Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

For many individuals, face and body grooming is a daily affair. This is why you must get the proper grooming equipment. Purchasing the right grooming equipment could make face and body hair grooming easy and quicken the process.

In this article, we will review the Philips Norelco OneBlade QP6520 Shaver. You can use this tool for shaving and trimming facial and body hairs.

The Norelco OneBlade costs a few dollar and it is made with new technology that allows you to use this dual-purpose tool effectively. Below are the features, pros and cons of the Phillips Oneblade QP6520/70.

Philips Oneblade Public Hair Features

Philips Norelco Oneblade

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1. Dual grooming system: The Norelco Oneblade is a shaver and trimmer. The dual system makes this device ideal for multipurpose use.

The device also uses contour following technology. Therefore, the Oneblade follows the contours of your face and body for a smooth and fast shave or trim.

2. Adjustable precision comb: The comb attached to this device has 14 settings that you can use to adjust how low your shave or trim will be. The length of the adjustable comb ranges from 0.4mm-10mm.

This feature makes the Oneblade suitable for people who prefer a clean shave. However, if you have facial hair and would like to trim it at home, the Norelco Oneblade will provide you with satisfactory results.

3. Dual-sided blade: This feature will allow you to shave in different directions conveniently. However, to get the best results, we recommend that you shave against the grain or against the natural direction your hair grows.

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Furthermore, the blade does not shave as close as other grooming tools; This reduces the occurrence of skin irritations and bumps. Hence, the Norelco Oneblade is a great choice if you have sensitive skin or if you get bumps after shaving.

The head of the device can last for up to 4 months before you need to replace it. You can find replacements in stores that sell the Philips Norelco Oneblade.

4. Dual protection system: The blade of this shaver and trimmer has a glide coating that makes shaving smoother and comfortable. The glide coating also prevents you from getting cuts or nicks while using this device.

5. Appearance: This grooming device is moderately sized, and has a black and silver head. The handle was designed for easy use. So, using this shaver and trimmer is comfortable.

6. Water-resistant: The Philips Norelco Oneblade is water-resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for use on wet or dry hair. If you use shaving lather or foam, this device can be used and rinsed under running water before further use. However, if you need a quick shave or just prefer to not use shaving foam, this device will still work beautifully. We recommend that you do not submerge the full device in water.

7. Rechargeable battery: This device uses a Li-Ion battery that charges quickly. You can get a full charge on your device in 90 minutes. The charge will last for almost one hour. If your grooming sessions last 10-20 minutes, you can use this device 3-6 times before needing to charge it again.

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The Philips Norelco Oneblade has a charging dock that is convenient and easy to use.

8. Display: The Norelco Oneblade has a small LED display screen. The display shows when the battery is full and when the battery is low. The display also shows when the device is charging and when the travel lock has been activated. This display is not colorful or extravagant but it is functional.

9. Device warranty: The Norelco Oneblade has a 2-year warranty when you purchase a new device from an authorized retailer. If you use the device as recommended and it gets damaged, you may be eligible to receive a free repair or a new device.


philips oneblade pubic hair

1. This is a dual-purpose device. Usually, you would have to purchase two grooming devices for trimming and shaving your hair. However, when you purchase the Norelco Oneblade, you will only need one device. Having one device for multiple purposes reduces clutter.

2. The Norelco Oneblade is ideal for travel. If you want to travel with your grooming kit, you only need to take one device instead of two. This device also has a travel safety lock so that it does not come on while it is in your luggage.

3. The dual-sided blade makes it easier to shape your hair cut and edges. This is especially useful for people that have shaped facial hair. In between your hair cuts and facial grooming appointments, you can use this device at home.

4. You can adjust the length of the comb on your Norelco Oneblade. This comb makes it easier to achieve an even length all over the area that you are shaving or trimming.

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5. The Oneblade does not shave too close to the skin. While you can get a clean shave, the blade will not irritate your skin.

6. This grooming device can be charged in 90 minutes and this charge will last for 1 hour. I hour is more than enough time to complete a grooming session.

7. You can use the Norelco Oneblade wet or dry without the device being damaged.

8. The blade of this device is durable and will need to be replaced every four months. You can purchase a multipack of replacement blades at an affordable price.

9. A 2-year warranty can protect your purchase if the device is damaged before the warranty expires.


1. A few users of this device have stated that the terms of the warranty are not clear. This is because a few parts of the Norelco Oneblade are not covered by the warranty.

Do we recommend the Philips Norelco Oneblade?

Yes, this is an affordable grooming tool for people who want a shaver and trimmer in one device.

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