Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

According to a study done in 2016, around eighty-four percent of American women admitted to shaving their pubic hair at least once. This could mean doing it only once or routinely using an electric shaver for the private area. Simply speaking, most women in today’s generation do the snipping.

Removing hair in the private area is up to each person’s personal discretion. Some may want to cut their own hairs themselves, while others prefer a professional to do the deed. There are also those who add trimming into their daily routine, while there are also those who do not do any kind of trimming at all. After all, being hygienic does not necessarily include shaving. In fact, shaving actually does not have any sort of health benefit.

The difference between the pubic area and the private area

difference between the pubic area and the private area

Pubic hair is those that grow around the genital area, the crotch, and even the upper part of the legs. Even though there is already some sort of hair growth in these areas during childhood, the term pubic hair is reserved for the hair that grows during puberty. This kind of hair is longer and thicker in comparison to childhood hair. This is essentially due to the increase in androgen around the skin of these areas.

In most women’s’ cases, the pubic hair will first show around the edge of the labia majora. Then it extends around the pubis during the next two years. When this happens, the area called the pubis triangle will be as hairy as a jungle. The growth will also extend towards the inner thighs and covers the groin going up to the navel.

In men’s cases, the hair grows first from the top of the penis’s base. Then it starts to spread during the next year. After three or four years, it will then also cover the entire pubis and reach the upper thigh and navel area after another year.

It is quite obvious that the pubic hair is much thinner and has a different texture compared to the hair found on the head.

According to experts, this is highly due to pheromones, some sort of chemical that gets mixed up within our sweat. Crazy enough, this body fluid can actually influence how the opposite sex behaves. Like some sort of witchcraft. It is commonly believed that pheromones arouse sexual interest, as well as excitement. In a very very vague sense, the hair around the bikini area can act as some sort of improved pheromone product and kind of increases your natural sex appeal towards the opposite sex. You know, the green and natural way.

Health Benefits of Pubic Hair

Some experts actually believe that shaving carries some sort of risk and leaving it alone carries more health benefits. According to some gynecologists, the pubic hair actually acts as some sort of shield for the skin. It also apparently helps with infections and acts as a partner magnet.

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On the other hand, here are the benefits of your hair down there.

  • It maintains the temperature around your genitals

Pubic hair actually helps regulate the temperature around that area. Basically the same purpose of most of your body hair across your entire being. Some even say that men can actually last longer in bed as long as the temperature is higher. So, yay hair!

  • It acts as a buffer and prevents skin friction

We have already stated it above and we will be reiterating it. Pubic hair protects the skin it covers. This is especially true during sexual intercourse. The friction of skin rubbing against each other may result in discomfort and overall decrease the level of pleasure. It can also serve as some sort of shock absorber during active activities. Let us say like cycling.

  • It reduces the risk of getting an infection

Some studies have found out that pubic hair actually protects an individual against certain types of infections. In one particular study done in 2016, they found out that people who shave actually are 75% more likely to contact some sort of sexually transmitted infections.

  • It has some sort of sex attracting witchcraft

We are keeping this one plain and simple. We simply want to reiterate that pubic hair can help you attract possible partners and even encourage you to have some bedtime fun since it kinda acts like a beacon drawing the eyes to focus on the genitals.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Here are some of the health benefits of Shaving Your Female Body Parts.

As there are benefits of keeping that curly hair, the vice versa also applies. Here are some benefits of shaving those curly hairs around your pubis.

  • It eliminates odor

Removing hair using an electric shaver for sensitive skin actually helps to eliminate the foul odor that sticks on it. The logic is simple. The hair could smell bad. If you remove the hair, you remove the foul smell.

  • It is considered healthier

Shaving your hair down there will keep you as healthy as possible and even helps you avoid some infections, as well as other skin issues.

  • It gives a better sexual experience

If the vagina is clean and smooth during intercourse, then it will naturally please you better than having some sort of cushion.

  • It helps increase sexual sensitivity

If you opt to use an electric razor for your legs, then your partner will be more aroused. In addition to that, since there is now a lack of hair, then it also increases the sensitivity around the shaved area.

  • It is damn aesthetics

Smooth and fresh genital looks damn awesome. There are no other ways to say it. It just looks pleasing and clean. Down to the pounding.

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Possible Issues While Removing Pubic Hair

While doing the deed there are a lot of things that can happen. Some of those things are as follows.

  • Having a chemical burn due to using some over the counter depilatory creams
  • The skin turning red
  • Having some cuts and even pimples and blisters
  • Acquiring folliculitis or also known as hair root infection

Should I Use An Electric Razor To Shave My Pubic Hair?

Should I Use An Electric Razor To Shave My Pubic Hair?

Using some electric razor for teenagers does not have any sort of side effect. It is entirely safe. Unless, of course, your personal physician tells you that it is not. After all, shaving your pubic hair is a cosmetic trend of the modern age. It is entirely up to you whether to jump in or not. As we stated earlier, it has nothing to do about your health. Although, there may be some chances of preventing risks of illnesses.

Does removing pubic hair have any kind of side effect?

Be it shaving, waxing, or using some high tech method like a laser to remove your pubic hair, these methods have the same risk of causing burns and rashes. In addition to that, the most common injury in relation to getting rid of hair is soft tissue tears and lacerations. In fact, around twenty-five percent of people who get their pubic hair removed experience some sort of injury.

If you do experience having a rash or multiple bumpy red swells around the vulva or anywhere else in the bikini area, there are some home remedies you can try. There is also the option of simply waiting it out. Symptoms usually disappear within a week and if it does not, approach your doctor.

Ways to relieve yourself from the discomfort

  1. Hop into the bathtub or take a good long shower. Ensure that your pubic area is getting drenched by the water.
  2. Dry the area by patting it gently with a dry towel. Make sure not to rub it. You may also opt to use a hairdryer to do this.
  3. Put some unscented lotion around the area.
  4. Do not shave for a certain period of time.

Safety Guidelines For Shaving

  • Use a hand mirror to see the areas you are about to shave.
  • Trim the hair down as much as possible before shaving. Use a sharp scissor instead of a dull one.
  • Dip into the bathtub for around five minutes to soften the skin and the hair around the pubic area prior to doing the deed.
  • Put some shaving cream or you may also opt to use an aloe vera gel around the areas that you will be shaving.
  • Use a sharp and fresh razor or some special “Bikini Line” razor. If possible, opt to use a shaver that comes with a moisturizing tape.
  • Use both hands. Use one hand to hold the skin and the other for shaving. Remember to not apply too much pressure.
  • Slowly shave against the hair growth.
  • Wash away the shaved area with warm water after shaving. Dry it by patting the area using a clean dry towel.
  • You can opt to use some baby oil with natural ingredients on the shaved areas. Avoid scented products as it may result in chemical burns.
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Some Tips For Shaved Genitals

There is a huge possibility that everything you have read fails to convince you to shave your pubic hair. There is absolutely no problem with that. If you are comfortable with it, rock it! For those who do want to shave their pubic hair, we have some other reminders for you to keep in mind.

Serious Concerns During Hair Removal

Serious Concerns During Hair Removal

  • Shave slowly: If this is your first time doing this kind of thing, do not rush it. Start from the first step, then trim down your hair. After doing all these should you start shaving or waxing
  • Pay close attention to discomfort: Regardless of how you want your hair to be removed, it is very important not to neglect how it affects your skin. Pay special close attention to any itchy, burning, or uncomfortable sensations. If there are any, seek advice. Also, keep a close eye on any ingrown hair.

Post-shaving Care

  1. Assess your feelings: It is good to quiet down and think if this is really something you want. Did you just get forced by your boyfriend or is this something culture forces upon you? Are you still willing to do the same process all over again?
  2. Wear some cotton underwear: Do not use certain materials like lycra. Wearing tight clothes and pants are also no go since it may irritate the shaved area. Temporarily opt for skirts or loose dresses.
  3. Do not expose the area to the sun: Okay, you might have specifically shaved because you want to wear that especially cute tiny bikini. However, do keep in mind that exposing a newly shaved area in sun rays may cause irritation. To avoid this, either shave a few days prior to going to the beach or use a sunblock with high SPF.


Removing the hair on your private area is completely up to you. Nobody will and shall force you to make an option. Some do prefer to trim it down prior to shaving. However, waxing has also been a trend these days. A lot of women also go to the salon to receive such service. Even the frequency of shaving is also entirely dependent on a person’s preference. If you are thinking that keeping your down there as smooth as the pavement is part of being hygienic, you are completely wrong. There are even no proven health benefits to shaving. Actually, all that we want to say is you do you!