How do you deal with back hair and What are Back Shavers?

How do you deal with back hair? As a man, you shouldn’t focus on shaving the usual parts of your body and neglect your back, leaving it like it could end up making you look like some sort of hairy ape,and that’s never a good thing in the eyes of the ladies, trust me.

Back in the day, you’d have to politely ask a friend or girlfriend or your wife for that matter, to properly shave your back for you. Fortunately for you, and us, this is no longer the case. Due to the fast-technological advancement, products specifically designed for shaving your back do exist.

Back shavers are what people call them. I believe that every man should consider buying one as soon as possible. Why? You may ask, well, you’ll find out in detail below.

What’s a Back Shaver?

How do you deal with back hair

First things first, a back shaver, as the name suggests, is basically a shaver solely designed for you to shave your back. Although the concept itself may seem stupid to many, back shavers work surprisingly well. In most cases, back shavers come equipped with a long handle for a somewhat convenient experience when cleaning your back hair.

Like it is the case with regular shavers, some back shavers are manual while others are battery powered. Regardless of their type or the way they function, most of them do the job just right.

The question that comes to your mind next is probably: why should I even get one? Well, for one, back hair, although insignificant to many, should be kept at bay the same way you keep your facial hair at bay, for example. I mean I do agree that taking care of your facial hair is the priority here but shaving your back in your free time won’t harm either. On the contrary, it’ll prove to be somewhat beneficial cause quite honestly; no one really enjoys looking at your hairy back. Maybe the next point will convince you to invest in one.

Super Convenient

One would argue that a regular razor can shave your back, well, it can,but in reality, no one wants to get their hands twisted trying to shave their back hair or end up cutting their back. I’m guessing you’re not the type of person who’d ask for help from someone else either, even if it’s your best friend or your girlfriend/wife. And that’s quite frankly why back shavers exist! To save you from the hassle of using a razor or asking someone to do it for you while you sit and stare at the walls of your bathroom. You’ll be able to do it wherever you want in your house and whenever you want, without the need for any help from someone else.


Another way to get all that messy hair off your back is to wax it, going to a saloon just to do that can be quite costly, and believe me, it’s a quite painful experience. Furthermore, lasers and skin creams are viable options too, but they too, are expensive procedures. Long story short, investing in a back shaver is your best option in this case, for a casual and abrupt shave. Gliding all that messy back hair super smoothly without any complications.

Very Efficient:

Another point to keep in mind is the fact that back shavers are quite cost efficient. If you happen to be the kind of person who takes care of their gadgets and such, then you’ll find yourself using the back shaver for many years. Even with the replacing of blades in mind, back shavers are excellent long-term investments if you ask me.

Extremely Effective:

Back shavers are designed for the sole purpose of cutting back hair, so they should exceed at it & talking from my personal experience, they do. Similar to razors and facial hair, back shavers cut the hair on your back in a highly effective manner so that you wouldn’t have to repeat the process daily, but can instead do it every one or two weeks.

Keeping the Ladies Interested:

Trust me when I tell you that almost all women despise back hair, it’s a somewhat universal rule that the only kind of hair women find impressive is facial hair (beards and such). Honestly, this alone can be enough reason for you to invest in a back shaver and get rid of that hair immediately. Consistently impressing the ladies is a life goal for most men, and you don’t want anything to ruin that for you do you now? Anyway, cleaning your back is a quick procedure that can be done in and out of the shower, wet or dry, doesn’t matter.

Comfortable Cut:

Many back shavers come with an adjustable moving handle, this ensures a comfortable, clean cut of that messy hair on your back. If you happen to get a good electric back shaver, it’ll probably come equipped with a body that ensures minimalistic cuts or nicks on your back. Almost every brand of back shavers comes equipped with an ergonomic handle designed to minimize discomfort and pain when shaving.

Portable and Storable:

How do you deal with back hair

Most back shavers that feature a long handle are foldable; this makes them super convenient for traveling and such. You can simply throw it alongside your clothes when traveling. In addition to the foldable feature, most back shavers are very lightweight, making them super portable in general. Plus, the foldability just makes them super easy to store in medicine cabinets and such.

Inexpensive and Budget-friendly:

A back shaver will generally cost somewhere between $20 and $50, keep in mind that it’s a long-term investment, in other words, you’ll get to use it for many years if you continuously try to maintain it. It’s most certainly a worthy investment that’ll eliminate extra expenses such as getting a professional to wax your back or laser it.

Cleaning Unreachable Areas:

If you’ve tried shaving your back with a face razor before, then you probably know how hard it can be, even for the upper parts of your back. But with the handle design that most back shavers have, you can access each and every part of your back easily.

Dealing with Embarrassment:

I know many men who feel like asking someone for help when it comes to anything shaving related is super embarrassing, and to be honest, I had that mindset for a while. And I completely understand how and why someone would feel that way, and as a counter-measure, I highly suggest that you get a back shaver as soon as possible if you fit into that category. Shaving your hair by yourself with a back shaver is always better than keeping it just because you were too embarrassed to ask your friend or girlfriend to do it for you.


In conclusion, if you’re a man who has little to no back hair or an ape-like hairy back (no offense), you should probably consider investing in a back shaver as soon as possible. This convenient little tool is essential for keeping that hair on your back at bay at all times and avoiding embarrassment and weird looks from people, especially ladies when you take off your shirt for a swim or something.