An In-Depth Comparison Of Wahl 9818 Vs Wahl 9864 Clippers

This is an In-Depth comparison of the Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Trimmer.

Being that Wahl was the very first company to deliver the electric razor back in 1919, it is safe to say that they’ve learned a few things over the years. The year will make upwards of 100 years that the company has been in business. This is pretty impressive for any type of company. Given this information, you have to assume that the company knows what they are doing. How could any company stay in business for so long without knowing how to deliver?

Wahl 9818 Vs 9864

They likely couldn’t! That being said, Wahl has been known to deliver on more than one occasion. Over the years, they developed tons of different models. Some models were specifically designed to perform some tasks, while others are capable of performing a multitude of tasks. Some are more for the commercial user, whereas some as best suited for the average user.

Wahl 9818 Vs 9864 – An In-Depth Comparison

Regardless, Wahl now offers a wide selection with various functions and features. While this is a good thing, it certainly doesn’t make choosing a model any easier. This is especially true when trying to decide between the 9818 model and the 9864 model. Trying to decide between the two can be like pulling hairs, given that either model has everything anyone could want.

While both (Wahl 9864 vs 9818) do include pertinent features, they do have subtle differences that make them stand out from each other as well as the crowd. The first thing that you’ll notice that sets them apart is the price tag. This is unfortunately not the only difference between the two. In order to understand which specific model might better suit your needs, you’ll need to understand what each model has to offer.

What I Got From The Wahl 9864 Clippers

Wahl 9864


Before explaining the subtle differences between the models, I would like to take the time to document my experiences with the 9864 and 9818 models. I would like to start by saying that the 9864 model is more than capable of commercial use. If you want to use these clippers in a professional barbershop, you could. In fact, you could use them in a commercial setting inside and outside of the United States.

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This is in part thanks to the dual voltage. Dual voltage means that there are no voltage fluctuations and the model is capable of operating on 120 and 220 volts. That aside, the 9864 model to me was all above convenience. This is not to take away from the design or durability, but when I invested, I invested because of all the included accessories. The model includes everything that is needed to start cutting hair.

For instance, I particularly liked the T-blade design. This helps with trimming or complete shaves of the beard. It also comes in handy for mustaches and body hair. Women could take advantage of this model for full-body shaving if they wanted. There were even times when I fully shaved with the clippers.

Needless to say, my experience with the Wahl 9864 Clippers was a positive one thanks to the rotary motor. This motor is not only powerful and durable, but it provides just the right amount of power and precision that you need to trim around the ears and nose without scratching or pulling the skin. At least this was the experience for me.

The specific design with this model made my entire experience clean, efficient, and more hygienic. Anyone concerned with allergies or has overly sensitive skin could greatly benefit from this model. Combine this with some of the included attachments, and you are looking at everything you need for the perfect shaving experience.

I especially enjoyed the dual foil shaver attachment. This is one in particular that will eliminate nicks and cuts while lifting and cutting the hair. Don’t worry about tugging, snagging, or pulling. The foil head is not the only attachment available. This entire kit comes with 12 different combs that will allow one to shape and customize their beard in any way imaginable.

While this is a cordless model, runtime won’t be a major concern thanks to the Lithium-Ion 2.0 battery. I loved that I could get six hours of operation on a fully charged battery. The best part is, it only takes one hour to achieve a full charge. If you find yourself in an emergency situation or short on time, you can always take advantage of the 5-minute quick charge.

This quick charge will provide you with enough runtime for a quick shave. As far as packaging goes, the 9864 model was presented nicely. Upon purchase, everything arrived nicely packaged. And, thanks to the zippered pouch, everything stays safe and organized. There is even a trimmer stand included for those that want to store their clipper on the bathroom sink rather than in the case.

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The Biggest Stand Outs For Me

While the 9864 is without a doubt an impressive model with a variety of features and functions, there were a few that stood out in particular to me. These are:

  • The 12 different attachment combs
  • The design is extremely lightweight and compact
  • Dual voltage allows safe operation when traveling abroad
  • The whisper-quiet operation that won’t disrupt others
  • Excellent customer service

Things I Did Not Like About The 9864

There really isn’t much negative to say about 9864. However, I did experience one problem with the model that has to be mentioned. This was that the model wouldn’t shut off. After pressing the off button, the trimmer would continue to run.

How The Wahl 9818 Turned Out For Me

Wahl 9818


Both the 9818 and 9864 are extremely similar in both features and design. However, some differences between the two should be noted. First, I would like to say that I was more than impressed with the 9864 and only looked for a replacement because I was worried that it might burn itself out due to not shutting off.

This is when I can across the 9818 model and chose it. One thing that drew me in right away was a similar design coupled with the stainless steel body. The stainless steel body is without a doubt attractive. It’ll catch the eye at first glance.

It sure caught mine! That being said, the stainless steel is not only beautiful, but it offers extra-added protection against unintentional damage. Combine this with the fact that the model also comes along with a padded and durable case, and you’ll never have to worry about unwanted damage. This one here is also a dual voltage model, meaning that it can be utilized with both 110 and 220 volts.

In addition to the stainless steel body, you also get stainless steel blades. I likely don’t need to tell you how much more durable these are than the traditional metal blades. This specific design of these blades is super effective, stay sharper for longer, and have an overall longer lifespan. The self-sharpening technology doesn’t hurt either. They eliminate the need for the user to resharpen the blades monthly. It also eliminates the need to stress cleanings, as when the blades rub against each other for sharpening, they expel leftover hair follicles and dirt.

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This is not to say that the clippers won’t need cleaning after every use because this isn’t the case at all. This is just to say that you don’t have to worry about doing as thorough as a job each time. This model also comes along with 12 different attachments. Attachments that are easy to swap when looking for different custom designs, offering the ultimate customized trimming experience.

This model like the 9864 does also includes a powerful and sleek Lithium-Ion battery, but there is a major catch here. This battery only provides 4 hours of life, whereas the 9864 offered six. This would still be enough time for at least 3 or 4 shaves. That being said, the model does make up for the shortened charge time by offering an even shorter quick charge. With just a one-minute quick charge, you can get three minutes of run time to finish up.

With the LED lights that allow you to keep track of the charging, modes, blade status, and more, you shouldn’t have a problem in the world monitoring your clippers. In fact, I never had to use the quick charge, as I always knew when my batteries needed recharging.

Things I Like Most About The Model

The 9818 obviously has some impressive features that make it stand out. It might stand out for various reasons to other users, but these are the things that make it stand out for me:

  • Extremely compact similar to that of the 9864. Fits comfortably in the palm of the hand
  • The stainless steel body is beautiful and adds protection
  • 4 self-sharpening blades offer a lot to work with
  • The zippered case offers pertinent protection when traveling
  • This thing trims and functions like a razor when the guards are removed


Unfortunately, there are some undesirable qualities that can found amongst 9818. These for me were:

  • The fact the battery cannot be replaced
  • While there are four blades, they offer smaller cutting areas than most Wahl models available.

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