Why You Should Grow a Beard Starting from Today!

Our world is divided. Fellow men wear their facial hair on their faces like a badge while others choose, for some reason or another, to give up that blessing. Now we’re not here to judge anyone, but we are on a quest of uniting everyone together under one banner. A banner of beards.

If we were to imagine the most common reasons for which some guys decide to keep their faces clean-shaven, then one of them would most likely be their job. There are some individuals out there who may have a reason to believe that a bearded appearance may damage their career options or even get them fired and unemployed for god knows how long.

Another possible reason is facing rejection in their romantic endeavors. They might think that a beard would be seen as appalling and unattractive.

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According to this group of fellow men, a solution that would avoid these presumed problems is simply shaving that beard, not standing out in the crowd, and just bending in the ocean of shaved faces.

But what if these fears are just unwarranted? What if we were to tell you that, contrary to these beliefs, a beard can actually help you achieve what you want in these situations? The trick is quite simple: Take care of that beard like it’s your baby, so you don’t come across as a terrorist or a hobo, and make sure that your haircut matches the coolness of the beard. Do that, and you might just make life easier for yourself.

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You’re almost convinced, but you still need that little push? Read along my friend; we’ll dig deeper together.

Confidence and Masculinity

Why You Should Grow a Beard

This one doesn’t need much explaining if any at all. What easier way can you use to identify men if not for a manly beard? A beard can say a lot about a guy when it comes to first impressions. If you’ve got a beard, then you’re without a doubt the most assertive, dominant, masculine lumberjack in the whole town.

Taking it back a couple of centuries ago, beards could’ve been a disadvantageous element in fights as beard-grabbing was a viable tactic. Because of that, a man with a beard would signal a confident, fearless man who isn’t afraid to take a risk.

Besides that, having a beard can change the wiring in your brain in a total manner. It can give you this alpha male mentality without you realizing it. Soon enough you’ll walk, talk and interact with people in a more confident manner.

It gives off an aggressive vibe

Studies have shown that bearded men were generally viewed as being more aggressive than others. Of course, this may not be the perk that you’ve been looking for to change your mind, but you can’t deny that a beard demands respect.

It gives you a mature look

Beards are known for making people generally look older, but more importantly more mature. Maturity begets wisdom. A mature-looking person is deemed to be thoughtful, capable of getting things done, and all-around trustworthy. The notion that a beard will hurt your chances of getting a job is kind of nonsensical. It might just do the opposite if you come off as a dependable and mature person compared to other candidates. Just always make sure to keep it trimmed and clean.

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Another tip on the subject while we’re at it: a mustache/ beard combo is a plus. But stay away from the stubble, it’ll make you come across as disheveled.

You Simply Seem More Attractive

why grow a beard

A beard in a cleanly shaved society can be the stand-out feature to get you all the attention you need. So wear it proudly and get down to business. Especially if some other guys in your entourage are incapable of growing it. It will be almost like cheating with that advantage.