How to Clean Your Mustache the Right Way

Lately, the mustache became the desired look on every manly face and a sign of maturity that you don’t want to miss if you’re one to follow the latest trends. The thing is, every man can have a mustache, but not all know how to take care of it. In this article, we share with you all how to clean your mustache the right way.

If you want to rock the mustache look, here are some tips on how to clean and trim it. Once they become second nature in your daily shave routine, your stach-perience will get to a whole new level.

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A little note: the same tips and steps go for the beard as well, so you’re welcome.

Steps of Cleaning Your Mustache

how to clean your mustache

  • Soak it in the water

It needs to be dripping wet. Don’t use tap water instead use distilled water. It’s better for your skin and hair as tap water tends to damage the skin and turns the hairs yellow and fragile

  • Shampoo

First of all, choose the shampoo or the facial wash carefully, only buy trustworthy and certified brands. Take a small amount of the product on two fingers and gently rub your mustache till it’s all covered with it.

If you notice dead skin, it’s recommended to use a dandruff shampoo because it works even on facial hair making it cleaner and dandruff-free.

  • Rinse it off

Wash the product off your mustache. You can use both distilled water and tap water.

  • Conditioner

As usual, choose the conditioner that is certified and goes well with your skin and hair type. Repeat the same process as applying the shampoo then let it sit for a few minutes. Each conditioner has a specific duration written on the bottle.

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Conditioners make your mustache look shinier and smoother

  • Second rinse-off

This time with distilled water, rinse the conditioner thoroughly

How to Clean Your Mustache

  • Dry it

Use a clean towel or cloth to dry it off, don’t squeeze the upper lip but instead just dab it a few times

  • Trim it and get the look

Using clean and sharp scissors trim your mustache and shape it as you want. You can do this once a week. Don’t go for longer than that or you’ll get a messy mustache.

How many times do you have to do this?

Cleaning your mustache depends on your lifestyle and the environment. If you work and live in a hygienic space hence you can wash your mustache every day and after every meal. And if your work and living space is polluted, then you should clean it several times a day.

Bonus tips

  • Be brave and was the undesired hairs. Waxing the mustache lightens up the face and adds definition.
  • After drying your mustache, apply some moisturizer to hydrate the skin.
  • Don’t go cheap instead choose the products that will benefit you in the future, and spare you a lot of visits to the barber’s shop and a lot of disapproving looks from people.
  • Take care of your mustache; it’s the first thing that catches the eye.
  • Scrub your face and mustache to get rid of the debris.
  • Don’t improvise; choose the mustache style that fits your face’s shape.
  • Before sleeping, cold water is an excellent way to get rid of any dead skin and matter stuck on your face.
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