How to Grow Facial Hair Faster and Natural [2022]

Of course, getting beards would cost you some efforts – but it’d be worth it in the end. Beards bring beauty and masculinity to men. It also transforms looks fast – can easily take you from scraggy to clean-cut, and then mysterious, in a short space. Sadly, it’s not as easy to grow.

Why should I grow facial hair?

how to grow facial hair

Simple logic says scratching a blade over your skin – every now and then – Isn’t healthy for your skin. You see why keeping facial hairs is a good alternative?

Grooming experts say facial hair could help accentuate facial contours, creak a new facial look, make a rugged statement and, also, give the skin a break from shaving-related issues.

That said, here are some reasons why you may consider keeping your facial hair:

  • Conceal Imperfections

Facial hair comes useful for concealing facial imperfections like acne, scars and skin pigmentation.

A well-grown beard enhances your jaw size and with the color contrast,exposes your teeth more.

  • Improves Maturity

Facial beards tell largely of a man’s sexual maturity. Little wonder why smooth-chinned men can feel lot younger than their bearded counterpart – In an embarrassing way.

If you always get to show your ID, then you may need to grow some beards to kill that wrong impression about your age.

  • Boosts Attraction

No doubt, women love beards – and men know this. Largely, women perceive guys with stubbly blokes as more attractive, masculine, dominant and tough-looking than the smooth-faced. So, a few days’ beards’ growth connotes a strong maturity profile.

That said, while beard growth is widely dependent on the individual testosterone level in men, here are some way to grow facial hair

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3 Effective Ways to Grow Facial Hair

3 Effective Ways to Grow Facial Hair

  • Have a Clean Cut

Before you finally decide to grow facial hair, you may have to begin on a clean note – more like having a clean cut. This may involve use of warm water, new blades and steamed pores. This introduces a new beginning for your beards and prepares the path to healthy beards.

For a more professional full wet shave, with straight edge razors, hot towels and possibly a head massage, you may visit a barbershop.Besides the luxury treat, you’d be sure of an expert shave.

  • Aids Growth

Based on your testosterone level, you’d either grow avalanche-like beards or glacial. While we can’t do much about genetics, regular exfoliation would help stimulate underneath skin to boost growth.

Watch your diet. Your facial forest needs good nourishment – particularly rich in Vitamins B and C, iron, omega-3, zinc and adequate water.

  • Choose a Fitting Style

Each beard style offers a unique appeal. So, you have to be right about your preferred shape. Whether light stubble or in Gandalf form, your facial hair ought to be trimmed to look well balanced and at its best.

A nice beard should align with your face shape – It can restructure it though. When kept tighter beneath the neck and a bit longer around the face and chin, it makes one appear as with a strong jawline. Know this before you take a cut – if skeptical, see a barber.

Helpful Hair Maintenance Tips

Helpful Hair Maintenance Tips

  • Precision Trimming

Whether you seek a stubble or a full lumberjack, a good beard trimmer is a must-have.

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For advanced shaving, some trimmers come with precision settings which help improve creativity. Using this gives you an outstanding style and allow a good clean shave.

  • Don’t Let Patches Freak You

Some annoying facial hair growth patterns could make you wonder if the world has plot against your beard growth. Don’t worry about the stubble – allow them be. Overtime, they’d grow to make better sense

  • Hair Care

Perhaps, you now feel proud about your facial hair style. But remember, it doesn’t end at growing beards – the level of maintenance is also as important.

After a shower, brush out your beards in its grow direction and apply a beard oil prudently. This application offers essential nutrients to, not only your beards, but the skin – preventing skin issues like dandruff. Apply a decent portion – don’t make it look greasy – for a healthy gloss that commands a double look.

  • Avoid Over-shaping

While a good trim may look good on some persons, others look better when they come au natural. This more-natural style tends to look better for people who grow beards for a rugged look.

To get this shave, do not create those sharp lines. Just cut off excessive growth and trim your mustache.

  • Cut off Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs come up when we least want –or expect – them. They usually come to cause havoc and pain.

The best way out of ingrown hairs is regular exfoliating. This helps to lift and stretch hairs – preventing the hairs from curling back into your skin.

  • Moisturize
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Keeping beards can leave adverse reactions on your skin, notably skin dryness.

  • There are two ways out: a beard oil – for fuller beards
  • Normal moisturizer – for shorter beards

Apply with concentration on the thicker hairs around the neck area that tends to get dry easily.

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Consult a Professional

Due to variance in density and color, there’s hardly ever a thing as a “perfect beard.” But you could get a bit closer – And you stand a better chance with an experienced hair stylist.

Of course with their professional skill and wealth of experience, they’d have a range of techniques for a customized perfect look. On your visit, they’d inspect your face to create a picture of what style would fit best. After an expert lining and shaping, you can continue with a DIY routine maintenance in your home.