The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave Your Back

If you have tons of hair on your back and you’re starting to feel like a creep, then the time has come to go back to your birth suit.

Some men enlist the help of their friends or others, while some others are forced into figuring out a way to do it on their own. The most important thing is to learn how to shave your back correctly to give you a cleaner, neat look heading into beach season. Also, to make sure the person that sees you shirtless isn’t left horrified.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave Back Hair

The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave Back Hair

in fact, getting rid of your back hair is much easier than you think. All you have to do is follow some simple tips that are detailed below:

Get the Right Supplies

Before you start the process, make sure to have all the shaving supplies necessary including sharp razor and shaving gel.

Shaving razors weren’t created equal; some are better than the others. Depending on whether it is manual or electric shaver and also its quality. So make sure you choose the one made for back shaving.

One of the most complicated parts of shaving your back is lacking the range of motion in your arms to reach all of the problem areas on your shoulders and back. Try to choose the one with long handles so you can reach the all areas comfortably.

To prevent acne breakout, irritation, and discomfort, you can apply an antiseptic to your back after the shaving is done to help re-hydrate the skin.

Gel as a First Step

Shaving can be very tough on the skin. Wash the area entirely with a natural soap to avoid irritations, and make sure you apply enough amount of gel on your skin.

  • Wet your hands and choose between shaving gel or body powder, both will work well.
  • Rub the gel or the body powder all over your back and make sure your entire skin is covered with it.

Safe to use in the shower

Most of the non-electric back shavers are safe to use in the shower, thanks to their waterproof design. That means that you don’t have to worry about getting an electric shock while you’re grooming.

Replace the Blades Frequently

Don’t overuse you shaving blade until it becomes dull; it can cause some serious problems like cuts and nicks. It’s better to replace the blade frequently. Most of the electric shavers support a replaceable blade cartridge.

On the other hand, non-electric back shavers utilize the classic double edge blade, cheap and entirely affordable but the thing is you need to change them from time to time.

Plan Ahead

This one is about choosing the right location for shaving. A private room with easy to clean floor is just perfect, just don’t forget to lock the doors so no one can disturb you

Take your time, no need to be rushed, as that may lead to bad results such as lousy shape and cuts, believe me, that’s the last thing you want.

Usage of Two Mirrors

If you have ever wanted to thoroughly remove all the unwanted back hair, it is obligatory that you have a proper visual into the whole rear area. Actually, the advantage of having an appropriate vision of the entire rear area is enormous, much as the same difference between painting your home with and without a blindfold on

In order to see your entire back, you need to find a position in which you can examine all the parts, even the trickiest ones of your backside. For that reason, the simplest method of choice should be a big mirror in the back and one smaller handheld mirror so that you can change angles.

Notice that having a proper vision over the wanted area is highly recommended, as it is safer and more precise, knowing that going blindly over a specific area over and over could potentially lead to skin irritation, rashes and ingrown hair, which is something you need to avoid at all costs.

Always Be Careful

As mentioned before, shaving your own back comes with much risks, some of which can’t be evaded even after the invention of the back shaver, regardless that it has made it possible to shave all your back on your own.

You should always keep proper attention since even if it’s a high-tech invention, the chance of being sliced and cut is always there, it’s a very sharp blade, after all, so keep a slow pace while shaving and take your time.

Be sure that you apply minimal force, also check if your shaver does include unique built-in safety features, which comes extremely handy if you are shaving your own back.

Be sure to bring some towels and some first aid in case any bleeding takes places in the event of a cut.

Begin Shaving

when the time comes, and you are ready, start shaving your back, keep in mind to cut the smaller section. You are also advised to frequently remove the hair from the blade, ensuring blade to skin contact is vital for a safer, faster, and more comfortable shave.

Having your blade clogged won’t make the shave as smooth as it should be, therefore maintaining patience – knowing that it is time-consuming – and stopping now and then will provide much more satisfying results.

Rinsing and Drying

If you have shaven all your back hair completely, it is right about time to rinse all your back and dry it out. Rinse all your back with water and make sure that you do that until no shaved hair has remained.

After that, you should manage to bring a clean towel and use it to dry your back thoroughly.

If you have an antiseptic around, it is highly recommended to apply some to your back. We also suggest applying body powder if needed to avoid any rashes.

If you follow all the above steps and tricks, you’re bound to get a perfect back hair removal session.