How to Take Care of Your Shaver the Right Way

Back shavers are somewhat underrated yet handy and convenient tools. If you happen to have picked the right Back shaver, then it’ll probably stay with you, all functional and well, for the rest of your life.

As is the case with any product really, you need to take care of your back-hair shaver in order for it to survive and for you to get the most out of it. You’ll basically need to continually check it for maintenance. This may seem like an easy task but in reality, it’s not, but I’ll provide a simple walk through that’ll hopefully help you keep your back-hair shaver all functional and handy whenever you need it.

How to Take Care of your Back Shaver

How to Take Care of your Back Shaver

Cleaning the Head of the Shaver

Although an obvious procedure for many, cleaning hair off the head of an electric back shaver, or any kind of shaver for that matter, is an essential step when it comes to maintaining the functionality of your product. Note that this doesn’t mean that you should submerge the whole back shaver in water in order to get rid of the hair trapped in the head, just submerge the head and that’ll do the trick. This is all regarding electric shavers, for non-electric back shavers. However, it’s a somewhat more straightforward procedure. You just have to remove the head/razor and clean it with water. Once you’re done cleaning the trapped hairs, you can put the razorback where it belongs,but there is also the choice of completely replacing the razor with a new one if deemed necessary.

Replacing the Blades of the Shaver on A Regular Basis

Getting new blades consistently is the only way to achieve a somewhat clean and effortless shave every time you decide to clean your hairy back. If you try to use your shaver when it’s equipped old blades that aren’t sharp enough anymore, the shaver won’t do its job properly, it’ll stick to the hair and drag it instead of cutting it. And it’s precisely how it sounds, a painful experience, also, it can be very harmful to the shaver’s motor if you’re using an electric motorized one.

The durability of the blades varies depending on multiple factors, how thick your back hair is for example, and how many times do you shave it per week. These are the main reasons why many experts would recommend replacing the blades at least once every month, but if you happen to not mind doing it more than once every month, that’d be even better. After all, regularly changing out your worn-out blades is crucial to the overall maintenance of your back shaver.

Be Careful With Your shaver

What I mean by being careful in this case, is not in the sense of being careful when using the shaver and worrying about hurting your back, that’s another case for another day. What I do mean,however, is that hair shavers, like most of the products you use regularly, are very fragile. For one, you need to have a very firm grip on the shaver for your own sake (not cutting your back’s skin) and for the shaver’s sake (keep it intact). Make sure that you gently carry it around and never throw it around; it’ll definitely break super easily. In addition, keep it away from children, even if the blades are already removed, and it’ll be of no harm to them, they’ll probably end up causing it harm by breaking it or something. By being this aware and vigilant, you’ll somewhat ensure the longevity of your shaver.

Cleaning the Handle of the Shaver

If you thought that only the head of the shaver or the blades needs cleaning, then you’re sadly wrong my friend. The handle, although it rarely interacts with the hair, should be taken care of too. When you’re holding your shaver, the handle is the part that you’ll be touching obviously, thus, it’ll happily collect most of the bacteria and germs found in your hands. Due to this, it is highly recommended to constantly clean the handle of your shaver using water mixed in with some liquid soap or just water and regular soap. How frequently should you do this depends on how many times you actually use your shaver, but there is no harm in doing it at least once or maybe even twice a week.

Replacing the Batteries in the Case of Using an Electric Back-hair Shaver

Many back shavers are non-electric, manual. This means that the hassle of having to worry about changing the batteries every time they run out of power is nonexistent. But, some shavers need batteries to function, and I do know many people who prefer motorized shavers (all kinds of shavers in general) over manual ones.

If you happen to be one of those people and don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing in any sort of way, then you’ll need to keep an eye on your shaver and how much juice it has left in it. Because the moment the batteries start to die out, the performance of the shaver will degrade quickly.

Just make sure to stay vigilant of the battery life of your shaver and change the batteries it contains whenever needed to keep it in good shape and fast performance, for an overall better and less troublesome experience when cutting your back hair.

Keeping the Shaver in A Dry & Safe Place

Moisture can be harmful to your shaver; thus, you should always store it in a dry place. Some electric models feature a foldable body, meaning that you can easily fold them and place them somewhere small and safe. Manual models,however, are somewhat more difficult to store in small cabinets and such, but some of them come with a hole in the handle, this allows you to store the razor up on the wall by your mirror for example. And the fact that the shaver is placed upside down will help get rid of excess water and keep it away from children and such.

Keeping Your Shaver Dry

Although water is a crucial player in every shaving, it can lead to rust building up in the razor, so this is why it is essential to always dry your shaver with something like a towel before storing it away. If you’re willing to go the extra mile for it, you can always use a hair dryer to dry it properly and more efficiently.

Using Oils that Enhance the Performance of Your Shaver

You probably have a friend or two that clean their shaver blade using rubbing alcohol or something similar after a shave. This is highly effective due to the fact that it not only sterilizes the edge, but it also prevents rust, mainly cause by moisture, to build up. But, there is an issue with this trick, it could also degrade your blades in the long run. So, your question right now is: How do I clean my shaver without harming the blades? Well, various enhancing oils will do the same cleaning of rubbing alcohol just without the blade damaging part, which is a great deal if you ask me!

Just rinse your shaver head with water, dry it, then apply some of the oils on the head. Not only will they protect your blades against rust, but some of them also have an additional feature that is acting like cream for your skin when you perform your next shave.