How to Fix a Patchy Beard: Do beard supplements really work?

Beards are the ultimate manly trend nowadays. All celebrities and fashion icons are showing off their beards and their styling techniques. Well, these trends can be challenging for men like me, whose beards don’t grow in as a whole but instead choose to appear in patches everywhere randomly. How to Fix a Patchy Beard: Do beard supplements really work?

If you are one of those men, you know the real challenge of trying your best of evening out the beard and finally just giving up and shaving it all off. We cannot even blame ourselves or our lifestyles; it’s entirely genetic. That’s why I envy many others. They just grow it,and it looks perfect while for us, it’s a real struggle. Still, battles are meant to be won. That’s why, in this article, I’ll talk to you about all the possible ways to fix a patchy beard.

How to Fix a Patchy Beard: Best Beard Supplements

how to fix a patchy beard

Methods differ and so does their efficiency. There are the beard growth sprays, vitamins, creams,etc…. and personal actions like how to fix the beard in the morning

#1. Lipogaine: Beard growth shampoo

Lipogaine is made up of mainly biotin, caffeine and argan oil. All these elements enhance hair growth. Biotin is a natural vitamin found in egg yolks, bananas, mushrooms, soy and organ meats.

It doesn’t only promote hair growth,but it also makes the skin and nails healthier and stronger. Plus, it increases the production of keratin; the number one protein o the body for hair growth

Caffeine is a strong hair growth factor too. Every morning, you’re doing your beard a favor by drinking that delicious coffee.

Argan oil, on the other hand, doesn’t only enhance hair growth but also the growth of healthy and robust hairs so don’t worry about losing hairs anymore

Combine all these elements,and you’ll have a reliable product that works on everyone and not only beards. Even cancer patients swear by it.

#2. Bossman Fortifying Conditioner: Beard Growth Cream

This product is more focused on the skin than the hair. It’s composed of vitamin A, C, and E in addition to several acids like Oleic Acid, Stearic acid,and Araindic acid. All these elements are found in the Mango butter that makes up this conditioner

It can protect your hairs from the sun and the UVA and protect your skin and motorize it. This is important because it prevents the skin from inflammation and bacterial infection. Plus, it keeps the hair follicles and pores open. So, say goodbye to hair loss and empty spots

In a nutshell, the conditioner aims for healthier skin and pores which in itself results in healthier and stronger hairs.

#3. Maxx Beard: Beard Growth

This is an all-natural product that requires at least six weeks to notice the results,but it’s actually worth the wait as it enhances hair growth drastically.

It’s composed of Biotin, Niacin, Kopyrrol and some essential oils. These substances promote hair growth naturally. Usually, men focus the spraying on the empty spots of the beards.

Apply it every day and don’t mind the subtle scent, it fades away in less than half an hour. Just spray it on the desired spot and dab it more with your fingers

Polished Gentlemen Beard Shampoo and Conditioner: Beard Growth Shampoo

This is an all natural product filled with amazing nutrients that help the growth of the hairs like Biotin, rosemary oil, tea tree oil,etc….

Rosemary and the tea tree oil are particularly beneficent because they prevent acne, dandruff and skin damage plus they stimulate the hair follicles.

If you are a regular daily user, you’ll start seeing results after the first two weeks. The right way to use it is to rub your beard with a dime sized amount then just wash it off with some lukewarm water.

#4. Kirkland’s Minoxidil: Beard Growth Medication

This particular medication was originally targeted to be used on the head’s hair, but as many discovered; it’s just as efficient on other spots. The only thing is, if you’re using it topically or orally, some minor side effects may appear

So, it can be used on the beard, eyebrows and even chest. But, you might notice unwanted hair growth on the back, upper lip or forehead.

In the tropical forms of shampoo or foam, the side effects are rare while on the pill form, it can reach the bloodstream,and that’s where the danger is.

But, the Minoxidil is the most efficient way to fix a patchy beard. My only advice is to use it with a moisturizer because it might dry your skin off.

Simple tips to fix a patchy beard

patchy beards

If all these products don’t appeal to you then try some of the next tricks:

  • Grow a mustache: having a mustache may cover up the empty patches,and it’s even a more attractive distraction
  • Brush and cover: The trick is to not brush in the hair growth direction but in the opposite direction where you cover with the hairs the empty spots
  • Don’t let it grow: keep a stylish short beard, trim it and style it and I’ll be better and more pleasing to the eye than a long beard. Plus no patches will appear
  • Wait: Maybe if you wait, the spots will fill up on their own
  • Visual effects: trick people to believe you have a think-haired beard with your cheek line. Angle the cheek line,so it just goes through the hairiest part of your jawline.
  • Show off the goods: Focus on your hair or mustache, style your hair well or take care of your stash then the eyes will be focused on somewhere else,and no one will notice the patches

These tricks may be temporary or very risky, so I recommend trying the supplements and products that stimulate hair growth instead of just covering up the patchy beard.

Stages of beard growth

You need to know beard growth stages to understand if any of the mentioned products are working or not.

From 0 to 3 weeks

This is the first stage. You’re still at the beginning of the process. Nothing much to do here.

Many begin the oil treatment, but at this point, your hairs are healthy and producing much oil on their own

Generally, in this period, you start off with light stubble that grows into thick stubble. This is said to be the best and most attractive look on a man

From 4 to 6 weeks

At this point, the beard is probably patchy,and you’re wondering whether the products are working or not. Don’t worry, your hair will grow into those patches,but if you start feeling itchy, then it’s time for the facial oils.

Moisturize you beard with natural oils and buy a beard brush to spread the oils evenly to prevent any risk of new patches. Brush it every time you apply the oils

From 6 to 7 weeks

In this week, the beard has grown into a full attractive beard. But, don’t let that growth tempt you to start trimming it. The least bit of slip up will undo all those six weeks.

Instead, all you should do is buy a beard’s shampoo and begin shampooing it and taking care of it like your head’s hair because, at this length, it collects dust, oil,and dirt. Wash it off twice or 3 times a week.

A full beard

Give yourself a high five. You now have the beautiful beard you were looking for. Style it the way you want but keep on taking the vitamins and oils

If you have a patchy beard, don’t worry. All those spots and patches can just be fixed with specific products made for us. If you don’t want any supplements, then you still have a choice. There are many tricks to cover up the patchy beard too. Follow the trends, have the beard you’ve always wanted.