Should I Shave My Balls With a Razor?

Pubic hair grooming among men is more popular now than ever.

This is not an easy task to tackle. It does not matter if you are shaving for medical reasons or just like a silky smooth skin, it is a risky technique and requires some skill. You will be surprised to discover how many men injure themselves during this simple procedure. This is a tender skin we are talking about, totally different from your cheeks.

Should I Shave My Balls With a Razor?

Should I Shave My Balls With a Razor

Electric razors are your best bet to go about shaving your balls. Sure, you can use an old-fashioned, regular razor, but in the end, all you get is irritated and aching bloody skin. Also, this is not a comfortable feeling to carry around all day long.

Let us not drag out this subject any longer. Let’s take a look on how to shave your pubic area for men.

First, you need the perfect tools

The last thing you want to do is shave with a razor you have been using for weeks. The skin on your testicles is much softer than your face. Also, you really do not want to touch your face with something that has been touching your balls. This is a simple sanitary question.

As mentioned above, an electric razor is definitely your safest bet. It will not break or grab any skin and trip your pubic hair super short.

The electric razor alone will not be sufficient for a smooth shave. You need to get a safety razor, the keyword being “safety”. It is a good idea to invest in a good one, even if it is expensive.

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Preparing your balls for shaving operation is just as important as the process itself. Do not just grab your razor and go down to work.

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First, you need to trim the hair.

Just because you are going to shave you should not neglect the duties of trimming back the hair. It will help you get a close, clean shave.

  1. Put one of your legs on a sturdy surface, a stool or a tub side will do the trick.
  2. Gently pull out the skin of your balls and trim using scissors or an electric trimmer.
  3. Do not touch the skin but trim your hair as short as possible.

Soak your testicles in warm or hot water

Opening up the pores for easy hair removal is a good trick to have up your sleeve. If you are uncomfortable soaking your balls into the water, take a hot shower. It will help soften the remaining hair and also easier to move while shaving.

Do not apply water that is too hot, as you might overheat and irritate your skin. Coldwater is a big no as well. Your balls will probably retreat and refuse to cooperate with you.

Apply a shaving product that is skin-friendly

how to shave your pubic area for men

Using a gentle, softening cream or gel will help your blade glide all over your testicles. Aloe Vera or any other soothing product will make your balls so soft you might feel like a baby.

If you do not have access to one of these products, you are free to use the safe-softening ingredients you usually use. They will also work just fine. Bear in mind that ball skin is much softer than the one on your face, so apply a little bit less than you usually use.

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Products that say “natural softeners” are the best ones to use. Nurturing your skin with non-chemical ingredients, they will not cause any irritation or itchy-like feelings.

Finally, start shaving

Now that you have completed all previous steps and made your testicles soft enough, it is time to get to the shaving process.

  1. Repeat the first step mentioned above and stand on one leg with the other one on higher ground – tub side or a stool
  2. Pull the skin taut with one hand
  3. Apply pressure gently and use little strokes in the hair-growing direction
  4. Rinse and repeat using warm or hot water
  5. Dry your balls slowly and gently


Hopefully, you completed all the steps without causing yourself any problems later on. Rest assured, the next step is much easier to handle. If this was your face we were talking about, you would just use some aftershave and get on with your life, but your balls require much more gentle care after going through the shaving process.

You need to apply a balm or oil to your testicle skin. Again, aloe-like products that soothe your skin are the best. Do not use any ingredient that has a sting-inducing effect.

These products do not have to be expensive. Most of the cheap, natural products will help you achieve the desired effect.

Common after-shave problems and how to deal with them

Hopefully, you will not have to deal with any troubleshooting problems on your balls after shaving, but stuff happens and we need to know how to deal with such problems carefully.

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You might run into some issues, some of them include:

  • Razor burns
  • Red skin
  • Bumps
  • Bleeding
  • Itching

An infection which is commonly caused by shaving

  • Mild irritation

Do not worry just yet as there are some things you can do to deal with these annoying problems. You can not know for sure you are going to experience any of the symptoms listed above, but you sure as hell can try to prevent them. Here are some tips about handling and preventing this stuff from happening.

  1. Soak your balls in a warm bath right after shaving
  2. Do not rub, pet or dry your skin carefully
  3. Again, apply aloe vera-like products
  4. Do not shave for a few weeks if you are experiencing any itching or bleeding
  5. If you do in fact experience any troubling issues which seem out of control and do not go away after a few days, seek medical help immediately

Final words

Truth be told, shaving your testicles is a delicate and a mind-boggling process, but if you want to maintain healthy hygiene, you should definitely follow the above steps and get a shiny pair of balls.