How to Cut Long Hair with Clippers: A Quick Guide

How to Cut Long Hair with Clippers: We all can agree that having long hair, for both men and women, is a personal choice. But there is a number of people, especially men in this case, who prefer to have short hair. Although hair clippers are designed to cut hair that’s already considerably short, they can be used to slice long hair too. All you need is a good hair clipper from a manufacturer such as Philips or Remington and steady hands, and you’re good to go. I’ll try to explain the different steps that you should take before and while cutting long hair with a clipper below.

How to Cut Long Hair with Clippers

how to cut long hair with clippers

Cutting Long Hair with Clippers can be taxing for both men and women, but with these steps, you can achieve it in minutes.

1. Getting a Good Hair Clipper:

As is the case with almost every product in the world, the market is flooded with so many different brands of hair clippers, and not all of them are good. To guarantee a smooth experience and worthy spending, I recommend getting a hair clipper from brands like Philips, Andis, Wahl, Remington, and such.

2. Acquiring A Good Attachment for Your Clipper:

As long as there is long hair, there is a need for scissors, that’s why you’ll need to have one with you before you start this ‘’operation’’. Additionally, you should have your full set of different heads for all different lengths of hair, so that the procedure goes smoothly and quickly.

3. Cleaning the Hair Before Cutting It:

Before cutting your hair, you should thoroughly clean it with shampoo then allow it to dry; this makes the cutting process more comfortable. You want to take your time when washing it with shampoo though, after it is dry, make sure to cover your neck from back to front with a towel or anything similar, to keep as much hair on the sheet as possible and not the floor.

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4. Doing It Clean:

After you’re done cleaning your hair, you should cover most of your body, starting from your neck, with a towel or something similar. This is to collect most of the hair, thus reducing the chances of it dropping on the floor which may be a hassle to clean when you’re done. It’ll also protect your clothes and stop hair from sliding between your skin and clothes which can become very annoying.

5. Slicing Your Hair with The Clipper:

how to cut long hair with clippers

The first move is to cut a portion of your hair until it reaches the desired length, once you do this, you’ve got yourself a follicle of hair that acts as a scale. All you’ve got to do next is to gather a portion, place it beside ‘’the scale’’ and cut, repeat this process with extra focus and you’ll find yourself with a perfectly neat trim in a blink of an eye. Just make sure that the first portion also known as the scale is your desired length, once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

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6. Getting Rid of The Extra Hair:

Once you successfully sliced all your hair, use a hair comb to ensure that all the follicles of the hair you cut earlier are even. You’ll undoubtedly find some, simply hold them and slice them even, try to be precise during this step for good results.

Once you’re done, make sure to thoroughly clean your clipper’s blades with a hairbrush to eliminate any hair. Be careful while doing this because edges are super sharp and can cause critical harm.

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Final Words:

Cutting your hair by yourself is no easy task, but once done right, it can save you a visit to the barbershop. Hair clippers & trimmers may be costly for some but trust me they’re excellent long-term investments, simply because you’ll get to use them for multiple years if you routinely try to maintain them. But since clippers and trimmers are usually aimed for use on short hair, I’d still recommend you go to a specialist, in this case, to a saloon or a barbershop.