’ve not had enough experience with self-shaving with the balding clipper, perhaps, some around might be willing to help.

For you, or whoever handles your haircut, these tips may come in handy.

Reduce first

Do you have long hair? You may have to reduce them before you use a balding clipper. Remember, balding clippers are designed for bald, not bushy hair.

Thankfully, attachment combs on your balding clips can be used to cut long hairs. Afterward, you can take off add-ons for a closer cut.

Feel your scalp

Now you have short hair, run your hand through your head to understand the terrain. Check for moles, bumps, skin folds, and pimples that could cause obstruction or even injuries.

You want to consider these factors during a haircut to avoid complications. Gently pass over molds, pimples, bumps, and stretch out folds before working your clipper.

Begin with the sides

Start barbing from the sides – and back. These areas are easy, to begin with since they are easily accessible.

Go against the grain

For balding clippers, always run against the grain. That is, move the clipper in the direction opposite your hair growth. Also, I prefer short, gentle strokes. Longer or faster strokes may increase the chances of injuries.


Going bald exposes your scalp to certain harmful elements. So, try all you can to prevent excessive scalp exposure. To achieve this, you may need thorough moisturizing. Besides, also use headgear, or more comfortably, sunscreen on your scalp after shaving.

Final Thoughts

Selecting five from the pile of best hair clippers that cut the closest on the market was no cakewalk. For the perfect hair, motor power, cutting length, whether corded or cordless, grip, and blade width are vital factors to consider.

After thorough market research, primarily influenced by the above-stated factors and amazon consumer reviews, we confidently recommend the products enlisted in the product review above.

Whether for DIY bald barbing, or commercial usage, there’s something suitable for you on the list.

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