Goatee Styles For Older Guys

Beards and mustaches have always been popular among older men. In fact, men of all ages have been sporting hair on their faces since the beginning of time. Now, the goatee is gaining some traction in the senior community.

When men think of a goatee, a traditional style comes to mind. While the traditional style just happens to be the most popular, it is not the only goatee.

Goatee Styles For Older Guys 2024

Goatee Styles For Older Guys

What is it about the goatee that older men like? Is it the aesthetics of a goatee or the concealment offered by the goatee? Ask any man with a goatee and the answer will always be unique. Every older man has his own reason for wearing a goatee.  None of them would appreciate being labeled one way or the other.

As the goatee continues to grow in popularity among older men, fashion experts are developing new styles. In the meantime, there are six goatee style preferences. Learn more by reading the content provided in the article below.

#1. Silver Extended Goatee Style

The characteristics of a silver extended goatee include jawline extension, smooth edges, and a pointed tip. With this said, it is not unusual to see the style without a pointed tip. In this case, the length is the same across the chin and jawline.

The silver extended goatee is a diverse style that may or may not be connected to a mustache. The thickness can also vary from a few millimeters to centimeters.

A mixture of black and white hair gives the goatee its silver appeal. Some men may decide to go with a completely silver goatee while others may add a bit of black or white dye to add even more appeal.

  • Benefits Of A Silver Extended Goatee For Seniors

The silver extended goatee offers seniors a broad range of benefits. As men age, their faces will lose definition, which is where the silver extended goatee comes into play. The once sharp chin and full jawline become less defined. This style of goatee will work wonders covering up the imperfections and adding definition wherever needed.

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Some seniors feel like their silver extended goatee gives their face a younger appeal. There is no doubt, that a man’s youth cannot be recouped but this goatee can improve facial aesthetics.

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#2. Gray And Full Goatee Style

The characteristics of a gray and full goatee include a jawline extension, full length, and gray coloration. Again, this goatee is versatile, so there is a bit of room for mixing the style up a bit.

The Gray and full goatee is considered one of the most basic styles. The appeal is subtle but in a good way. Even without the bells and whistles, the style speaks volumes about a man’s personality.

Being a senior does not mean you need to have boring face hair. With this particular goatee, you can show off your style without going too lavish.

  • Benefits Of A Gray And Full Goatee For Seniors

Like the silver extended goatee, the gray and full goatee offers a broad range of benefits for older men. It can be utilized to enhance confidence, and conceal chin and jawline imperfections. The full length of the goatee can also help conceal an overly defined Adam’s apple and imperfections along the front of the neck.

#3. Long And Full Goatee Style

The characteristics of a long and full goatee include a jawline extension, smooth edges, several inches of length, and dense hair. This goatee style is not suitable for all older men. There are several factors to consider when considering this particular goatee. The longer length may be complimenting for seniors who work in industries that require a lot of physicalities.

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The versatility allows men to customize their style. Add a pointed tip, sideburns, and a mustache to add uniqueness to the traditional style. The goal is to make your long and full goatee style unique without altering the integrity.

  • Benefits Of A Long And Full Goatee For Seniors

Some older men lose their confidence when they lose their facial bone structure. Aging cannot be avoided, regardless of gender, race, or economical status. Aging also changes the facial and neck skin, which is where the long and full goatee comes into play.

The longer length can be utilized to conceal sagging facial and neck skin and weak bone structure.

A great benefit of this goatee style is there is no set hair color. Not every senior is fond of a graying mustache, sideburns, and goatee. Fashion experts have invested years of technology, research, and other resources into creating hair henna specifically for facial hair. If you do not like gray facial hair, you can now dye it back to your original color. Choose from black, blonde, brown, and red. It is also perfectly safe to utilize a mixture of hennas to add more uniqueness to an already eye-appealing goatee.

#4. Salt And Pepper Goatee Style

The characteristics of a salt and pepper goatee are similar to the traditional style. The length, thickness, and tip are all versatile. As long as the color remains an even mixture of black and white, it will not interfere with the integrity of the style.

Older men who have not turned gray can still sport this goatee. Utilize a beard dye to replicate the aging salt and pepper coloration.

  • Benefits Of A Salt And Pepper Goatee For Seniors

One of the main drawing points of the salt and pepper goatee is its low-maintenance style. If your hair is naturally gray, maintenance will be even easier. Routine washing, detangling, outlining, shaping, and trimming should not take more than 30 minutes once a week.

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#5. Chin Puff Goatee Style

The characteristics of a chin puff goatee include short length, rounded edge, and dense chin hair. The color is versatile, making it ideal for older men with any hair color.

This type of goatee is suitable for nearly all older men. Businessmen, artisans, authors, sports coaches, educators, doctors, lawyers, and active males.

  • Benefits Of A Chin Puff Goatee For Seniors

Like the salt and pepper goatee, the chin puff goatee classifies as a low-maintenance style. This is just one reason why active seniors are drawn to the style.

The puff of hair on the chin adds sex appeal, definition, and length. This is the ideal goatee style for older men with short or stubby chins.

#6. Circle With No Soul Patch Goatee Style

The characteristics of a circle with no soul patch design include short length, light chin hair, and rounded edges. This is another popular goatee style, especially among the black community.

The style is fairly straightforward as it does not sport the bells and whistles. Nonetheless, the goatee adds appeal in more ways than one.

  • Benefits Of A Circle With No Soul Patch Goatee For Seniors

The style is very easy to maintain. The occasional trim, shape, detangle, wash, and brush is all needed to maintain the integrity of the goatee.


The goatee has always been popular among young and middle-aged men. Now, it is gaining some traction in the senior community. The style adds definition to sagging jawlines, facial skin, and chins. The goatee can also be utilized to conceal unappealing imperfections. Connect it to a mustache and sideburns to show off your personality.