How to Trim Your Nails Like a Pro

The nails are hard tissues that protect the cuticles of our fingers and toes. Although the nails make a small percentage of our body, they are not insignificant or inconspicuous. People take more notice of your nails than you think. Besides ruining your appearance, there are serious problems that could arise from not taking proper care of your nails.

  • Discoloration

This is when your nails lose their natural pink color. It could be caused by the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Thickening

Your nails are thin vessels and should not be too thick as it would injure your cuticles. It could result from injuries to your nails.

  • Ridging

The surface of your nails could become uneven and makes your nails look unattractive. It is also caused by injuries.

  • Splitting

Your nails could split along its length. It could be as a result of your nails being too dry.

How to Trim Your Nails Like a Pro

How to Trim Your Nails

To prevent these problems, you must trim your nails properly. How then should you trim your nails?

  1. Clean

Your nails are prone to gather dirt due to their shape and position. Leaving this dirt to fester in your nails will certainly make them look unattractive and also cause you a lot of problems. To avoid this, you must clean your nails always.

You might be tempted to clean your nails with another of your nails, a piece of a broomstick, or a pointed object such as a needle. This is unhealthy and puts you at risk of injuries and infections. Pick out the dirt from underneath your nails using a cuticle pusher every day, but it must be done carefully to avoid piercing the underlying skin.

  1. Soften
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Nails are hard naturally. You will need to soften them before trimming to reduce the chances of breaking them or injuring yourself.

You can soften your nails by applying a hand lotion or by soaking your hands in lukewarm water for at least seven minutes.

  1. Cut

While long nails could be fashionable, you should not let your nails grow too long since it puts you at risk of injuries and nail breakage. Cut your nails often.

While it is important for you to cut your nails, you should refrain from biting your nails as it is unhealthy. Using a razor might do the job, but it is best to use nail cutters. Make use of nail cutters with curved blades to cut your nails. You must also cut your nails at an angle and in small bits to reduce the chances of bending and possibly, damaging your nails.

  1. Leave

When you cut your nails, do not cut to the quick as it will only leave your fingertips exposed and prone to injuries. You should always leave some white at the top of your nails.

A sure way of ensuring that you do not cut your nails too low is by picking out the shortest nail and using it as a standard for the rest of your nails as you cut.

  1. File

Your nails would look better if the edges looked perfect. It is impossible to achieve this with only a nail cutter; you must use a file. Leaving your nails with pointed edges puts you at the risk of breaking them or having them pulled off.

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Using a file to smoothen the edges of your nails after cutting is the only way to have perfect edges. You could also file your nails each day instead of cutting, to ensure that they do not become too long.

When filing your nails, ensure that you move the file in only one direction, beginning from the external edge. This should be done gently to prevent your nails from breaking.

Also, ensure that your nails are dried before you begin to file them to reduce the chances of ending up with jagged edges or broken nails.

  1. Restrain

Hangnails are very unpleasant, and most times, you are tempted to pull them out by the roots. You should exercise some restraint because pulling out hangnails could be injurious to your nails. Cut hangnails when they appear, but ensure that you never cut below the base of the hangnails.

  1. Moisturize

Your nails are hard tissues that could crack in the absence of adequate moisture. Do not leave your nails to the mercy of the weather elements; ensure that they remain moisturized by applying hand lotions.

Ensure that you massage hand lotions into your cuticles and underneath your nails so that they never go dry.

  1. Strengthen

It is important that you apply a layer of nail hardener to strengthen your nails. This is necessary to prevent your nails from being too soft and flexible. Soft and flexible nails can easily bend or pull off in the event of an accident.

  1. Avoid

As much as possible, avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails. These chemicals will damage your cuticles. If you must use a nail polish remover, ensure that it is acetone-based.

  1. Treat
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Do not ignore any nail problems that you notice. You should see an expert when your nails begin to show any signs of being infected.

  1. Gloves

Your nails are exposed when you go about your daily activities. You risk breaking your nails or tearing your cuticles when you do not wear gloves. Besides protecting your nails when handling heavy objects or working at extreme temperatures you should also wear gloves in extreme weather conditions to protect your nails.


There is no need for you to feel ashamed of your nails or go about with unkempt nails. Having beautiful nails isn’t rocket science. It is possible for you to have good-looking nails only if you diligently follow all the steps above.