Grooming Tips for Men – How to be an Alpha M.’

Are you used to spending fortunes on groomers and hair supplements? Aren’t you just looking for smooth skin and groomed beard without breaking the bank?

Well, no need to spend that much money anymore. In fact, all you need is a bit of patience, a few days and a set of grooming tools

You won’t need a professional groomer anymore because I’m going to give you grooming tips and information that will turn you into one

At the end of the article, you’ll turn into a handsome, confident and professional-looking man.

How to Be Your Own Barber

grooming tips for men

Take the Step

Men usually find grooming kits a bit too expensive and instead choose to go to a hair salon. The thing is what you spend on the hair salons in a year is five times what you have spent on the grooming kit that would’ve lasted you years

But, don’t go buying the first one that you find. Grooming kits should be well chosen. Many companies sell them, but only a few rise to be selected.

Here’s what to look for in the kit:

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • A suitable guarantee
  • A comfortable and “fit for all’ design
  • Efficiency
  • Reasonable price
  • Longevity
  • Easy to clean and take care of

The package should also include a set of; hair clipper, beard, shaver and nose trimmer, well-sharpened scissors, hair oil, a tool to clean the mess and a storage box. If you want to have a better and quicker grooming session, go ahead and buy an electric or battery-powered trimmers and shavers

I personally tried both and I stick to the electric shavers now, they take less time, make less mess and are really efficient.

The beauty industry used to only focus on women, but not anymore. Men-targeted products are now as big if not more as women.

Taking care of facial hair is a necessity in a man’s life now, your looks reflect on everything you do.

That’s why you must have knowledge on which grooming products are good and which are not. The quest is a bit confusing,but once you find what goes for you, everything becomes easy.

Every person has a style, some like it tidy and others like it messy. Any look requires a product of some kind. For example; messy hair needs waxes and cremes. For people that like a light and breezy feeling, they can use a sticking spray

Trim Your Ear Hair

Trim Your Ear Hair

It’s not usual to see a hairy ear. Wonder why? Because it’s utterly repulsive. Hair is natural but natural things can be disgusting too. We need to take care of our looks in order to give good impressions.

That’s why you should always trim your ear hair. If you don’t, no need to waste money on anything else because it wouldn’t matter.

You can buy an electric shaver to trim those hairs. Still, reaching those tricky areas is a bit difficult, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help from a partner or a family member

Nose Hair is a Big No

You might have the best haircut, the cleanest beard, and the classiest clothes, but all of that goes down the well if you don’t trim the nose hair

They say the nose is the first thing humans perceive while looking to a person. So, your whole allure and appearance depend on whether your nose hair is showing or not.

It’s not hard, and it doesn’t take much time, all you need is 10$ to buy a good nose hair clipper and a few moments of your daily life

Once you’ve taken care of the nose hair, your face will light up more,and your whole appearance will be in harmony

The tragedy of a Unibrow

brow grooming

I don’t need to emphasize on how unappealing a Unibrow is. Most high school movies made sure to mock the Unibrow enough. It’s not okay to make fun of people with unibrows,but it’s not pretty to have one either. A bush on top of your eyes isn’t what you’re looking for in a handsome appearance.

There is a particular electric trimmer or shaver for your eyebrows,and it only costs between 15 and 40 dollars.

If you can’t have even brows, you can hit the barber’s shop but remember eyebrows are sisters,not twins. Plus, practice makes perfect. After a few times, you’d be better than a professional

There are online videos and tutorials too if you’re looking for free help.

Trim them once a week then groom them every day. It seems like hard work,but with routine, it won’t take more than 5 minutes. To groom them well, buy an eyebrow comb. It shouldn’t cost more than $13.

Necks Must Be Shaved Too

People with light-colored hair often don’t have a problem with neck hair but if you have dark hair; Don’t ignore it.

You may think people can’t see it,or if you have a trimmed beard no one will notice, but they will. All the eyes would focus on those stray hair actually. It will give the impression that you don’t know how to groom and take care of your looks.

So, invest in a good electric shaver and shave your neck hair. It’s a great plus to your appearance. And focus on the back of your neck, men usually forget it until they visit a barber’s shop.

Beards are Attention Seekers

grooming tips

Now, beards demand a lot. They take too long to grow,and once they do, you have no choice but to take care of them daily. If you leave your beard unattended, you’ll look disastrous and ruin your whole allure

To make sure your beard is at its top, buy an electric beard trimmer of a known brand and some oils to make it smell nice and look perfect. All these tools might cost you between 20 and 30 dollars. A grown man can totally afford that

Another tip, when trimming, focus on the jawline. For a more lighten up face, remove hairs from above the jaw, it’ll show up the jawline and light up the front.

Second Choice

If you prefer a professional taking care of your appearance, that’s totally okay too. Just don’t be one of those men that only go to get a haircut or a shave when they desperately need it.

Instead, visit the barber before it gets messy. Because, if you think it desperately needs a haircut, imagine what everyone else thinks

We are aiming for classy and professional looks. Not just to impress strangers but it gives you a more significant chance to find jobs and meet new people

Finding the best barber that fits you well won’t be easy. You won’t just go to the perfect one the first time but once you find the barber that understands your needs, stick with them. Become their regular and maybe even have a membership. Some barber shops have those and make great discounts

Last advice

A good smell is the most attractive feature of any human being. Now, I don’t want you to go rushing and buying those strong aftershaves. Everyone dislikes a stringy smell.

Choose an aftershave with a gentle and subtle scent; it’ll give you another bonus on your whole appearance. Oils are amazing for good smells too,and they make your hair shinier and more attractive. Citrusy scents are my favorites.